Mindy Kaling suggests Dwight Schrute as new boss

Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello spoke to The Office’s Mindy Kaling about her choice for new boss when Steve Carell leaves:

“I’d love to see Rainn Wilson in that position,” says coexecutive producer/costar Mindy Kaling, who snagged a much-deserved Emmy nomination for co-writing last season’s four-star Jim/Pam wedding episode. “Dwight has become so nuanced — you actually care about him now. I think if [we did a good job laying the groundwork] this coming season, he would be a fantastic boss.

“But that’s my dream,” she adds. “It certainly hasn’t been approved by people that are more powerful than me and who make those kinds of decisions.”

Mindy goes on to say:

“We’re still infatuated with Steve and love him so much that we’re hoping for some 11th hour like, ‘I really do like this schedule and I like craft services here, so I don’t want to go.’ But I’m going to take him at face value and [assume] he’s not being coy and that he really wants to [leave].”

Link: read more at Office producer wants Dwight to succeed Michael as boss


  1. I’m not a huge fan of this idea. They’ve spent the last two seasons making Dwight into an even bigger jerk than he was initially with his affair with Angela (which seems to have been dumped down the memory hole), his signing and then breaking of his baby contract with her when something better came along and his sabotaging of Jim as manager. If they had set this groundwork back in S5 rather than turning him into kind of a monster for two years it might be easier to take.

  2. Dwight would work, and I could see ways in which his character would develop after finally achieving his lifelong goal of being manager. But it’s also kinda predictable. Honestly, what I’d love to see is The Office end on a high note and have Ricky Gervais take over as manager in the final episode, effectively linking both iterations of the series. Full circle, curtain call, it’s done.

  3. As much as I love Dwight’s character…I do not see this working out, even though I agree with Mindy that Dwight is the obvious replacement.

    I can see where Mindy and the other writers can find a lot of comedy in this choice. However, I think having Dwight as a boss would get old real fast.

    Unfortunately, I see no one replacing Steve and I think it would do the show an injustice if they tried.

  4. I’m hoping no one who makes the decisions likes Mindy’s idea. Dwight is best in smaller doses. I also agree with 1 Roy’s Mugshot, they have definitely made Dwight much less likable the last couple seasons.

  5. I’m not interested in seeing that play out either. It seems like we all know how that would play out. Like #3 said it would get old real fast. I’m not in favor of Jim either since they made him out to be an idiot as co-manager.

  6. I disagree with Mindy. I used to care about Dwight–now I can’t stand him. I think he was much more nuanced a couple of years ago. I don’t see how they could possibly sell the idea of Dwight being the boss after all that has happened. I think the show should end when Steve leaves.

  7. “Moral compass”? “Real world”?

    You realize this is a sitcom, right?

  8. A sitcom supposedly representing the real world. IMO they should stick to that as much as possible, but don’t stick to it too much or else you’d get a whole lots of boring.

  9. “The main question is: Season 8-To Be or Not to Be? The answer lies with Season 7 ratings & advertisers.”

    The Office is NBC’s top rated show. It would take a catastrophic ratings drop for Season 8 to be cancelled. If you buy into the idea of promoting from within, Gabe is the logcial choice. We know him, but not well enough for it to be predictable.

  10. Can you imagine the pressure on Rainn Wilson, or whichever actor does end up getting the job? Taking over for Steve Carell? Yikes!

    I too miss the subtle, nuanced Dwight of seasons past, but that’s an issue that relates directly with prolonging a sitcom’s run – all the characters start to get stagnant and irksome.

    Take Jim for example,

    7 years ago, it was funny to see a guy in his 20’s with zero responsibilites in life slack off at his job and pull pranks on his co-workers. Now, Jim’s a 30-something year-old husband and father, and it’s not so funny. That’s not the writers/actor’s fault. It’s just the way it is.


    Why is Pam still at Dunder-Mifflin – aside from keeping the character/actress on the show? Graphic design school didn’t work out but why isn’t she studying to be a nurse, or an art teacher, or an art therapist, or whatever? It doesn’t make sense, therefore feels false.

    Oh well, I’ve decided to tune into this next season with a positive outlook and an open mind. If the smart and funny show I used to love is back, then I’ll stay onboard post Michael Scott. If not, I fold.

  11. In all honesty, the only 2 people I’d be okay with running the office are Dwight and Jim. (Or some outside character who, unlike DeAngelo, is actually enjoyable to watch). People like Andy and Darryl have been suggested, but if the show wants to remain realistic at all, neither of them would have the job – Andy can’t make sales, and up until last year Darryl was still in the warehouse. I’m not saying neither of them are capable, but they haven’t really proven that they can be boss.

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