1. From what I can see from the tiny pictures, it looks like there is no Karen next to Jim. I think we can assume this means that the end is near for them. :)

  2. I take it back. Looking at the pics from Justjared, you can see someone with dark hair behind Dwights head. Darn. Got my own hopes up.

  3. No, I think nomadshan is right. The blonde behind her is Stacey, but if you look behind her, Angela is wearing a blue hat and chatting with Roy.

  4. Roy is saying, “I like that hat, Angela. Want to see what it would look like hanging on my headboard?”

  5. Why aren’t all the DM folks sitting on the left? That would be normal since they all presumably know the bride better than the groom.

    Also, in the photo of Ryan, Kelly, and Meredith, there is a woman seated in the row behind them who looks somewhat familiar to me. Has she been on a past episode?

  6. Would by any chance Jim be trying to talk to Pam in that picture of him talking across the aisle?

  7. if roy is sitting with angela, and dwight is alone, that doesn’t necessarily mean that dwangela is over because theyr’e just trying to keep their relationship secret

    i don’t see karen, though, so jaren might be over

  8. where are oscar, stanley, andy, toby, jan, and creed?

    also, I don’t recognize the chick behind ryan, kelly, and meredith, so i think she’s just a random relative of bob or phyllis

  9. luke, I don’t know if there are any pictures, but there are two promos plus one preview clip. See other items on officetally for links.

  10. LazyScranton, the woman you say behind ryan and kelly, looks like the benihana costumer next to dwight. But it doesn’t have any sence.

  11. Bold Guy, yes, that’s who I’m thinking of!! The woman who was sitting beside Dwight in the Benihana restaurant. Maybe she is being used again as an extra, but that seems kind of obvious since she was so prominent in the Benihana scenes. She is out of focus in this wedding shot, so it’s hard to be sure, but that’s who she reminds me of.

  12. Does anyone else think the picture of Pam is reminiscent of her “Phyllis impression” from “Drug Testing?”

  13. Jim is sitting on the groom’s side in the 10th aisle and Pam is sitting on the bride’s side in what looks to be the 9th aisle, so they’re not even directly across from each other. The picture intentionally makes her look very much alone. She couldn’t possibly scoot up against the arm of the pew any more than she is in the photograph. I do see some brown hair to the left of Dwight next to Jim, but I’m not sure what that is. It’s probably Karen, though – I don’t think the writers would end that relationship so easily. Unfortunately. Yes, that’s definitely Roy and Angela speaking. I wonder if Dwight will notice.

    What I DON’T see: Toby. Where is he? Where’s his date?

  14. LazyScranton- I thought the same thing. All the Dunder-Mifflin folks should be sitting on the left side of the church, traditionally.

    Is anyone else surprised at how subdued and neutral Kelly’s outfit is? You would think she would be all dressed in PINK! But I did notice that she’s wearing white. A big no-no at a wedding!

  15. This is the first show I’ve ever watched that I can see over and over again; like a favorite song or CD. I just keep playin’ ’em on the iTunes all day long while I work.

    Thursday can’t come soon enough.

  16. I know it’s weird, but I’m totally in love with both Pam’s and Angela’s outfits.

  17. in the jim/meredith picture, does it look like meredith is talking to jim? or just like he’s leaning over his pew towards someone across the aisle?

  18. I like Angela’s outfit, too! Although she looks like a TWA stewardess.

    I know you young’uns have no idea what TWA is …

  19. Angela’s outfit is so cute and funny. I like seeing The Office people dressed up. But,poor Pam looks like she’s sitting all alone.

  20. sorry for the double post.
    Someone thinks that the brown hair could be Karen, but I think its Kelly wearing some sort of tiara. They are sitting next to Meredith and thats where Kelly was before. So maybe her outfit isn’t so tame after all. Maybe she dressed in white and a tiara to give a HUGE hint to Ryan. Also some of the pics seem like they’re not ‘in character’, just random pics from the scene that day. Just me?

  21. In some of the pictures (on justjared), you can see the pew numbers. Dwight is sitting in Row 9; Jim is sitting in row 10. It appears that Jenna is sitting in Row 9 (on the other side), so Jim and Meredith could be looking at her.

    However, Angela (and Roy) are two rows behind Jenna. Angela is very clearly in Row 13 in her individual picture, so I’m not sure if there is some moving around taking place, or what. Jenna’s Row Number definitely does not look like an 11! YMMV.

  22. Tanster, I thought Angela looked a little Jackie Kennedy-ish, as well as a bit TWA.
    A few people mentioned “no Karen” – I will too, with relief. Let’s hope she’s not going to show up late and breathless. Did Phyllis even invite Karen? Remember how miffed she was when Karen didn’t know who Bob Vance was?? And in “Traveling Salesman” Phyllis played cupid on behalf of Pam & Jim, by delivering the worrisome JAM news to Karen…
    Pam does look lonely, though as some say, looks like Jim is trying to talk to her across the aisle. She looks so lovely in that brown dress.
    I think I saw the top of Toby’s head behind someone & there’s a lady sitting next to him – his date?
    And in one photo Roy was sitting next to a blonde woman (I think it’s the one with Pam – he’s behind her) and they are talking. New girlfriend?

  23. rachel (2), I was just about to ask that. Is Toby sitting behind Angela? Oh and in the pictuer where you see Roy, I think he’s talking to Angela. You can see her blue hat and top.

  24. I’m not sure if this has been brought up, but in one of the pictures it looks like Jim is talking to someone across the aisle. I was wondering since Jim and Pam are both in aisle seats maybe they’re talking to each other.

  25. Yay! Phyllis is getting married on my birthday, sort of.
    But remember, the ceremony is what, twenty minutes long? It’s the reception where they’ll be able to mix and mingle and maybe Pam won’t be so alone then. JAM moments? RAM moments?

  26. I think the man behind angela is not toby, cause he has more hair. I think toby is next to ryan, behind dwight

  27. I thought that Jim might just be talking to Meredith, as well, seeing as she’s leaning into him like that. But Roy isn’t talking to a mysterious blonde; it’s Angela! The girl behind Pam is Stacy, sitting next to Kevin. We saw her in ‘The Dundies’

  28. Sorry, Toby is next to “Karen”, in the same line that Jim. I saw him in the dwight photo.

  29. The first time I looked at it I had figured Jim was talking to Meredith. I only brought it up because it seemed a little random. Last time I remember them talking (or not talking actually) was in the deleted scenes of drug testing. Maybe she’s passing him a flask…or better yet a juicy tidbit of information from Phyllis’ bachlorette party ;)

    Oh, and I can’t wait for the reception! Phyllis armed with a seating arrangment chart can only mean good things my friends :D

  30. Hehe…we are too cute trying to dissect these pictures! I guess that’s what a week of no new show does to us. What, oh, what will we do during the summer break?

  31. I just realize we will see Angela in a church!
    Look at the Michael-Phyllis-Dad photo, the wheelchair has a red flag!

  32. Man, Jim looks bummed out. And hot. Very very hot.

    And the girl next to Jim is definitely Kelly. Maybe that’s why he looks like he wants to shoot himself.

  33. Ryan, Kelly, Meredith are behind Jim, Dwight is infront of Jim. It looks to me like Meredith is whispering something to Jim.

    I also think there will probably be a gazing moment as the vows are being said between Jim and Pam

  34. I don’t know if this has been said, but in the super large photos there does appear to be a woman sitting next to Jim. If you look at the photo of Jim and Dwight you can see hair behind Dwight and it’s not Kelly.

    On a side note, everbody looks daper, dressed to the nines, awesome!

  35. If you look at Pam’s picture, it does appear that someone is sitting next to her. On the right hand side, look in between Kevin and the pin striped suit at the bottom. There’s a shoulder next to Pam.

    Perhaps the look on her face and the fact that she shmooshed all the way over in the pew is that she doesn’t like the person she’s sitting next to?

  36. it looks like someone needs to tell jim not to shave against the grain… but he’s still hot anyways. ^_^

  37. Dana – you’re right, there is someone sitting next to Pam… maybe she got stuck sitting next to Michael?

  38. Do we see the hair of the person next to Jim in the Ryan, Kelly, Meredith photo on the very right? It looks like brown hair put up into a bun…?

  39. Maybe Pam decided to bring a date? Maybe she thought Jim would go to the wedding with Karen and Pam didn’t want to go alone.

    Then, maybe Jim and Karen didn’t come together (because they may no longer be seeing each other) and Pam found out that maybe they’re no longer an item, she tries to sit as far away from her date as possible so she looks availabe to Jim????

  40. I wonder what kind of makeup Phyllis will have on like in the sales call episode =p

  41. I actually think Kelly looks alot prettier in these pictures. Also, Sheila–I noticed that, too! There’s definitely a brown bun that looks like it’s next to Jim. None other than Karen, I’m guessing. I don’t know why else the pictures would purposefully hide the person next to Jim. Argh, the photographer knew that we would nitpick these photos and obviously gave us tiny details to go with! =(

  42. Has anyone else noticed that Pam does NOT look happy in these pictures. Maybe certain someone sitting is sitting next to another certain someone…….


    Jim is sitting in the aisle seat that’s to his LEFT. Pam is also sitting in an aisle seat to her RIGHT.

    So maybe in true form of JAM-ness, Jim dares Pam to sit on Bob’s side instead of Phyllis’ (Dwight, Kelly, Ryan, and Meredith are all seen sitting around Jim).
    Because doesn’t it look like Jim in the picture is turning over to tease her across the aisle? And doesn’t Pam look like she’s giving him her best, “Shut it!” look?

    Or maybe I read too much into it. Hahahha. Can’t wait!!

  44. Like someone earlier, I’m wondering if some of these pictures were taken when people were out of character. Meredith and Jim “talking” just looks out of character to me. Kelly too looks a little out of character.

    My God. I’ve been studying these for over a half hour now, going between the pictures and everyone’s comments.

    The “bun” of hair, could be Karen. But that wisp of hair, right behind Dwight to the right of his neck? I don’t know — how could a whole head fit behind him without poking out at all on the other side?

    Also, to the person wondering about Kelly and a tiara: she’s wearing one in both pictures. To really see it in the one where you see her whole face, you have to go to the super large photo. You can barely make it out in the smaller image.

    I think Kelly looks great. Pam? Not happy, but pretty in her still slightly mousy Pam way. She’s dressed up nicely, but still .. . not out of her shell, so to speak.

  45. nspector, dwight has a big noggin. its perfectly possible that karen’s melon is contained completely behind dwight’s.

    i’m actually more in love with pam beesly than jenna fischer. I like the shy, mousy type.

  46. For you photography folk…

    Most of these shots were taken with a Canon 1Ds Mk II with a 70-200mm f/2.8L lens.

    The photo of Pam was taken at ISO-400, 1/50s, f/2.8, 200mm. That would lead me to believe this was taken with the IS version of the lens.

    I would rather shoot a wedding with a 5D, but thats just me :)

  47. Where’d you get the tech stats on the photos? Just curious.

    And, for the record, I prefer shooting weddings with a 5D as well. I think it handles flesh tones just a little bit better than the Mark II. Plus, it’s half the cost!

    Okay, sorry to every one else who doesn’t care about cameras… isn’t Pam hot??

  48. Jenna has such pretty eyes. You can really see them in that large picture on the Sparkles gallery.

  49. cousin mose, get one of the large versions of the sparkles gallery, open it in photoshop, click file > file info. you’ll also see the name of the photographer and the the caption and copyright info.

    usually metadata like this is deleted from press and publicity photos.

    pam is more that hot… shes beautiful.

  50. Karen is sitting next to Jim..and apparently nowhere near Pam. That must mean nothing important JAM-wise is going to happen in Ben Franklin :(

  51. Michael’s gonna cry at the wedding. Big and blubbery. Will he offer a long-winded, inappropriate toast at the reception with a nice Michael Winslow impression at the conclusion?

  52. Is Kelly’s hair shorter or just styled in a way that makes it look that way? It’s cute! And Pam looks gorgeous but unhappy. And people commenting that they see signs of Karen or her hair must have much better eyes than I do, because I can’t see anything of her.

    Phyllis is adorable!

  53. i dont know if anyone said this already, but doesn’t it look like toby behind angela? his hair seems darker, but maybe he brought his ex-wife?

  54. HAHA…It is soo funny to see us all analyze these photos.

    I do see the hair next to Jim and behind Dwight. Karen, most likely.

    I read a few other theories, but I think that Pam just sat down where there was room. She wouldnt want to sit next to anyone from work because, lets face it, she isnt really friends with anyone but Jim. So, since it looks like Jim is sitting next to someone, Pam probably avoided that area.

    Did anyone think that the workers children might be attending the wedding?? Maybe Abby(Kevins step daughter) or Stanley’s kid or Toby’s daughter??? Maybe that might be the mystery hair behind Dwight…that might be a long shot though…dang it!

    I guess we wont really know what happens until Feb 8th.

    Oh, and about Karen confronting Pam about the whole JAM thing…does anyone really believe that Pam is going to tell her the truth. Pam wouldnt want to hurt anyone especially Jim or Jims girl. So, we probably should assume that they are still together throughout the end of this season…yet agian, darn it.

    Haha..cant wait!

  55. OK so I love the office..much like y’all..Who knew Rashida Jones is Quincy Jones daughter..???

  56. Ugh.

    They better have some serious JAM coming up, and are just keeping it a really, really good secret.

  57. John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer were just on E!’s pre-show for the SAG awards

  58. So it looks like Jim is sitting in row 10 and Pam in row 9. Maybe this way we will get some longing looks from Jim to Pam, since we haven’t seen those for a while.

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