More additions to Office cast

Along with Ed Helms, Charles “Chip” Esten (“Whose Line Is It Anyway?”) and Rashida Jones (“Boston Public”) are joining the cast of The Office.

Helms and Jones will play employees at the Scranton, Pa., regional office of the Dunder Mifflin paper supply company where the series is set.

Esten will play Josh Porter, the regional manager at another branch of Dunder Mifflin. He originated the character in the “Valentine’s Day” episode this past season.

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  1. Hmmmm, did I read somewhere that John Krasinski was supposedly dating Rashida Jones? Interesting….

  2. I am guessing they will actually be employees at the Stamford branch, along with Jim.

  3. **Melissa**, I have read that a few places, too. But you never know. Everyone loves to pair up Hollywood types, so who knows what the real story is. As long as she’s a good actor and lives up to our Office standards, she’s fine with me. :-)

  4. I just hope that they can find enough time in 20 minutes to give enough screen time to the “main cast,” the “Supporting players” and now the “new recruits.”

  5. i hope just guest starring because i don’t know if i like all this change happening because it was so good before.

  6. If you’re wondering who that “Chip” guy is, he has his own Web site as “Improvisational Man of Mystery” (which would seem like a nice fit for the cast, guest starring or regular):

  7. If the season starts and Pam has still refused Jim (sigh!) he has the absolute right to move on – which is looking like what will be happening with the Rashida Jones character. In fact, if these were all real people and I was actually friends with Jim, I would encourage the “moving on” part. So, why don’t I like this spoiler news?! ‘Cause I don’t. Not. One. Bit.

  8. Wasn’t Chip Esten one of the branch heads in the Valentine’s Day episode? Probably Stamford… I just put two and two together while watching Whose Line. We’ll just have to see next week.

    I like the cast they are putting together, Helms and Esten. More comedy.

  9. I suppose the question is: assuming that the new cast members are playing Stamford employees, is Jim going to spend a lengthy amount of time at the Stamford branch (10 or so episodes?) or will they be downsized before too much time passes?

  10. John and Rashida dated long ago…I heard htat he pushed for her to come back to the show. I can’t bear to see Jim with another girl…he can only be in love with one person at a time.

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