1. I see Michael is trying to connect to Erin like he used to do when Pam was the receptionist. Pam totally understood him, I don’t think Erin does.

  2. awww poor Erin! I hope she and Andy get together eventually so she has at least one person who is nice to her in the office!

  3. Did Erin say she was talking to her mom? I thought she was an orphan … or was that never confirmed? Anyway, she is such a delightful character. I’m liking her (and feeling sorry for her!) more and more every episode.

    [from tanster: nice catch, kenna! hmmm, i wonder …]

  4. Kind of an extended scene so I see why they had to cut it, but it was funny – especially with all of Michael’s ‘bleeps.’ Poor Erin…

  5. That was funny and very much like the first few seasons. I don’t understand why that was cut.

  6. I think orphan denotes that the biological parents had died. It could be her foster mother and and she probably just calls her mom based the fact that she’s a super nice person.

  7. Erin’s laugh is SO cute. I loved it all through the episode. The “bleep” makes me laugh everytime! I think it’s funnier then the actual profanity would be.

  8. Awww Erin! Why do the writers keep torturing us by torturing this girl?! Don’t get me wrong, it’s hilarious, but still!

  9. That’s probably why it was cut, not only because it was a little long, but because she said that it was her mom and yet she’s supposed to be an orphan. The editor probably caught that too and decided to delete the scene.

  10. Why is Michael treating Erin mean like the others? From what I see she treats him much nicer than Pam ever did. And you will think he would be a little sensitive since for the longest time he was treated like the office pariah, but I guess Michael would not be Michael if he didn’t do unreasonable things.

  11. I have BEEN where Erin is.. also where Pam WAS. Trying so hard to read a boss so you can anticipate his/her needs — because they really require you to! So tough for Erin, because Michael is all over the place. Pam did manage it, but only just. Actually, Pam mostly stayed quiet and got by.. Erin seems to need to be a more responsive partner.

    I love you Office, for mirroring real office relationships!

  12. Daniel (12) – Greg Daniels has said before that the deleted scenes in The Office are still a part of the show (hence, if you learn something in the Deleted Scenes, consider it as part of what’s going on in the flow of the show)… Knowing that, I doubt they’d put this as a deleted scene if they caught the orphan/Mom comment… It was probably just too long or they had enough material that seemed more fitting. :)

  13. As usual, the best stuff gets cut. Drop the co-manager story, kill off Pam, and put the Erin storyline front and center.

  14. #2 Kelly, Given that Andy is far more volatile and reactive by nature than Michael, if Erin cries every time someone snaps at her, she’s in for a tough time with him, I’m afraid.

  15. #15 Faith, on the Do Not Mock white board in “Koi Pond” under Erin’s name it says “orphan.” I would assume she was adopted if she says she has a mom.

  16. Gah…this was hi-LAUR-ius! I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Erin is the cutest person on TV….ever.

    I laughed so hard when Michael said “I’m going to sh** my pants” haha

  17. I do love scenes like this when they make me squirm, but oh man, it kills me when they are mean to Erin! She is so sweet and eager to please, and she just can’t catch a break!

  18. HAHA So many funny things just happened! I love Ryan’s Hhhhwahat? and Michael thinking there were slaves in the 1950s! I wish they had kept at least that part.

  19. am i the only one who thought ryan looked really hot in this episode? the glasses are a really nice touch, bj =)

  20. Everything Michael says in that accent is amazing. Something offensive like “Her slave killed my slave” just makes it all the funnier.

    #26 I agree! Break me off a piece of that Ryan bar! ;)

  21. FancyNewBeesly, Ryan is always hot xD. That’s the first time he’s made me laugh in a while, though. And yeah, the glasses. Mmmmm…

    For most deleted scenes I have to wonder why they were cut since they tend to be so good, but last episode was excellent, so I really can’t complain. This was still A+ material though.

  22. @fancynewbeesly- I LOVE Ryan’s glasses!

    I wish they would have left in Ryan’s line and Michael’s ‘Her slave killed my slave.’ Dwight and Pam’s faces were great!

  23. I have followed several tv shows over the years, but none of the ones I watched have treated their fans so well! I just love getting these deleted scenes, interviews and webisodes. (This is a great web site for fans, thanks to all involved!) It must be really difficult for the editing folks to determine what stays and what goes. Perhaps it’s time to turn The Office into an hour long show!

    I like the end of this last clip, where Pam and Jim are starting to wonder about Michael’s sanity. This scene makes more sense to me given their characters, than some of Pam’s goofy participation.

  24. The deleted scenes (especially the third one) help explain the episode description about people thinking Michael had lost it. It also makes Jim and Pam’s TH about “snapped or stuck” a lot more sensible. He really hadn’t seemed that irrational up to that point.

  25. Up until now I have been The Harlot from Charlotte. Thank goodness somebody has taken my title!

    Is there anything this show CAN’T do?

  26. Is anyone else having problems getting these to play? I can watch the advertisements but whenever it gets to the video it just stops at the loading screen.

  27. hahahahahaha Oh too much! Michael is not losing it, he is actually messing with them! I wish they kept that in, but the episode was already awesome.

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