‘Blades of Glory’ coming soon

Jenna Fischer’s new film, Blades of Glory, is scheduled to premiere at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Wednesday, March 28 at 6:30pm. It’s in theaters on March 30.

Blades of Glory also stars Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Will Arnett, Amy Poehler, William Fichtner, and Craig T. Nelson.

Check out photos at the LiveJournal Office community (medium) and the morethanthat.net gallery (large).

Awhile back, Jenna wrote in her MySpace blog about working on the film:

Over the summer I worked on the comedy “Blades of Glory” with Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Amy Poehler, Will Arnett and Romany Malco. On my first day of shooting I had to do a scene with Will Arnett and Amy Poehler (they are awesome). I don’t want to give away any jokes but basically I play their little sister and they are really mean to me throughout the movie. At the end of our first scene together the camera holds on my reaction and for the first 2 takes I looked into the camera.

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  1. I just wish they would have put Jenna in the trailer! I’m not sure they will issue another trailer, though *pouts*

  2. Woww! Maybe I was totally misinformed, but I thought this was gonna come out in the summer-how exciting.
    Ooohhh I love all these people…Will Arnett, Romany Malco, Jenna Fischer, etc…So much funnyness!

  3. Maybe if Pam dressed like Jenna in THAT photo, Jim would get his act together!

    Napoleon Dynamite…kissing Pam…

    My head hurts.

  4. She looked in the camera! I wonder if any other Office actors have done that. Hahaha.

    Also, I just saw today the E! with Kristen where Pam spills that John is shirtless in License to Wed and he gets so mad and embarrassed…so cute!

  5. I absolutely cannot wait to see this movie; it looks hilarious. And I love that she looked at the camera XD.

  6. Jenna also said (I couldn’t remember where) that during Michael’s birthday, she was just pretending she couldn’t skate when in fact she got good while working on this movie.

  7. That’s great about the look to the camera because Martin Freeman of the British version said he does the same thing.

  8. Hey tanster, I never know where to mention the new Promos so I always post in them in the comments.

    Anyway: New promo around 9:08 during Heroes.

  9. I just saw the promo and it was new….it showed some different scenes than the ones that aired during SNL…Heads up Tanster!

  10. woww she looks so good ! Shesh if jim saw pam in THAT little number, well. Karen would be out in a heartbeat!! LOL. Much

  11. [tanster: deleted off-topic spoiler]

    I hope somebody caught the office promo and can youtube it cause my friend missed it and she really wants to see it…

  12. The trailer looks AWFUL. I hate to say it. I love the people in this movie, so I hope it comes out good. I love Amy and Will A. and Will Ferrell, and Jenna of course.

  13. Haha notice the the lingerie pics have almost double the amount of views than the rest? I wonder why?

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