‘Your Favorite Michael Scott Moment’ Giveaway

Your Favorite Michael Scott Moment Giveaway

As part of OfficeTally’s ‘Goodbye, Michael’ week, I’m giving away six commemorative Michael Scott engraved StealthArmors, courtesy of Fusion of Ideas!

To enter, just share your all-time favorite Michael Scott moment.
There are so many to choose from!

Need some inspiration? Check out NBC.com’s Michael Scott Tribute Page.

UPDATE: congratulations to Kimba, Jackie, Becca, LovesItalianFood, Jerry, and Chris Cho — you are the giveaway winners! Check your inbox for an email from me…

How to enter

  • Post a comment to this question: What is your all-time favorite Michael Scott moment and why? You must include the name of the episode.
  • Include a valid email address in the Email field.
  • Grammar and spelling count, one entry per person, U.S. entrants only, please.
  • Deadline to enter: Friday, April 29, 11pm PT.
  • Six qualified entries will be randomly chosen to win!

About the prizes

Michael Scott StealthArmor Michael Scott StealthArmor

The StealthArmor folks are such huge fans of The Office, they created exclusive StealthArmor covers engraved with an artist rendering of Michael Scott to honor Steve Carell.

Each contest winner will receive a Michael Scott StealthArmor cover in a finish of their choice for any of the following Apple devices: iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, or iPhone 4. All cases are full-body kits, including a StealthArmor backing, clear front protector screen, and the iPhone 4 comes with the side bezel as well. These covers regularly retail for $35!

Design A (left): “It’s a good thing you used protection” “That’s what she said!”

Design B (right): “That’s what she said!”

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  1. My favorite episode is The Injury. When Michael first calls in to be picked up, I love that he asks for Ryan to pick him up!

  2. When Toby comes back and he’s screaming “NOOOOOOO” lol so funny :-) And then in the same episode saying that he feels like Neve Campbell in Scream 2.

  3. My all time favorite Michael Scott moment would have to be his words to the heart-attack ridden Stanley Hudson in season 3’s Stress Relief. I love this moment so much, because it truly shows how much Michael actually cares for his own staff (best friends).

  4. My favorite Michael Scott moment was when he proposed to Holly, a great moment that showed what a nice guy he is and showed his sense of humor as well.

  5. My favorite Michael Scott moment is from Broke. He’s sitting across David Wallace and Charles Miner in the middle of a tough negotiation and admits that the Michael Scott Paper Company is worthless. The irony in that line is so wonderful, but more importantly it proves that Michael will give up everything for Ryan and Pam’s welfare, and by extension the welfare of all those he considers his friends.

  6. My favorite Michael Scott moment was him admitting that Threat Level Midnight wasn’t great. Even after working on it for so many years, he stilll realized that it wasn’t great and had no problem admitting that. That takes strength.

  7. My favorite Michael Scott moments usually occur when he’s talking smack about Toby. The best one is from Casino Night – “I hate so much about the things that you choose to be.” It’s just such an odd choice of words that it really works to sum up Michael’s feelings about Toby….and people give me really funny looks when I use it in daily conversation :)

  8. Definitely during negotiations when Dunder Mifflin tries to buy out the Michael Scott Paper Company. It’s a beautiful moment: We see the history of Michael as an amazing salesman who has simply been promoted to the wrong job, while also seeing the anxiety in himself that he can say some pretty dumb things.

  9. My favorite moment is on the booze cruise when Michael talks about the sales boat is going down and everyone panics and that guy jumps overboard.

  10. Michael: “I’d like everybody’s attention. Christmas is cancelled.”
    Stanley: “You can’t cancel a holiday”
    Michael: “Keep it up Stanley and you’ll lose New Year’s”
    Stanley: “What does that even mean?”
    Michael: “Jim, take New Year’s away from Stanley”

  11. So many good moments but one of my favorites is during ‘The Dinner Party’, after Michael and Jan get into it for the final time. Michael really wants to “burn Jan’s candles” and she throws the Dundie at his 200 dollar plasma screen TV!

  12. The episode I will always remember of Michael Scott is the episode he ran over Meredith Palmer. “I ate more chicken alfredo and drink less water than I have in my entire life.”

  13. My favorite moment is an early one-in the classic episode “Diversity Day” (Season 1, Episode 2):

    When Michael is recording a tape about diversity and says:
    “Abraham Lincoln once said that, “If you’re a racist, I will attack you with the North.” And those are the principles that I carry with me in the workplace.”

    I don’t know why, but that line gets me every time.

    Mr. Scott will be greatly missed.

  14. My favorite Michael moment is in “Business School” when he goes to Pam’s art show. He shows how caring he truly is for others, and it really changed my perspective of his character.

  15. It goes back to season 1 and the basketball episode.

    Michael Scott: I know ‘grumble grumble’, but you would follow me to the ends of the earth grumblin’ all the way. Just like that uh dwarf from Lord of the Rings.

    Dwight Schrute: Gimli.

    Michael Scott: NERD. That is why you’re not on the team.

  16. I have actually been thinking about this a lot lately. For some reason I have always really loved that random scene in Pretzel Day Episode (Initiation I think) where Michael is all amped up on sugar and does that weird move where he looks like he’s working out in his Office. I also love when he pulls out the Chunky from his pocket at Pam’s art show.

  17. My favorite Michael moment is when he finds out that Jim and Pam are dating. It shows that no matter how rude and “obtuse” he can be, he deeply cares about all of his employees. It is a day that will live in infamy :)

  18. I absolutely love in The Client when Michael finally gets around to talking seriously with Christen and hushes Jan and seals the deal!!

  19. My favorite Michael moment is very quick. It’s in “Niagara.” During Jim and Pam’s wedding, and during the dance montage, they cut to a quick reaction shot of Michael as he watches his two friends start a new life together. It, to me, sums up Michael and how much he really loves the people he works with.

  20. Season 3, Episode 18: The Negotiation.

    Michael and Toby are in the Conference Room on the phone with Jan.

    Jan: Alright, well are you going to take care of this?

    Michael: Yeppers.

    Jan: What did I tell you about ‘yeppers’?

    Michael: I don’t…remember.

    Jan: I told you not to say it. Do you remember that?

    Michael: Yesh.

    That is just classic Michael Scott. He unknowingly bugs Jan, and “yesh” is just as childish as “yeppers.” I love it. I love The Office and I am going to dearly miss Michael Scott.

  21. My favorite Michael Scott moment is from “Business School” when he shows up at Pam’s student art show. With her little girl side pony tail and hurt expression, he comes in as a father figure and says how proud he is of her. Having been to art school myself, I really understood how much his love meant to Pam at that moment…and then the candy bar gag. Perfect.

  22. In the episode “broke” when he gives the speech to David Wallace that ends with “so it seems to me that don’t have to outlast Dunder Mifflin. I just have to outlast you.” so badass and the best kind of Scott when he proves that he not just another pretty face!

  23. I’ve loved Michael Scott and The Office for years, but I have to say that one of my favorite moments was just recently — Michael’s face in the conference room when he realizes the office has put together the special musical number for him. I cried.

  24. My favorite moment with Michael Scott all time is in the episode “Sexual Harassment”. Allow me to quote:

    Michael: …you can consider this my retirement from comedy.

    Jim: Does that include “that’s what she said?”

    Michael: Hmmm, yes.

    Jim: Wow, that is really hard…you really think you can go all day long? Well, you always left me smiling and satisfied.

    Michael: That’s what she said!

    Really established the dynamic of the office and how Jim and Michael’s relationship was. Great moment! Gonna miss ya Michael!

  25. Michael Scott has done a magnificent job running the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. Throughout season 2, Michael’s talent shined. In my opinion, episode 2, Sexual Harassment, was one of Michael’s best performances. During the episode, Michael comes under fire from Jan Levinson and corporate for his sexiest and offensive behavior. The following conversation Jim and Michael had during this episode is painfully funny:

    Michael: “And in the future if I want to say something funny, or witty, or do an impression, I will no longer, ever do any of those things.”
    Jim: “Does that include ‘That’s What She Said?’
    Michael: “Mmhmm. Yes.”
    Jim: “Wow. That is really hard. You really think you can go all day long? Well, you always left me satisfied and smiling, so…”
    Michael: “That’s what she said!” (Bursts into laughter).

  26. The end of “Office Olympics” where Jim puts Michael on the winner’s podium and gives him a medal. The group stands there for the national anthem, the doves fly by for the closing ceremonies, and Michael gets that “moist eye” look that Steve C. does so well.

    He’s had a bad day, bought a crap condo, but what makes him feel good is a silly little thing like this. We see the staff cares for him, and he cares for them.

  27. Toby: Who brought in doughnuts?

    Michael: Somebody got doughnuts for my birthday.

    Toby: Happy Birthday!

    Michael: You didn’t know it was my birthday?

    Toby: I guess I forgot.

    Michael: Well I guess I forgot to give you a doughnut.

    Classic Michael and Toby. To me Michael and Toby’s relationship is, or used to be, one of the funniest aspects of the show.

  28. Tanster, this may be the toughest contest ever! lol, only one Michael moment??? Ok, in the deposition at lunch break where Toby is trying his hardest to console Michael by telling him how he got through his divorce, and Michael just shoves Toby’s lunch tray off the table and walks away. You know its coming, and I laugh hysterically every single time I watch it!

  29. Very difficult to pick one. There are so many categories, it’s hard to decide which moment of the subgroups: TWSSs, shut its, mispronounced words, tearing-ups, high jinx, …

    I guess I’ll go with the “walking down the basement stairs” gag, it’s a cold open. Near the end when it’s clear his legs are about to collapse under him, he still goes down one more time to get the cream and sugar Pam asks for. It’s the pained/stuck look on his face, like it doesn’t even occur to him that he has a choice to stop the joke –he takes his self-appointed job so seriously — “gotta keep the troops entertained.”

  30. “I, declare, BANKRUPTCYYYYYY!” from the hourlong “Money” episode of the fourth season. Michael thinking he could declare bankruptcy like you would with war is genius. And it’s not just what he says. It’s the way all the employees are just minding their own business doing their work, not realizing Michael’s standing right there. What I find the funniest about the show is how they’re all so used to his bizarre antics. They have this “regular day at the office” look.

  31. Easy-Casino Night:

    “Toby, why are you the way that you are? Everytime I want to do something fun and exciting you make it. . . not that way. I. . . hate so much about who you are, and how you choose to be.”

  32. From Booze Cruise:

    Jim: She’s engaged.
    Michael: BFD. Engaged ain’t married.
    Jim: Huh.
    Michael: Never, ever, ever give up.

    LOVE IT.

  33. If babies ruled the world there would be no taxes. There would be no government. So…yeah, it would be better as a movie idea than a serious suggestion.

  34. I have several favorite Michael Scott moments, but I love the scene in “Booze Cruise” when Jim confides in Michael about his feelings for Pam, and Michael tells him to never give up. One of Michael’s best sincerely endearing moments. . . .

    Jim: You know, to tell the truth, I used to have a big thing for Pam, so…

    Michael: Really? You’re kidding me. You and Pam? Wow. I would have never have put you two together. You really hid it well. God! I usually have a radar for stuff like that. You know, I made out with Jan…

    Jim: Yeah, I know.

    Michael: Yeah? Yep. Well, Pam is cute.

    Jim: Yeah. She’s really funny, and she’s warm. And she’s just… well, anyway.

    Michael: Well, if you like her so much, don’t give up.

    Jim: She’s engaged.

    Michael: BFD. Engaged ain’t married.

    Jim: Huh.

    Michael: Never, ever, ever give up.

  35. Of course I am disqualifying my entry from the contest, but I just had to submit one:

    In one of my favorite episodes of all time, Cafe Disco, Michael is disheartened by everybody’s lack of interest in his disco idea.

    Until he enters the room and the party is in full swing. His face lights up like a kid’s on Christmas morning, and he says, awestruck, “It’s better than I imagined it.”

  36. You don’t call retarded people retards. It’s bad taste. You call your friends retards when they’re acting retarded.

  37. My favorite Michael moment is from Launch Party when Michael wanted to buy Ryan “Oh the Placed You’ll Go”

    Michael: You ever read this? [holds up Green Eggs and Ham] Jim: Yep. A long time ago, but, I liked it. Michael: Got it for Ryan. Wanted to get him Oh The Places You’ll Go, but they were sold out.

    Michael being so proud of Ryan was sweet, thinking the two books were interchangeable was funny, and then throwing the book out the window when Ryan disappointed was sad. The scene had everything and you really felt for Michael and understood what a good person he was.

  38. I actually find that my favorite Michael Scott moment comes near the end of Season 4 Episode 2: Dunder Mifflin Infinity

    Michael has just driven his rental car into a lake and returns to a past client to reclaim a gift basket:

    Michael: It’s been opened.
    Client: Yeah, it was mine.
    Michael: What’s missing…? The turtles. Where are the turtles? Where are the turtles?
    Client: Come on, guys, get outta here.

    This is one of the funniest scenes to me because Michael rarely just yells at the top of his lungs. Also, the serious look on his face while yelling about chocolate turtles always seems to crack me up.

  39. My absolute fave is in S3,Biz School. I love how proud he is of Pam…S3 was so painful, it was a bright moment of S3 “…Well, yeah. Yeah, we have to have it for the office. I mean, there’s my… window, and there’s my car! That your car? Pam: Uh-huh. That is our building… and we sell paper. … I am really proud of you…”

  40. My most memorable Michael Scott moment is probably the saddest Michael Scott moment, when, in the episode “Grief Counseling,” he becomes overwhelmed with grief, realizes he has no one, and says: “I’m crying and nobody can hear me, because I’m terribly, terribly, terribly alone.” I think that this the ultimate disclosure of his true id. It’s heartbreaking, and it gives me hope when I think that such a despondent man can find true love, as he did with Holly.

  41. My favorite moment was during “Murder” when you hear Michael in the bathroom throwing up and he walks out of the bathroom towards Kevin….

    Kevin: Michael, did you just throw up in here?
    Michael: Nah. Just poopin’. You know how I be.
    Kevin: It smells like throw-up in here.
    Michael: Crazy world. Lot of smells.

  42. My favorite Michael Scott moment is in the season 3 episode, Safety Training. Michael and Dwight are on the roof and they throw a watermelon onto a trampoline as a test before Michael jumps on it. The melon bounces off of the trampoline and smashes on a car, and Michael says, “Find out whose car that is. If it’s Stanley’s, call the law offices of James P. Albini. See if he handles hate crimes.” I love Michael’s paranoid concern at that moment.

  43. My favorite Michael Scott talking head would have to be…
    “Bros before hos. Why? Because your bros are always there for you. They have got your back after your ho rips your heart out for no good reason. And you were nothing but great to your ho and you told her she was the only ho for you. And that she was better than all the other hos in the world. And then … and then suddenly she’s not yo’ ho no mo’.”
    .. from A Benihana Christmas (S3). The words. The performance. Everything about this makes me laugh every time I watch it.

  44. My favorite Michael moment is in the episode ‘Broke’ where he negotiates with David to have Charles fired and for him, Pam, and Ryan to have their old jobs back. It was such a bad-ass moment for him (not to mention it shows Michael at his most competent). Here are two of the quotes from his speech:

    Michael – “Your company is losing clients left and right. You have a stockholder meeting coming up and you are going to have to explain to them why your most profitable branch is bleeding. So they may be looking for a little change in the CFO. So I don’t think I need to wait out Dunder Mifflin. I think I just have to wait out you.”

    And then there’s this (which is even better):

    “Our company is worth nothing. That’s the difference between you and I. Business isn’t about money to me, David. If tomorrow my company goes under I will just start another paper company. And then another and another and another. I have no shortage of company names.”

  45. One of my favorite Michael moments was from the episode “Weight Loss.” When Michael sees that Pam is leaving to go to art school, he runs out of the office, runs to the stairs, and all you hear is him falling. The camera then shows Michael getting off the floor and going down the next set of stairs where once again you hear him falling. This alone cracks me up but it doesn’t end there.

    He then runs out into the parking lot where he looks all rumpled.

    Michael: Pam! Pam!

    Jim: What happened?

    Michael: I wrote you a goodbye poem. It’s really
    long. I left it up in my office. Could you just
    please wait ‘til I go get it.

    Pam: I should really get going

    Michael: No…okay, okay. Um, the last word is seagulls.

    Pam: I’m sure it was really lovely

    Michael: I took a lot from other poems

    Jim: Call me when you get in (leans over and kisses Pam)

    Michael: Alright call me when you get in (also leans over to kiss Pam)

    Pam turns away and Jim pulls him back. He pats Michael on the back and watch as Pam leaves.

  46. My favorite Michael Scott moment was on Booze Cruise:

    “Never, ever, ever, give up.”

    Eventhough he can be socially clueless sometimes, he advice to Jim is just so sweet.

  47. Phyllis Vance: It’s the only gavel I could find.
    Michael Scott: It squeaks when you bang it. That’s what she said.

  48. It’s almost impossible to narrow this down, but one that comes to mind immediately is from the season 5 episode “Two Weeks.” You hear monster sounds coming out of Michael’s office and Jim says “It’s monsteR.com. Singular.” and Michael yells “Thank you!”

    Oh man, I am laughing just thinking about it!

  49. My favorite Michael Scott moment has to be from ‘Diversity Day’. That entire episode really summed up his character, but since I have to pick one moment, this is the one.

    Toby: We’re not all gonna sit in a circle Indian style, are we?

    Michael Scott: Get out. No this is not a joke. It was offensive and lame, so double offensive. This is an environment of welcoming and you should just get the hell out of here.

  50. My favorite Michael Scott moment HAS to be the Michael Proposal! He was too sweet and that moment between Holly couldn’t have gone better any other way. It showed the serious compassionate side of Michael and he made me cry more than any other moment.

  51. No wonder this is my favorite show…there are so many wonderful moments. Reflecting I want to laugh and cry! I love grief couseling too – who but Michael would encourage dealing with grief -on the job? Most companies you are lucky if you get one day to deal.

  52. Season 5: Frame Toby

    The part where he grabs Toby’s pictures and throws them to the ground and taunts him to punch him. I don’t know why, but it cracks me up every single time!

  53. The rules of “shotgun” are very simple and very clear. The first person to shout “shotgun” when you’re within sight of the car gets the front seat. That’s how the game’s played. There are no exceptions for someone with a concussion.

    part of my everyday life :)

  54. My favorite Michael Scott moments include all of those that show his tender, caring side that is sometimes hidden under his loud, sometimes rude persona.

    A few examples of this side of Michael can be seen in episodes where he has interacted with children, sang happy birthday to Creed in the woods during ‘Survivor Man’, Dwight’s Christmas nut-cracker in season 6, and nearly every moment he has spent with Holly.

    Those of us that follow the office religiously know the true Michael. A genuinely loving guy that wants to be friends with everyone which can get him into trouble sometimes.

  55. Toby: Actually, I didn’t think it was appropriate to invite children since it’s, uh, you know. There’s gambling and alcohol… And it’s in our dangerous warehouse. And it’s a school night. And, you know, Hooters is catering. You know. Is that- is that enough? Should I keep going?

    Michael Scott: Why are you the way that you are? Honestly, every time I try to do something fun or exciting, you make it not that way. I hate so much about the things that you choose to be.

  56. My favorite moment is in The Deposition:

    Jan’s lawyer: Can you go back to where this digression began?
    Court reporter:[reading] Mr. Schneider. And you were directly under her the entire time? Mr. Scott. That’s what she said.
    Michael Scott: Well. Delivery’s all wrong. She’s butchering it.

    such a classic representation of michael’s that’s what she said humor and how serious he is about his comedy!

  57. Season 3: The Convention

    When Michael surprises everyone and tells them that they can now sell Hammermill products. I love the quote to Jan: “Yeah, well maybe next time, you will estimate me.”

  58. My favorite Michael moment has to be from Branch Closing (Season 3). As Michael announces that the Scranton branch is closing down, he starts to become very emotional and is on the verge of crying. The way he says the word “circumstances” is hilarious and one of the funniest moments on The Office.

  59. My favorite quote is when Michael says, “I am actually great with old women. In fact, for the longest time my best friend was my grandmother. Then she met Harriet, and now she thinks she’s better than everybody.” It made me laugh so hard!

  60. one of my favorite michael scott moments is from the episode product recall, in the conference room, when he says “i need two men on this. that’s what she said. no time! but she did! no time!!” it’s so funny that in his mind his office crisis and his need to tell a twss joke are equally urgent competitors.

  61. Episode ‘Money’

    Michael: “I declare BANKRUPTCY!!!”

    and then later

    Michael: “I didn’t say it, I declared it!”

    I still quote that all the time!

  62. My favorite Michael Scott moment is from The Dundies (Season 2). His Ping character is priceless. The look on the girl’s face behind him is even more priceless!

  63. From Training Day:

    “You all know one of my favorite things is fanfare for it’s own sake.”

    Such a matter-of-fact statement and yet….it says so much about Michael :)

  64. My favorite Michael Scott moment has got to be when he goes up to the roof with plans to fake his own suicide by jumping into a bouncing castle.

    It gets even better when Michael realizes that Dwight didn’t bring the warehouse guys and he has to do the “show” over again. Love Jim’s comment, “I think I’m going to bring my parents to the matinee.”

  65. Favorite Michael moment comes from Stress Relief in Season 5. Michael catapults out of his state of depression after his “Boom Roasted” monologue.

    This string of one-liners perfectly depicts Michael’s creativity and humor.

  66. My favorite Michael moment is from the deposition when the guy said “you were directly under her the whole time” and michael says thats what she said. When the recorder reads it backmichael said the delivery is wrong and she butchered it.

  67. This has to be my favorite quote/moment from my Michael in “The Duel”:

    “David here it is. My, philosophy is, basically this. And this is something that I live by. And I always have. And I always will. Don’t, ever, for any reason, do anything, to anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who or who you are with, or or where you are going, or, or where you’ve been. Ever. For any reason. Whatsoever.”

    The clouded, bewildered expression on Wallace’s face is simply priceless.
    Then outside his office Michael says:

    “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way”

  68. My favorite moment is at the end of “Company Picnic” where he says that he will just have to wait for Holly and then everything will be perfect. I thought it was a sweet moment.

  69. Booze Cruise:

    Darryl: How about the sales team is the sails?

    Michael: Yes Darryl, the sales team makes sails.

    That was so funny to me.

  70. The best Michael Scott moment is when Michael hits Meredith with his car in Season 4’s “Fun Run”. This shall go down in history as the most hilarious thing Michael has ever done.

  71. Booze Cruise:

    Darryl: How about the sales team is the sails?

    Michael: Yes Darryl, the sales team makes sales.

    That was so funny to me.

  72. Like others on here, I love the moments when Michael shows his more sensitive side. I think my favorite moment was in season 3’s “Business School” when he’s the only one to show up to Pam’s art show and genuinely appreciates her efforts when no one else would. I love that Michael sees Pam as someone who has skills beyond that of a secretary, and this scene really puts Michael’s earnestness and big heart on display.

  73. Easy. From last weeks “Michael’s Last Dundies”, the very last scene where he simply says what we all were thinking in that moment- “This is gonna be a mother f**ker”

    Simple, direct….true.

    So many great laughs, but this summed up everything for me. Thanks Mr. Scott.

  74. There are too many hilarious moments, but my favorite episode is The Injury when Michael is laying in his office running his crutch down the blinds asking Pam to come rub butter on his foot. Priceless!

  75. My favorite Michael Scott moment is from Sexual Harassment (Season 2) when Michael attempts to stop saying “thats what she said”.

    Jim: Do you really think you can go all day long?
    (Michael is trying to restrain himself.)
    Jim: Well, you always left me satisfied and smiling. So …
    Michael: That’s what she said!

    After he says this, he laughs and blows kisses into the camera. It’s such a sweet moment showing Michael’s hillarious child-like maturity and I absolutely love it.

  76. There are so many funny Michael moments that it’s impossible to choose. One touching scene I love, however, is at the end of the episode Halloween. It’s after he fired Devon and kind of looked like a jerk – but then we see him sadly wiping bits of pumpkin off his car, then sitting alone in his condo, before lighting up when a group of kids visits.

  77. During the moroccan Christmas episode, when michael asks toby to write down the info for the rehab clinic and then calmly throws the pen right back at him. It was a great example of the michael/toby dynamic that I always loved

  78. My favorite Michael moment is from safety training. Dwight said isn’t depression a fancy word for being bummed out and Michael says “Dwight you ignorant slut!” One of my favorite line of all time.

  79. Michael: Love that Andy, right? Solid fellow. Seems smart enough. Likes me a lot. A lot. Too much. Like a crazy person. A little. Not super crazy… just… there’s something about him that creeps me out. I can’t really explain it. He’s always up in my bidness. Which is ebonics for “being in my face and annoying the bejesus out of me.” I don’t understand how someone could have so little self-awareness.

    From “The Return”, such irony (especially the last line)! I always laugh when Michael finds someone else annoying. I’m imagining him hiding behind his office door to avoid Andy!

  80. I would say watching Michael and Jan’s fight during Dinner Party, and when it all explodes during the climax. I know it’s not the best moment, and doesn’t have as much emotional power as many other Michael Scott moments, but I remember it as my favorite.

  81. The Injury episode is by far my favorite. “And since, I don’t have a butler, every evening I lay 6 strips of bacon on my George Foreman grill, it’s delicious, it’s good for me and it’s the perfect way to start the day. When I wake up, I plug in the grill and wake up to the smell of crackling bacon. Today-I forgot and stepped on it, and the grill clamped down on my foot…I don’t see what’s so hard to understand.”

  82. My favorite Michael Scott moment is from season 7’s episode “Viewing Party.” In the episode we were learning more about Erin’s backstory living in foster homes and never having a set of people she could call her parents. After Michael gets frustrated with the Dunder Mifflinites, he goes outside to turn disconnect the TV and Erin follows him a few minutes later. My favorite moment is when he starts to have the father-daughter style argument with Erin telling Michael she hates him with a smile on her face because she had just gotten her first taste of the feeling of having her father. This is my favorite moment because although he can be crazy and act like a five (seven, or ten) year old, he loves his “family” and just wants to be loved back. :)

  83. In “The Fight” (season 2), Michael is trying to avoid signing all the paperwork that is due by the end of the day. He is sitting in his office, staring at the camera and tapping his fingernail on a coffee mug. He sings, “I don’t wanna work. I just wanna bang on this mug all day” and then gives a huge smile to the camera. Then the camera pans out and you see he is making the temp listen to his fake song. So funny. Watch it.

  84. My favorite Michael moment has got to be when Pam walks over the burning coals and shows her bravery in the episode “Beach Day”. In return, Michael Scott says, “We’re still looking for someone with a sales background.” He’s so mean to Pam and I love it. Also, it shows his personality as he often goes back on his word in a very comical way. I love “The Office” and I hope it never stops being the great show that it is.

  85. My favorite Michael Scott moment is in the episode “Dunder Mifflin Infinity” in Season 4 when he drives his car into the lake after he was merely following the GPS’s advice. Classic Michael Scott.

  86. My favorite line is from “Booze Cruise” where Michael gives Jim the simple, yet powerful, line “Never give up.”
    Not only is the line a great life lesson but it made Jim aware he should still pursue Pam.
    Without that line, Pam marries Roy.
    Good thing for Michael Scott.

  87. Andy: “Prison sounds horrible.”
    Michael: “Yeah, yeah, well thank you, Andy. Tanks.”
    Dwight: “Prison Mike, what’s the very very worst thing about prison?” (Angela: “Don’t encourage him, Dwight.”)

    Michael: “The worst thing about prison was the … was the dementors!!! They were flying all over the place and they were scary and they’d come down and suck the soul outta your body and it hurt!!”

  88. In Season 5’s, The Surplus. Oscar is explaining to Michael how a surplus works. He is explaining it to him as a five year old. Oscar says “Next year..” Michael interrupts “…I’ll be six.” He was really thinking like a five year old!

  89. In one of the best episodes, ” Delivery part 2″, Michael comes into the hospital with balloons, hears Pam in labor,and looks into the delivery room. He comes out in a moment, looks into the camera, says ” I have to go wash my eyes”.
    Then around the corner he lights up a cigar. A doctor walks up and says, ” Sir, put it out, you can’t smoke that in here”. Michael looks and says, ” you can’t smoke anywhere these days”.

  90. Oh, so many! If I have to choose one all-time favorite Michael Scott moment, it would be the one that spawned my username – from the episode Office Olympics: “I’m an early bird, and I’m a night owl. So I’m wise, and I have worms.” And then Ryan brings him a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit and asks why he needed to come in so early, to which Michael replies: “Uh, the sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit. But thank you. And why don’t you take a couple hours. The office is yours… Take your pants off, run around. Whatever you gotta do.”

  91. Just reading these are making me cry from laughing, and I tried to pick one that no one has said yet.

    “I saved a life. My own. Am I a hero? I can’t say. But yes.”
    from Safety Training, one of my favorite episodes.

  92. Easily “Lazy Scranton.” I think I laughed for a full minute straight after hearing Michael say, “You like coal mines and you wanna see ’em? Check it out, yo! The anthracite museum!”

  93. I love Fun Run.. Every single second in the conference room… When he is trying to think of an animal to sacrifice..

    Also love it when he quizes Phyllis about her fat friend being able to fit in “an average sized row boat”…

    I’m considering getting on anxiety meds for thursday.. I’m completely serious. :(

  94. I just wrote 3 paragraphs but I forgot to fill out my name and e-mail. Not gonna type it up again, so…

    -Money. His second job, struggles with Jan, and the runaway to the trainyard. Perfect episode.

    -Benihana Christmas. Marking his ‘girlfriend’ with the sharpie was gold. As well as the bike in the gift box and putting himself in Carol’s picture of herself with her family (including her ex-husband)

    -Hi, my name is Date Mike. Nice to meet me. How do you like your eggs in the morning?

  95. “It’s never too early for ice cream, Jim. But we didn’t have ice cream, so this is mayonnaise and black olives. It’s comfort food, all right”
    Michael hates but he does it anyway.

  96. Darryl: That right there is a women’s suit.
    Michael: I do not buy women’s clothes. I will not make that mistake again.

    Michael: Pam ! Will you please tell Darryl this is not a women’s suit ?
    Pam: Oh my god that’s a women’s suit !

    Michael: No I wear men’s suits. I got this out of a bin. There were these huge bins of clothes, and everybody was riffling through them like crazy and I grabbed one……and it fit…so no I don’t think that this is totally just a women’s suit. At the very least it’s bisexual.

    Pam: Michael the pants don’t have any pockets.
    Michael: No they don’t. See ? (shot of his butt) lol

    TOO many clips to choose from. Other favorites: Asking Angela if he could buy her a fresh set of underwear and of course the very sweet proposal. :)))

  97. So many of my favorites are already on here (“I declare bankruptcy!” “Yeppers” and Michael’s “philosophy” which is my #1 fav) so I will add another Michael moment/quote I don’t think has been mentioned from Product Recall when he says “Cry-Man-Squaw, F&C, Double Time.” So typical Michael… he tries to be cool and official with his abbreviation but the time if takes him to explain it takes longer than had he just said the whole thing in the first place.

    Runner up “The stress of my modern office has caused me to go into a depression”… I find myself saying that a lot haha.

  98. Dunder Mifflin Infinity Episode 4×02


  99. i like the one where he decides to move out west with a girl he likes and as a result has to leave dunder mifflin and everyone is all sad and cries. i forgot which ep. thats in

  100. My favorite Michael Scott moment is when Carol breaks up with him during Benihana Christmas. “Then, she’s not your ho, no mo’!”

  101. My favorite Michael Scott moment is maybe a surprising choice, but it’s in Booze Cruise where Jim reveals to Michael he is in love with Pam. This is my favorite moment because of Michael’s simple response. Up until this point there had been times where the workers felt bad for Michael (hecklers at The Dundies, his karaoke at Jims BBQ) however in Booze Cruise, just the way Michael said to Jim “Never, ever, ever give up” made it show that he was more than just their boss, he was looking out for them too. It was a nice moment & always one of my very favorites. Of course then he went & let the cat out of the bag anyway, but would we expect anything else from Michael?

  102. I love during “Casino Night” when Michael says to Toby, “Why are you the way that you are? Honestly, every time I try to do something fun… or exciting, you make it not that way. I hate… so much about the things that you choose to be” because Toby won’t let the Boy Scouts come to the warehouse to recive the check. You really just get to see the silly hate Michael has for Toby.

  103. This iconic scene from “Lecture Circuit: Part 1” gets me every single time:

    Michael Scott: I don’t know you, but I need to know you in order to sell to you. That is why I have asked you to go around and tell me your names. I have an amazing mnemonic device by which I have now memorized all of your names. [pointing to people] Shirty. Mole. Lazy eye. Mexico. Baldy. Sugar boobs. Black woman. I have taken a unique part of who you are, and I have used that to memorize your name. Baldy, your head is bald. It is hairless. It is shiny. It is reflective, like a mirror. M. Your name is Mark.

    Mark: Yes.

    Michael Scott: Got it. It works!

  104. It is hard to choose just one moment that embodies all that Michael Scott has done and who he is. I decided to choose the ending quote from Michael’s Last Dundies.
    “Yeah…okay….well this is gonna hurt like a mother****er…”

    I chose this moment because I felt the pain and agreed with Michael’s assertion. I will truly miss tuning in at 9pm on Thursday nights and seeing Michael begin a cold open. Michael is a symbol of everything that is good and bad about bosses; he is rude, self-absorbed, inconsiderate and at times mean. But he also cares so much about his “family” that resides at Dunder Mifflin. I began watching the Office in 2007 after picking up a Season 2 DVD at the store and have been hooked ever since. I have broken up with girls, had my heart broken, had good times as well as bad moments but whenever I need to feel better I put on the Office and Michael has been there and made me laugh.

    So yes, Michael, this will hurt like a mother****er and I’ll miss you each and every Thursday night.

  105. the Injury – where Michael was filling out papers for Dwight at the hospital and put down “bringing someone to the hospital” under reason for visit.

  106. My favorite “Michael Scott” moment is from “The Injury” episode when Michael calls Pam from his office phone and asks her to rub butter on his foot. She says no, and Michael responds by saying, “I have country crock.”

    It’s my favorite moment because it captures the humor in Michael’s absurd rationalization to Pam that rubbing butter on his “burned” foot will somehow make it better.

  107. Season Three: The Convention. Michael throws a party in his hotel room. There are flashing disco lights, booze everywhere, and “Girls Gone Wild” playing on the stereo. And he sits alone and depressed in the corner LOL.

  108. Two favorite moments–a serious one and a funny one.

    Serious would be him showing up to Pam’s art show and having a sentimental/emotional moment w/Pam. It was one of the first few times on The Office where Michael showed how truly caring a person he was–even with his many flaws as a person.

    Funny would be Phyllis’s wedding where he tells the crowd they used to have a nickname for Phyllis in high school, “Easy Rider”.

  109. It’s going to be hard to replace the genius that Michael Scott beings to the show. Trying o pick your favorite Michael Scott moment is like asking a parent to pick their favorite kid. The character is so amazingly done that it’s gonna be sad to watch him leave. Some of my favorite moments are…

    -“Smokin’ doobies, smokin’ doobies with my brothers.”

    -When Michael decides to go into the woods and try his best at being a Survivor Man.

    -The dinner party episode with. The fact that he still takes baths, and can’t keep the water in the tub lmao. The fact that he ran throug the door to get to the ice-cream man. His precious $200 plasma tv lmao. His soft teeth, and soaking of his meat in wine hahaha.

    -When he calls Vancouver to cancel his hotel for the Winter Olympics, even after they switched servers and had no recollection of his order, and then he has to pay lmao!

    So so so many more……Steve we love you, and we’re going to miss you.

  110. My favorite Michael Scott moment is in the episode “Business School” when he visits Pam at her art show at the very end. He showed just how much he cares for his friends of the office and that he really truely does have a good heart. Michael can be a little quirky at times but deep down he always has good intentions.

  111. The moment in “Business School” when Michael comes to the Pam-casso art show is one of my favorite. He is so kind, generous and yet so funny with the chunky in his pocket.

  112. So many memorable moments to choose from, but if I were to pick just one, I’ll go with Michael’s proposal to Holly in “Garage Sale.” It represented what I love most about the show – its ability to mix funny with heartfelt. Michael finally gets the girl of his dreams, and you just know they’ll have a house with a picket fence, the ketchup fights, tickling and giggling.

    Michael happy = me happy for him.

  113. So many to pick from, but I’ll choose Toby’s exit interview with Michael from “Goodbye Toby”. I love it that Michael obviously has this horrible “get even” interview planned for Toby, but is forced to try to soften it when Holly comes in with the HR binder to oversee the moment. Then, with a wink to the camera, Pam gets Michael to give Toby his watch as a going-away present. It’s all brilliant….

  114. My favorite moments are the rare ones where you get to realize that he actually does get it, like in the end of Benihana Christmas or the look he exchanges with Jim during Valentine’s Day.

  115. My favorite Michael memory is definitely Prison Mike. He’s had some great characters over the years, but that purple bandana always got to me. “You, my friend, would be da belle of da ball. Don’t drop the soap!”

  116. Michael: I am a victim of a hate crime. Stanley knows what I’m talking about.
    Stanley: That’s not what what a hate crime is.
    Michael: Well I hated it. A lot!

    The doctors tried to save her life. They did the best that they could. And she is going to be ok……….I was able to be at the scene so quickly because I was in the car that hit her.

    Is there a god? If not, then what are all of the churches for? And who is Jesus’ dad?

    Toby is in HR. Which, technically, means he works for corporate. So he’s really not a part of our family. Also he’s divorced. So he’s really not a part of his family.

  117. I have so many favorite moments in “The Injury” episode alone! I laugh uncontrollably when Michael is in the restroom and falls off the toilet. He asks for help, but Toby and Ryan are resistent to provide it. So Michael gives it one more try and then there is this huge ruckuss while Michael falls back down with a great shout and, well, some sounds one would only hear around a toilet. Hilarious.

  118. Hands down, favorite moment is a cold open with Michael, Jim, Pam and Dwight. Michael gets gum in his hair, gets mad and ends up asking for an ice cream sandwich. “I don’t feel like peanut butter, get me an ice cream sandwich.” Jim: “Nope, not for you, it’s for your hair and it’s 9:30 in the morning.” Priceless.

  119. Michael: Todd Packer and I are total BFF. Best Friends Forever. He and I came up together as salesmen. One time, we were out and we met this set of twins. And Packer told them that we were brothers. And so, you know, one thing led to another, and we brought em back to the motel. And then Packer did both of them. It was awesome. So…

  120. Episode: Goodbye Toby.

    M: I’m looking for perfect songs that work on two levels.
    J: What are the two levels?
    M: Well…The two levels being “Welcome to Scranton” and “I love you”.

    This is Michael Scott!

  121. “My proudest moment here wasn’t when I increased profits by 17 percent, or cut expenditures without losing a single member of staff. No, no, no. It was a young Guatemalan guy, first job in the country, barely spoke a word of English, but he came to me and said, ‘Mr. Scott, will you be the godfather to my child?’ Didn’t work out in the end. We had to let him go. He sucked.”

    This is the best Michael Scott moment become it truly shows the essence of Michael Gary Scott. Its show he telling a story which is completely random (which Michael always is) and makes it truly hilarious with the accent of the man. It also shows how he wants to talk himself up and work on his own self esteem while also showing how much he wants to be a family man, friend, and worlds best boss. Michael Scott and such a real character with so much depth and will truly be my favorite t.v. show character of all time! We will miss you Michael!

  122. I absolutely love in the Diwali episode when Michael and Dwight sign a remix of Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah song. It’s so irreverent it’s beautiful in Michael’s own special way.

  123. The Injury episode where Michael grills his foot is my favorite Michael Scott moment. I love that he spends the entire day over exaggerating and getting people to feel sorry for him and Ryan hiding the medicine in his pudding shows Michael’s child-like side.

  124. Ok, I said I wasn’t going to do this but I couldn’t narrow it down to just one so I chose two. Although reading all the entries makes me realize that every Michael moment is one of my favorites and I will probably buy stock in Kleenex before Thursday’s episode.

    Season 3 – The Coup
    Michael to Dwight: “I have a laundry machine!!”

    Season 1 – Basketball
    Michael after missing a shot across the court: “What is wrong me today???”

    Michael Gary Scott will be greatly missed.

  125. One of the funniest Michael Scott moments was during Ultimatum: the happy/sad box preparation with Erin. And then later on the dance-off with himself.

    “Bears sad, worms happy. Come on, Erin!”

  126. My favorite Michael Scott moment is in season 5, in the episode “Dream Team,” when Michael gives Pam a pep talk to get her out of the car at the end of the episode. It shows that Michael is a good guy who cares about his employees, but also shows he’s still “clueless” Michael, when he adds the part about scoring more goals than ever before on the day his math teacher told him he’d flunk out. Sweet & funny…typical Michael!

  127. It is almost impossible to pick only one favorite Michael Scott moment but the episode that got me hooked was Sexual Harassment when Jim feeds him perfect “that’s what she said” lines. When Michael finally gives in to temptation he blows kisses to the crowd. That is Michael Scott.

  128. The one I’m choosing is from the Fight – when he says, “I want people to be afraid of how much they love me” at the end. That line just cracks me up!

  129. My favorite was when he kissed Oscar. The reactions were perfect and it was all improv.

  130. I love most moments from the christmas party episode. But the one that always makes me laugh is when Michael comes into the room of the party planning commitee and says, “ho, ho, ho, pimp”

  131. When Michael is his most brilliantly gullible and naive, for example, when Jim is wearing a ux because of Dwights Dress code memo, they are discussing Michael’s party and Jim is picking on Dwight about his ideas not being “classy.” Michael doesn’t see that instead his impressed with Jim’s “French exclamation of ‘de-classay'” LoL he is innocent in that way, just naive.

  132. If they made a whole series with “Prison Mike” from “The Convict,” I’d watch it, rewatch it, and then, well, watch it again! Steve Carell’s the only man who can sport a bandanna, a Southie accent, and mention dementors and eating their own hair in the same conversation deserves my vote! Or, well, a stint in prison :)

  133. the office- Pilot episode 1
    “My proudest moment here wasn’t when I increased profits by 17 percent, or cut expenditures without losing a single emplyee. No, no, no. It was a young Guatemalan guy, first job in the country, barely spoke English, but he came to me and said, ‘Mr. Scott, will you be the godfather to my child?’ Didn’t work out in the end. We had to let him go. He sucked.”

    This is the best Michael Scott moment become it truly shows the essence of Michael Gary Scott. Its show he telling a story which is completely random (which Michael always is) and makes it truly hilarious with the accent of the man. It also shows how he wants to talk himself up and work on his own self esteem while also showing how much he wants to be a family man, friend, and worlds best boss. Michael Scott and such a real character with so much depth and will truly be my favorite t.v. show character of all time! We will miss you Michael!

  134. Wow I was getting teary-eyed reading all of these. Choosing my all time favorite is tough but one moment that has always been a favorite comes in the episode Branch Closing from Season 3.

    It’s the moment when Dwight and Michael are in the car waiting on Wallace and they are reminiscing. Dwight then asks Michael what his favorite moments are and Michael says All of them. I loved them all, every single one.

    I think this shows just how much Michael cares for his family and how much he cherishes his job.

  135. Gee thanks, I now feel like I’m choosing between children. It’s hard to pick one that hasn’t been put up here but I think the one that I’m thinking of, that I’m SURE is up here, is the cold open where Michael was so excited because there was fresh concrete outside and wanted to leave his mark and he ended up putting his face in there. Also the part where Michael has to put the box back together and Erin tosses him the scissors? Classic. There are SO many that I can go all day long(That’s what she said).

  136. My favorite Michael Scott moment is when he burned his foot on the George Foreman grill. The “Michael” logic behind why he even had the grill somewhere that he could burn his foot on it is just so classic Michael Scott!!

  137. Episode: Garage Sale
    When Michael proposed to Holly!!!! OMG it was amazing!! i cried!!!! ill miss Michael sooooo much!!!

  138. My favorite Michael moment comes from the episode The Convict.
    Michael shows us a new character named Prison Mike.

    Jim: What’d you do, Prison Mike?
    Michael: I stole. … And I robbed. And I kidnapped… the… president’s son. And held him for ransom.
    Jim: That is… quite the rap sheet, Prison Mike.
    Michael: And I never got caught, neither.
    Jim: Well, you’re… in… prison, but, mmhmm.

    Thanks Michael Scott, aka Prison Mike.

  139. My favorite moment is very small one. It is the shot of Michael as Jim and Pam share their first kiss as husband and wife. The tears in his eyes, and the whole initiation of the dance, was just superb. It truly shows how much of a family they have become over the course of the show. It will be just as hard to see him go.

  140. Though I can’t officially enter (Canadian, eh ;)), I’m going to share my favorite Michael moment that I can think of at this moment:

    “Take it from Toby.”

  141. I loved the season opener for season 7. Their lip dub to “Nobody But Me.” I loved Michael’s random magic tricks and the looks he gave the camera during that. He’s so hilarious! I’m gonna miss him so much!!

  142. One of my favorite Michael moment comes in the season 3 episode “Business School.” It is when he approaches Pam at her art show after everyone hasn’t really said anything great about her art and Michael shows up and says at the end, “I am really proud of you” and they hug. I love this moment because I think it most exemplifies Michael’s heart as it has always been between him and his employees and probably everyone around him. It shows that Michael is always there and will always cares and when it’s time, he makes it known. It was a nice surprise after all the non-love Pam got in this episode. Of course, the moment is perfectly added too with Pam asking if he has something in his pocket. It’s an unsuspecting Michael moment that I love to reference because it only makes us love Michael more, even if he might not always be the best boss.

  143. When I first began watching The Office around 2009, Michael driving into the lake in “Dunder Mifflin Infinity” had me literally crying and not being able to breathe for a while. Most of the episode has amazing Michael moments, but this took the cake.

  144. Everyone has said so many great moments! This question is so hard to answer because I feel like every moment has been my favorite one. I’ll pick a moment from a recent episode. My favorite moment is when Michael proposed to Holly in “Garage Sale.” I loved everything from the office tour to the yoda voices. It was just perfect! It was so great to see Michael finally propose to his soulmate after seeing him go through so much heartache throughout the seasons. All he has ever wanted since the beginning was to find his true love and to have children and it makes me happy to see that he is on that path. I think what made this moment more special was that Michael worked really hard to bring Holly back to the office and he never gave up on her because he knew they were meant to be together. I was so happy to see him finally find the right woman. Michael Scott finally found happiness:). We’re going to miss you Michael!!

  145. Wow…My favorite Michael moment would have to be, and it’s probably underrated but I laugh until I cry every time. The episode is Prince Family Paper in season five, when Michael gets the client list off of the Prince Family and he is back in his office with Dwight.

    Dwight: There was a terrible war, ugh, so many died. Far too many died. But if Frodo hadn’t destroyed the ring, then goodness itself might have died.
    Michael: You’re right.
    Dwight: Yeah.
    Michael: You are right. I will call David and give him the customer list and I will give him all my info.
    Dwight: Good, so, [Michael takes client list and heads out of office] where are you going?
    Michael: Just something I have to do first.
    Dwight: Where are you taking the client list?
    Michael: Somewhere safe, where it can’t hurt anyone [starts running, Dwight follows]

    Then Michael realizes he forgets his keys so he has to run ALL the way back up to the office. Gets me EVERY time.

  146. I am disqualifying my entry from the contest, because I’m from Poland, but I have to submit these ones from “Fun Run”:

    “The doctors tried to save her life. They did the best that they could. And she is going to be okay”.

    “I was able to be on the scene so quickly bacause I was in the car that hit her”.

    “Guess what? I have flaws. What are they? Oh I don’t know. I sing in the shower. Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally, I’ll hit somebody with my car. So, sue me. No, don’t sue me. That’s the oppossite of the point that I am trying to make”.

    and, of course, “Everyone inside the car was fine, Stanley!”.

  147. Oh, and I love Michael’s philosophy:

    “David, here it is. My, philosophy is, basically this. And this is something that I live by. And I always have. And I always will. Don’t, ever, for any reason, do anything, to anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who or who you are with, or or where you are going, or, or where you’ve been. Ever. For any reason. Whatsoever”.

    Brilliant! I love You, Michael Scott.

  148. Benihana Christmas

    When Michael has to mark his new “Asian Hooters” girlfriend with a marker to tell the two apart because “All waitresses look alike.”


  149. So many wonderful entries!!

    I’ll add this one – S2 Sexual Harassment: Michael tries to cheer Phyllis up, after Todd Packer basically called her ugly, by telling her he’s afraid that hugging her will give him a b*ner!! Classic Michael – so sweet and so totally offensive at the same time!

  150. “I hate so much about the way you choose to be”
    -Michael to Toby from season 2’s Casino Night :)

  151. Michael: Pfft. BFD. Engaged ain’t married.
    Jim: Huh.
    Michael: Never ever, ever give up.

    Though there are the countless laughs Micahel Scott has given me over the years, it’s his quietest and sincerest moments that make me love him oh so much. That moment on the boat with Jim in “Booze Cruise” really warmed my heart. It was the first time I thought, “You know what? I love this guy.” (Michael, I mean, of course. I was already in love with Jim from the first episode.)

  152. Don’t count me on the give away (I have a Droid Incredible, not an iPhone) but, one of my favorite Michael moments is from Season 2 “The client” right at the end, when Michael and Jim share that “sheesh, girls” moment, I think it was great…

  153. One of my many favorite Michael G. Scott moments is from “Phyllis’s Wedding” when Michael gives Phyllis a “pep talk” before she heads to the alter and then accuses her of breaking wind. I love it so much that I had one of my groomsmen give that speech to my wife on our wedding day.

  154. Episode: The Secret
    Michael picks a soda from the vending machine for Stanley and tells him: “Peach Iced Tea, you’re gonna hate it.”

  155. My favorite Michael Scott moment is in the most recent episode of season 7, Michael’s Last Dundies. All of Michael’s employees sang their own rendition of Seasons of Love to show how they’re going to miss Michael. It’s such a sweet moment cause Michael was almost tearing up from it. Everyone there sang a song to Michael, even those who are always irritated and want nothing to do with Michael sang the song (Stanley, Angela), which makes it really sweet and awesome! After the song, Michael humors up the mood by saying it’s going to hurt like a mother effer. Even before Michael said that, at the end of the song, Deangelo Vickers sang in a high-pitched voice which seemed kind of funny since it didn’t match with the song so much, which is expected from the hilarious Will Ferrell.

    Mainly, this is my favorite moment from Michael Scott because Michael is tearing up from the sweet song his employees sing to him about how they’re going to miss him. Then he humors up the mood after with his one comment, and as well as Deangelo singing in a high pitched note during the song. It’s a humorous sweet moment, and an honorable way for Michael Scott’s departure!

  156. I love when, in Dunder Miflin Infinity, Michael drives his rental car into a lake because he refuses to deviate from the GPS directions. The moment really captures Michael’s blind faith – if Ryan is excited about technology, *Michael* will be excited by technology. A great illustration of Michael’s sweet side.

  157. My favorite Michael moment ever is in “The Negotiation,” when he’s on the conference call with Jan.

    Jan: All right, well are you gonna take care of this?
    Michael: Yeppers.
    Jan: What did I tell you about “yeppers?”
    Michael: I don’t… remember.
    Jan: I told you not to say it. Do you remember that?
    Michael: Yesh…

    I have used “yesh” ever since. It cracks me up!

  158. My all-time favorite Michael Scott moment was in the very first episode, “Pilot”, in Season 1.

    During this scene, Michael has a talking head where he oddly gives this, almost useless, piece of character information:

    ‘People I respect, heroes of mine would be, Bob Hope. Ummm, Abraham Lincoln, definitely. Bono…and probably God, would be the fourth one. And I just think all those people helped the world in so many ways that it’s, umm, really beyond words. It’s really “incalcucable.”‘

    This is the first talking head where we really see what Michael Scott is all about. Sure he gives off awkward vibes before this scene, but alot of this episode is a reflection of the U.K. pilot, and this is where Steve Carell gets his spotlight to showcase the Michael Scott integrity when he starts an idea and won’t finish until he gets in his final thought. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t start off knowing what he’s going to say, or whether or not he’ll pronounce words like “incalculable” correctly, it’s about getting in his two cents on any given subject.

  159. Season 5, Stress Relief
    After Dwight started that fire Michael was like
    ”Oh my God! Okay it’s happening! Everybody stay calm. Everybody stay calm! STAY F*CKING CALM!! EVERYBODY JUST F*CKING CALM DOWN!!!”
    Then later
    ”Okay we’re trapped, everybody for himself!”
    And then after when he was throwing the chair at the window and the first throw it just bounced right off, then when he broke it he was like ”HEEEEEEEEEEELP!!”And I could not help but laughng so loud I was pretty much screaming. I love Steve Carell, and it sucks that he is leaving.

  160. This one is easy and is basically the reason I fell in love with the show.

    From Diversity Day
    Michael Scott: Abraham Lincoln once said “If you are a racist I will attack you with the North.”

    Michael Scott is the greatest!

  161. My favorite Michael Scott moment was the last scene of “Halloween” (Season 2, Episode 5.) Through much of Season One I didn’t have much sympathy for Michael. When Michael is shown at home pondering the consequences of his actions that day, only to put on a smile for the costumed children who arrive at his condo, I realized that I actually cared about his character. To show the loneliness that has made Michael the person he is created a new dimension for the character and gave the audience a taste of Steve Carell’s often underappreciated acting chops.

    The every end of that scene, taken from OfficeQuotes.net:

    Children: Trick or treat!
    Michael: Hey, hey, hey, hey! How you doing? Wow! You guys look great.
    Kid: I’m a bumble bee.
    Michael: You look great! And you’re a princess?
    Kid: A fairy princess.
    Michael: A fairy princess. You’re very…
    Kid: I’m a lion.
    Michael: You’re a lion. [trying to open a bag of candy] Wow, I want to hear your, your… Oh! [the bag tears open, spilling all the candy] Oh, okay, that’s all yours. That’s all yours. Grab it, grab it. You know what? You guys are getting all of these.

  162. When Michael had to fire someone in the Season 2 “Halloween” episode but couldn’t get the courage. It showed how desperate he was to make sure no one disliked him:
    “Yeah, I went hunting once. Shot a deer in the leg. Had to kill it with a shovel. Took about an hour. Why do you ask? “

  163. Just a little line from Grief Counseling, but makes me laugh every time I remember it.

    “There’s such a thing as good grief. Just ask Charlie Brown”

  164. My favorite Michael Scott moment would have to be in season 2 “The Carpet”

    Ryan: Jim’s been looking at me kind of a lot all week. I would be creeped out by it, but it’s nothing compared to the way Michael looks at me.

    I love this moment because Michael didn’t have to say anything and it still cracks me up every time.

  165. Michael Scott requesting Toby to come to principal’s office because he wet the bed. Phenomenal…just phenomenal. An overlooked moment that deserves a lot of praise.

  166. My favorite Michael Scott moment came in “Fun Run,” when Michael hits Meredith with his car. Actually my favorite line is when Michael tells the office, “The doctors tried to save her life. They did the best that they could… And she is going to be okay.” Classic Michael, being dramatic and all about himself.

  167. The best Michael moment was in season 2 episode 17, Booze Cruise. When Jim reveals he has feelings for Pam and he is giving up trying to won her. Michael says, “If you like her so much don’t give up.” Jim: “She’s engaged.” Michael: “Pfff, engaged ain’t married. Never ever, ever, give up.” It reveals how as much of a dick Michael can be, he still has that wise, caring, side to him.

  168. There are so many to choose from, but in my opinion, the best Michael Scott moment, was in the Michael Scott Paper Company Episode. Michael wrote on the white board, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take. – Wayne Gretzky -Michael Scott” And then, Michael had the clocks on his wall with one time for the entire USA.
    I still laugh about that to this day!

  169. The Search
    When Holly finds Michael up on the roof top and they are so happy to see each other and they kiss, it was just so magical!

  170. My favorite Michael Scott moment was pretty much a whole episode.
    And this whole episode was also my least favorite, just because Michael’s last episode, “goodbye Michael”.
    Michael turns into wreck and he doesn’t want to tell anyone he is leaving at 4 because that will make it worse. BBEST EVER michael Scott moments

  171. Episode: Gossip
    Michael Scott displays his amazing parkour talents to the entire office! From the beginning of the scene where he rolls over a couch, to the introduction music, I didn’t get a chance to breath I was laughing so hard. But thats just Michael Scott keeping it real!

    Fan till the end! :)

  172. His cool guy walk out of the office on pretzel day. Hilarious, not over the top, something you can picture yourself or your boss doing and thinking you’re totally getting away with it – when you’re totally not. Genius.

  173. I don’t know if this counts, but it was a deleted scene from the Women’s Appreciation episode – season 3, episode 22 and Michael talks about his full length mirror in the bathroom, tucking himself, how uncomfortable that is, and how he understands what it’s like to be a woman. Awesome.

  174. Definitely for me it is the Fire episode. That is the first full episode I watched back in 2005. That show got me hooked on the Office. His reading his ten rules of business to Ryan. Also when the fire happens, my favorite Michael moment is when he is the first one out of the building, and rationalizes it in typical Michael fashion with “He didn’t want to treat the women diffently from any man”.

    The other moment for me is Safety Training Day, and him on the roof doing the routine with Dwight. “Dwight you ignorant slut”, all because Darrell won’t let him use the bailer. Classic moments from a great character.

  175. The montage of him dancing in his “fun” jeans. hehe Actually anytime Michael danced! :) Booze Cruise, Niagara, “raising the roof” with Dwight… Always brings a smile to my face…

  176. Favorite moment is the deleted scene with Stanley from Pretzel Day! Too funny!!

  177. Reading the previous comments make me so sad! I love ALL Michael quotes honestly. He is brilliant; I haven’t seen a show on TV that’s made me laugh as much as The Office has. So, I’ve decided on a favorite moment of mine (the first to come to my head, honestly!)It’s from Gossip (season 6).

    “I hate, hate being left out. Whether it’s not being picked for a team… or being picked for a team and then showing up and realizing the team doesn’t exist. Or that the sport doesn’t exist! I should’ve known. Poop ball?”

  178. In the episode, Goodbye Toby, when he gives Toby his watch and it goes off as toby is leaving… Brilliant. (that’s also the episode where he meets Holly).

  179. I loved it when Toby was leaving. He was so happy. He also met Holly! It was truly the best day of his life. Best moment was him signing Goodbye Toby!

  180. My favorite moment is definitely Michael’s reaction to the kids thanking him in Scott’s Tots. It was hands down the most uncomfortable moment on television.

  181. One of my favorite Michael episodes HAS to be the basketball episode in the first season! It was the episode that got me hooked, since I am also a basketball player :) I loved the scene when he was talking about how African-American’s jaws were dropping watching him play and they were showing clips of him dunking the basketball. They then zoom away and they show Darryl raising the hoop from (I’m assuming) 7-7’5 up to 10 feet, which Michael promptly chucks the ball at the rim and walks away!
    Michael Scott = The best boss on TV.
    I’m gonna miss you!

  182. My favorite moment is when Michael hit Stanley’s car with a watermelon while testing his own suicide attempt on the trampoline.

    “[regarding watermelon hitting car] Deactivate the car alarm, clean up the mess, find out whose car that is. If its Stanley’s, call the offices of James P. L. Beeny. See if he handles hate crimes.” (Season 3-Safety Training)

  183. Season 3 the episode titled, Product Recall. Michael gathers everyone in the conference room in this very urgent matter. All of his actions at this moment and the following excerpts I believe sum up Michael Scott and his outrageous humor and is by far my favorite Michael Scott moment.

    “CRIMAN Squa F and C double time”

    “No, no, I need two men on this– That’s what she said– No time!– But she did– No time!”

    “Here is your headline: Scranton Area Paper Company, Dunder Mifflin, Apologizes to Valued Client; Some Companies Still Know How Business is Done. Okay?”

  184. With all of the times I laughed at/with Michael Scott, my favorite moment is in season two, episode 3 (“Office Olympics”) when Michael held back tears as he proudly stood on the podium at the end of the episode following the closing of his condo.

    A close second is when he looked at Toby during “Casino Night” and asked, straight-faced, “Why are you the way that you are?”

  185. I have a lot of favorite Michael Scott moments, so it is hard to pick just one. While it is hard to choose, and all of the Dundies are a close tie, I would have to say that “Goodbye, Michael” has to be my favorite. It really shows how he has grown as a character. For example, he was nice to Toby and when Phyllis told him she was knitting him mittens, he also reacted positively instead of being mean as he had before at Christmas when he was going to get stuck with the oven mitt she made. He gave away his toys and had encouraging messages for each of them (such as telling Kevin he could become thin and telling Andy that he would be a great salesman). It showed that he was really a great boss and cared deeply for them, which is why he will be irreplaceable.

  186. My favorite Michael Scott moment was in “Broke” when Michael was making a deal with David and Charles. And Michael was telling David he doesn’t have to wait to Dunder Mufflin goes broke but until David next CEO meeting. I liked that moment because even though Michael acts silly and a little dizzy, and though people question his position all time. He showed them that he does know what he’s doing and that why he has the job in the first place.

  187. In the “Fun Run” episode, Michael defends his mistake of hitting Meredith with his car.

    Michael: Guess what? I have flaws. What are they? Oh I don’t know, I sing in the shower? Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I’ll hit somebody with my car. So sue me! No, don’t sue me. That is opposite the point I’m trying to make.

    When the show began, Michael would start on these rants and you would anxiously expect his great apology…until he, without fail, turned it into something great about himself. How can you hate a guy that loves to talk about himself? Well, in Michael’s case, it’s all in great fun, and you can’t help but join in his laughter.

  188. Hard to pick just one favorite moment from Michael Scott there are so many !

    but i love the time he got his foot burnt in the George Foreman grill in the episode “The Injury” season 2 episode 12.
    I seriously couldnt stop laughing .. because the whole situation in itself is pretty funny , No one but Michael Scott !
    SO sad hes gone, but you still have a great show !

  189. In honor of Phyllis and Bob’s upcoming nuptials, Michael decides to hire a female stripper for the bachelor party he is having for Bob in the warehouse. In a poor attempt to avoid sexual harassment in the work place, Michael consults with Todd Packer on the definition of “separate but equal,” and decides to put Dwight and Jim in charge of recruiting a male stripper for the office bridal shower. Jim, instead of contacting a strip club, recruits the bridal shower entertainment from the Scholastic Speakers of Pennsylvania. When a man dressed as Benjamin Franklin arrives at the office and gets on the elevator with Michael, Michael assumes he is a male stripper and asks him, “You wearin’ a thong?” Ben Franklin looks stunned, but says nothing, and Michael giggles.

  190. My favorite Michael Scott moment is Season 5 Episode 9 when Toby returns. I just love how much he hates Toby for no reason and his initial reaction to seeing that Toby is back was easily one of the funniest things ever.

  191. I will have to say my favorite Michael Scott moment is when he leaves all those crazy mags on Ryan’s phone. Also when he does impressions of famous people to Ryan and everyone else in the office…like Prison Mike!

  192. From ‘Safety Training”, When Michael is pretending to commit suicide by jumping from the top of the building to one-up the warehouse guys….”Dwight you ignorant slut!” priceless. I love it because it was strangely believable, for Michael Scott anyways. He will be missed!

  193. When Michael performs Toby’s exit interview in “Goodbye Toby” has to be one of the greatest Michael moments over. When he hides his mouth so Holly doesn’t see and whispers to Toby “I’ll kill you” is genius. And when Toby get his gift, being a rock that says suck on this is hysterical. A classic Michael/Toby moment.

  194. My favorite Michael Scott moment was during the Business School Episode. His speech from beginning to end was epic. He goes to Ryans school and plays his entrance music and states “there are 4 kinds of business, tourism, food service, railroads, sales, hospitals/ manufacturing and air travel” Ryan is starting to regret asking him to speak at business school. When Michael is getting hammered with questions about Dunder Mifflin compared to the “5 goliaths,” he gets very mad, and talks about America facing 5 goliaths. He states Al-Qaida, Global Warming, Sex Predators, Mercury Poisoning, so do we give up? Is that what we’re learning in business school?
    He then finds out about Ryan telling them they will be out of business in 5 years. He then says “Ryan, has never even made a sale, a everyone thinks he’s a tease, Well, you know what, he doesn’t know anything and neither do you. So suck on that!!!”

  195. When Jan and the corporate lawyer are trying to solve the sexual harrasment charges and Jim keeps egging him on with things to say that’s what she said afterwards…of course knowing michael he totally breaks and Todd Packer loves it.

  196. episode: Shareholders Meeting

    Classic. Michael walks on stage in front of shareholders so excited and then the boo’s start. He then gets up and says bankruptcy is not going to happen and that we are going to come back with a plan, a 45 day plan, 45 points, 1 point per day, and we are back in business, and you can take that to the bank, and limo lady we are going carbon neutral.” He grabs the hand of the guy beside him raises his hand, during all the appluase and says “I love you New York” He does the little strut across stage and points back at the roaring crowd. It was a classic Michael Scott, moment. If I had to pick the best, this would be it.

  197. There are many different moments that come to mind of Michael Scott. The one moment that stands out to me is from the episode “Cafe Disco”. It showed the Great Scott in Michael and how he can get everyone in The Office to have a good time even getting Angela to move her foot at the end when she wanted to just work. Michael was able to light up The Office in anyway imaginable!

    Michael:Cafe Disco!!

  198. Favorite quote he says is this one, the way he just says in and tells david wallace lol

    Season 3: Episode 22 – Beach Games
    “Sometimes you just gots to get you freak on”

    Michael scott will be missed like crazy there is no amazing show without him
    but I’ll still love the office!!

  199. There are a lot to choose from… I love the Moroccan Christmas episode from season 5. Especially when they have an intervention for Meredith:

    Michael Scott: [to Meredith] Everyone in this room loves you. But mark my words, we are not going to support your alcoholism anymore. The next time you light yourself on fire, we are not going to help put you out.

  200. My favorite Michael Scott moment comes from “The Injury”. That first phone conversation kills me every time. From, “I tried hopping Kevin” to “Please don’t send Dwight” there is just no end to the hilarity. Other than Michael Scott, what boss is going to ask you to come rub butter on their foot? I mean, granted, it was Country Crock, which is totally worth it. Michael Scott in “The Injury”: Best Michael moment ever.

  201. Episode: Casino Night

    ” …Two queens on Casino Night. I am going to… drop a deuce on everybody.” This is when Michael asks 2 women to come to Casino Night. The episode is full of hillarious Michael Scott moments, from when he hates on Toby, says many comments of the slang terms Darrell taught him, and finally “Okay, you know what? I will not donate my winnings to Comic Relief, since apparently, it doesn’t exist. I am going to donate to Afghanistanis with AIDS.”

  202. In tribute to ‘World Best Boss’ AKA Michael Scott my all time Michael Scott favorite moment would have to be in Season 2 Episode 9 “E-mail Surveillance”.

    My favorite moment is when Michael is at his improv class, while everyone else is off at Jim’s party. Michael keeps interrupting the class with adding a gun to every scene and my ultimate favorite part is at the end. After he was told several times to not add a gun to the scene, Michael proceeds to interupt the class once more and whispers to bill Bill (his improv classmate) that that “he has a gun”. Bill puts his hands up and I lose it every-time i watch this scene!

    Michael Scott = Worlds best Boss and that episode last night was filmed perfectly



  203. When Jan comes in to talk about sexual harassment and they tell him he cant use the joke and Jim gets him to say it by saying, “that must be really hard are you sure you can go all day that seems really hard well you always kept me satisfied and smiling though… THATS WHAT SHE SAID!”

  204. The best moment hands down comes from “Diversity Day”. While I love the whole episode I’d have to say the best part is when Michael does his chris rock impression. This is the best moment because it is one of those bits that is still funny after seeing it a couple times, and it shows the spontaneous, funny, and bad decision making side of michael we have all come to know and appreciate. That moment is truly hilarious!!!! We will all miss steve carell!

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