1. If there’s anything cuter than John kissing Rainn on the cheek, I don’t know what it is.

    And David looks hot with a beard. Maybe Roy will be some tough competition this season.

  2. I know…that beard makes him look slightly yummy.


  3. I think I fell in love with John Krasinski again. Goddamnit, Kristin has the best job in the world.

  4. I agree, Roy’s going to cause some problems for Jim b/c he does look very good.

    Oh, and i just love the off-screen chemistry between Rainn and John. They are just so hilarious! I love seeing The Office cast in interviews. So much fun.

  5. Ahh!! It won’t let me watch the David and John one it says the video is no longer availabe!!! Please tell me what did I miss?!?

  6. Jen, check out givememyremote.com – she also has a transcript of the scenes if the videos don’t work. Interesting stuff!

  7. As apparently the only guy posting here, I hafta say Jim is still cuter than Roy. :D

    You can put a beard and muscles on a pig, but he’s still a pig inside. No offense to pig owners. :-) (j/k). I don’t get the impression the Pam character is attracted to Jim’s “fine lookingness” as much as his personality. But maybe I’m wrong.

  8. No, I agree. I mean, I think “Jim” is flatout adorable, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t think so if he and Roy’s personas were switched. I have a hard time thinking that David Denman is good-looking because of the way his character treats Pam. I do think he’s attractive if I just see him in an interview or something, though.

  9. Fantastic. I love those E! interviews with Kristin. They really seem comfortable chatting with her. Everyone is looking great and I can’t wait! (I’m a dork.)

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