A DVR advisory for tonight’s episode of ‘The Office’

Even though the official NBC press release states that tonight’s episode of The Office is supersized to 50 minutes, my TiVo actually states 52 minutes. Plan accordingly!

‘Goodbye, Michael’ airs tonight 9/8c NBC; it’s preceded by a re-air of ‘Garage Sale’ at 8:30.

UPDATE 10:40am PT: NBC.com tweets “TUNE-IN ALERT: Be sure to double-check your DVRs as #TheOffice runs long tonight, 53 minutes to be exact!


  1. The official NBC website also lists the episode time at 52 minutes for tonight. 9-9:52.

  2. Brian Baumgartner tweeted that the episode is 53 minutes, so I would advise adding at least 5 minutes to the end of your recording, just to be safe.

  3. I had already double-checked my TiVo last night just to be sure it would catch everything. Luckily it is all set up already. Kleenex ready! Happy viewing everyone.

  4. I didn’t set the DVR to record the extra minute and I missed the promo for the rest of the season. Boooo. LoL

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