1. Maybe he’ll grill her on what was up with her episode. Even someone on her blog mentioned how weird it was.

  2. i think she also interned there along with Johna and Angela. I think they mentioned that in the commentary for Valentines Day on S2 DVD

  3. Since she is in New York today, does that mean that they arent filming an episode of The Office this week?

  4. I really didn’t find it weird. I thought it was one of the best episodes ever. I didn’t feel a strange vibe at all.

    Actually, that makes Mindy the writer of three of my top 5 of all time (The Dundies, The Injury, and Ben Franklin)…

  5. Good lord…how did people get a job on The Office if they weren’t part of Conan or The Daily Show? So jealous :) Yeah for Mindy!

  6. god i’m so sick of the debate over the kelly episode, its literally either everyone HATES it or everyone thinks its the BEST episode ever

  7. I honestly have no hard feeling about the episode. The jokes were really funny and the plot was choppy and left me feeling weird. It could have been the editing more than anything else, like Mindy wrote more and they had to cut it.

    But, as I pointed out, it was brought up on her own blog.

  8. I like the part in one of her recent blogs (a few back) where she talks about the kid in the Mac/PC commercial & compares him to Krasinski’s look or something. And then lists other cute guys PC should use for a campaign.

    That blog’s so funny – and I have no care for reading about what clothes she has bought.

  9. I am looking forward to watching her because she is hilarious and incredibly intelligent. I don’t understand the apparent controversy over ‘Ben Franklin’. I thought it was a great episode. I think people might dislike that it seemed to end slightly inconclusively or the general “awkward” feel from the scenes, but I thought it was very realistic and wonderfully done. There was nothing “up” with her episode. State specific reasons of dissatisfaction instead of “gee I feel funny!!1”

  10. I wasn’t going to get into the episode here but since you asked, Calvin…last season Jim was an identifiable guy, a young down on his luck office worker who was sort of good looking, sort of smart, but fairly ordinary. We identified with him.

    This season he’s a rising young man in the firm with two beautiful women vying for his attention and Krasinski is madeup lately to look like a male model. The whole situation has gone from feeling realistic to feeling like a teenage soap opera and the Karen/Pam/Jim scenes in Ben Franklin about who likes who just furthered that feeling.

    Having said all that, still looking forward to seeing Mindy on Conan. :)

  11. @DrunkBiking

    I agree with you and btw thank you for replying with a well thought answer. However, though I may agree with you I still don’t understand why this episode in particular seems to be garnering the heat. Although you’re right, this probably isn’t the place to discuss it. (sorry Tanster, also sorry for multiple posts) I’ll be watching the interview with the rest of you!

  12. DrunkBiking, I agree that he’s good looking, but really–a male model? I think that’s going a little far. There are many people who look just as good as him in normal life. Jim has tried to step it up in his appearance (physical and social) and I think it shows.

    And for Mindy, I will definitely stay up to watch. =) She’s very smart and funny, unlike her character, and they’re both “amaaaazing”!

  13. someone PLEASE YouTube this!!! i can’t watch it, but i love her! and i will love you too if you do this for me!

  14. Mindy totally got the biggest cheer from the crowd when Conan announced the guests.

    I think mainstream America may be catching on to our favorite show…

  15. Hopefully, Callan, though I can imagine them in the pre-show telling the audience that Mindy used to be an intern and them cheering for that reason.

  16. Weird, Nick, I am watching on NBC 5 in Chicago and didn’t get that… I am watching non cable in my bedroom though!

  17. did anyone see the ring on her left ring finger. is she engaged. maybe it was just a cocktail ring, but usually you would wear it on your right ring finger. she hasn’t come on yet here,Conan is still at his desk talking about state quarters.

  18. She’s so poised & so bright. More power to her.
    Hey, what ever happened to Brenda? She appeared in a season 2 (I think) episode & there was a scene in which Jim, sitting temporarily next to Kelly, rang Brenda up & left a message asking her out.
    Talk about a loose plot thread.

  19. Thanks so much for posting the clip. My VCR is on the fritz and I’m way too broke for a DVR.

  20. rachel. i always wondered about that whole brenda thing. but i was watching the deleted scenes of the drug testing episode today and in it, pam transfers a call from someone named brenda to jim-but that’s the day he is “jinxed”. so he doesn’t pick up. and he writes on a sheet. “its okay, she’ll call back”. i assume she doesn’t?

  21. I love her. She’s so well-spoken and funny, and just awesome.

    She looked really beautiful in the interview.

  22. Great interview and preview clip! Makes waiting for Thursday that much more unbearable though… :)

    As an art history major, I especially appreciated her elevator run-in with Conan. Cracked me up.

  23. I read somewhere that Mindy is dating B.J. Novak (Ryan) in real life? Is that true? If so, that’s the cutest thing ever!

  24. you’d think a writer for an amazing show like “the office” would be funnier. i chalk up the boring interview to her inexperience in the late night talk show arena. she didn’t even laugh at conan’s hilarious elevator art routine!

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