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  • A reminder that Steve Carell guest hosts on ‘Saturday Night Live’ tonight — this is a repeat of his October 1, 2005 appearance.
  • Steve is also scheduled to appear on ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on Monday, August 7th.
  • New York Magazine has a nice little story on Steve and his past year of success in TV and film.

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  1. With so much focus on Jenna, John, Angela and Rainn and their characters throughout the season, I’m glad to see attention turn back to what a likeable genius there is at the center of this show. It’s almost like Michael Scott makes you forget about Steve Carrell.

  2. Don’t you mean October 1st, 2005? Because according to my DVD of hiss SNL episode, it was that day.

  3. Brian: I was just thinking the same thing last week. There is at least one moment in every episode where I am dumbfounded by what a comic genius/amazing actor Steve is. But here and over in the NA forums he’s not discussed much. Maybe because one can only say “did you see that? That was frickin’ brilliant” in so many ways.

  4. I love him saying that he’s an extraordinary actor. It’s so funny and perfect.

  5. Premiere magazine has a really fun comedy special issue on the newsstands (try Borders Books) with a long, fun interview with Steve. At least skim it if you love the guy (we all do). :)

    I think he’s great, and I’ve spent a lot of time recently watching YouTube stuff from his Comedy Central days and talk show appearances and the Dana Carvey show.

    He’s also enormously humble, and I don’t think it’d bother him in the least if there’s more discussion of other characters/performers in The Office. :)

    Comedy Central or NBC oughta see if they can wrestle the rights to the Dana Carvey show away from ABC and do a DVD release of it. It would be good cross-promotion for either The Office or The Colbert Report. :)

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