‘Michael Scott in the Wild’ winners

With more than 450 votes were tallied, here are your winners of the ‘Michael Scott in the Wild’ Contest!

Congratulations to the winners Katri, Brandon, and Brigette, and thanks again to all who submitted entries. And thanks again, too, to Cathy, who created the Michael Scott doll!

Each winner will receive some Office goodies, with the top prizewinner Katri receiving goodies + a Dunder Mifflin messenger bag! Winners, please check your inboxes…

Here are the winning entries.

Top prizewinner: Katri

Michael’s been captured by a Bandito marionette!

Michael Scott in the Wild Contest

Winner: Brandon

Michael Scott in the Wild Contest

Winner: Brigette

Michael Scott in the Wild Contest

(Here are the original contest details.)


  1. Thanks for voting for mine, people! Katri and Brandon, your pics are hilarious.

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