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  1. In the Daily Show archives, there is a segment Steve Carell used to do called Produce Pete, and there is one with him talking about beets!

  2. Melora Hardin had a little segment of VH1’s Best Week Ever. Sorry I don’t have a clip for you!

  3. If I had a use for those Coach drafting totes, I’d get one, but I’m definitely looking into the charities, anyways.

    The new wallpapers are really cute, and I’m listening to the interviews right now.

  4. Thanks so much for posting the Comedy Central link! I’ve been looking for “Touched By A Scalpel” ever since Youtube removed TDS clips from their website.

  5. The 5th video on EW was great! I’m starting to realize that John and Jenna are actually hilarious!

  6. It looks like you can also pre-order The Office PC game on their site!

    Dude, I LOVE their store!

  7. In regards to the Daily Show clips, there was an interview Steve Carell did with like two toddlers about Cookie Monster being a bad influence health-wise for children. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, and I can’t find it on the Comedy Central site. Does anyone remember this, or might I just have missed it? Thanks.

  8. I heard that Preston and Steve interview with Steve on the radio (: and I love Rainn’s shirt!

  9. Is anyone else having major trouble viewing The Daily Show videos? Whenever I click to watch one, my internet page automatically closes! It’s very fustrating. Suggestions?

  10. Are all of the writers in the guild required to strike? (Or is this a non-issue, as they would anyway?)

    I’m kind of confused about how it works… especially with so many writers on The Office pulling double duty as actors. Does that affect anything?

  11. That’s exactly what I was wondering LL. How do you handle a strike like that when you’re both writer and actor (although I’m under the impression they have no choice in the matter if they’re part of the guild)? As much as I wouldn’t mind seeing the BBC Office, I want Season 4 to go smoothly. Thursday night is a highlight of my week. This whole situation makes me nervous.

    On a happier note, is the NY Times right? B.J. at the convention? That would be awesome.

  12. And don’t forget, you can see Andy, Carol, Mr. Brown, and Captain Jack on The Daily Show site!

  13. Well, didn’t the writers prepare scripts ahead of time just in case this happened? That’s what I heard.

  14. Since I make my living as a chemist, I am quite envious of Rainn’s shirt. I may just have to see if I can find a periodic table shirt on Ebay……….

  15. Jim Mosby, I agree! I think that those 25 moments were skewed toward the third season… How can you leave out Jim describing all his pranks on Dwight in conflict resolution? So many moments I would have added – Dwight singing “Ryan started the fire!”

  16. I swear, the people who compile these lists of top Office moments clearly don’t watch the show. Not only was the list biased toward the third season, as others have mentioned, but the list didn’t include some of the best moments of that season. I do like that video accompanied a few of the scenes, though!

  17. guys, there’s something wrong with me…we just adopted a puppy this weekend and named him mose. i told my friends he’s had nightmares since the storm and that i need to read him harry potter before he goes to bed…

  18. I’m really concerned about the writers’ strike too. The strike authorization vote has already been passed, with an over 90% majority (link here), which means a strike can be called by the WGA if no agreement can be reached with networks and studios by the end of the current deal, which expires October 31. Let’s hope both parties can reach an amicable agreement by then.

  19. That top 25 list is crap. I couldn’t agree less with the top 5 that they picked out. And I don’t know that I agree with so much as 10 of them, if I even agree with that many. How on earth does Kelly telling Jim about what has been going on in her life from The Merger make it on a list like that??? Funny, yes. But nowhere near top 25 status.

  20. I agree that the RS article of top Office moments missed some the of the true top moments and was focused too much on season 3. How could they possibly have left out Jim telling Pam that he was in love with her from Casino Night? Not the funniest moment, but definitely one of the top I would think. Plus so many other great moments from season 2 that were left out!

  21. Yes, Lynda, that unintentional joke has been the highlight of my morning.

    I wonder how broadcasting the BBC show, if that comes to pass, would work. Editing eight minutes out to fit a thirty-minute-with-commercials timeslot would butcher the flow.

  22. yeah. what i heard was that the office writers started writing back in may for season 4. By the time they started shooting for season 4, they had already written like 13 episodes. so I’m sure that they are well-prepared for a strike. but if NBC does show UK Office, no complaints here. Gotta love David Brent!

  23. is there some kind of loophole for writers that are also actors/producers for the show? If so, Steve, Paul, Mindy, BJ and even Michael Schur are good to go to serve as primary writers, right?

  24. #36 Thanks for the link to the Slate review. It pretty much sums up my feelings about season 4.

  25. I couldn’t disagree more with the Slate article – but then anyone looking for a successor to Ross and Rachel is probably not someone I’m going to agree with when it comes to the quality of a television program.

    About how they would show BBC’s The Office – maybe they’ll do 45 minutes and fill the other 15 minutes with commercials for Bee Movie….

    (You can tell I’ve got the flu – I’m railing on everybody this week!)

  26. I’m pretty sure the RS writer does not watch the office. For example,

    6. “Phyllis’ Wedding,” Season 3: Dwight gives Angela (Angela Martin) the compliment every bride longs to hear: “You look as beautiful as the Queen of England.”
    (Angela is not the bride.)

    11. “The Return,” Season 3: Michael celebrates Oscar’s (Oscar Nuñez) homosexuality by throwing a fiesta, but Dwight, thinking the party is for himself, destroys the pinata.
    (Wasn’t it Oscar’s Mexicanity?)

    Come on Rolling Stone, you can do better!

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