Office wins SAG best comedy ensemble award

The Office

The Office has just won the Screen Actors Guild award for Best Comedy Ensemble!

Congratulations to the best comedy ensemble on TV. Hands down. WOO!

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The Office


  1. they won!
    i was so happy.
    i was worried about ugly betty winning.
    but alas! they didn’t.

  2. Yes!! I was totally and completely expecting Ugly Betty to win, so I was thrilled to see The Office take it. I love seeing them all dressed up and celebrating.

    Angela looked AMAZING! Love that red :)

    yay Office!

  3. The more I think about this, I think The Office is really all about the ensemble and how it just all clicks and it wouldn’t if they all weren’t a part of this. :)

  4. Thank God!

    Carell was robbed yet again by Baldwin but The Office winning this kind of made up for it.

  5. I’m so excited!!! I was a little nervous after Alec Baldwin’s win, but it all came together! Congrats “Office” cast!!


  7. I’m so happy them!!! They deserved it and Steve gave a great speech as usual. Congrats to the cast and crew :)

  8. OMG This is incredible!!! I was watching it in my kitchen and i started jumping up and down like a 3 year old!!! YAY OFFICE!!

  9. WE WON!! Thank you Jesus..Oprah…Tom Cruise!

    I was worried that Ugly Betty would take it and that I would end up trashing my own living room. But! The SAG awards did the right thing and actually picked the RIGHT winner this time.

    My evening just got a whole lot happier.

    PS: JK is looking mighty fine.. :]

  10. The casting folks responsible for The Office should be elected to some sort of hall of fame. Wish I could see this on the ‘ol TV – I am elsewhere this fine night.

  11. My mom and I were literally jumping up and down when they won;
    My dad appropriately replied “I live with a bunch of nerds.” :]

  12. I dont think I’ve ever been so happy while watching an award show and yes that includes this year’s Emmys probably because Im glad that the cast themselves won

  13. The best cast on the best show won!! Yay!! Thank you, thank you, Screen Actors Guild!! It’s a great honor and the cast deserves it!

  14. I freaked when I heard the great Mary Tyler Moore scream out “The Office”! The show is the best out there in terms of Comedy (if not the best show period) and I’m very proud of the cast for winning tonight, especially after getting shunned at the Golden Globes (yet again). Hopefully they’ll win the Best Comedy award at the Emmy’s again.

  15. Ahh man I’m so glad, but I’m really annoyed I missed it!
    Hopefully we can get some photos and vids up?

  16. Mary Tyler Moore did seem very excited to yell out The Office didn’t she? She’s in my good books with Ben Affleck now.

  17. Good to see some award shows still know what quality TV is. (cough cough Golden Globe’s cough)

  18. Ummm, who jumped up, leaped as the cast moved to the stage, CRIED over watching them accept and then remained a bit sad that Steve Carell DIDN’T win for his leading role, again??

    Further Proof that I am a TRULY DEDICATED DUNDER MIFFLIN wannabe.

    I am so happy! :)

  19. Gotta post some more pics from backstage–I’m sure they were all thrilled in their press interviews.

  20. I caught the last few seconds of the cast backstage on the feed, hopefully someone can youtube that

  21. They SO deserved it! Even Mary Tyler Moore was excited! Now THAT’S an endorsement! :-)Woo hoo!!

  22. Didn’t Carol Burnett say she’d like to be on the Office some time? If we could get an episode with Moore and Burnett that would be awesome.

  23. Congrats to the entire cast of “The Office” and also to “Little Miss Sunshine”!!!!

  24. I am so happy for all of them! YAY OFFICE CAST!! I am a little mad that Steve didn’t win, though. I honestly do not know what is so funny about Alec Baldwin… but at least he won for Little Miss Sunshine! YAY AGAIN!!

  25. YEAH!!!!

    Im so excited for them!!! I cannot believe it. I missed the award show so somebody has to YouTube this!!!! OfficeTally needs to link the video….

    YEAH!!! Love them!

  26. Questions. Does Creed win a SAG (he’s not credited as a regular)? How do they decide which actors qualify?

  27. So exciting! I really think that Best Ensemble Cast is really the best award for The Office – they’re all so amazing together.

  28. Yay!! The Office won. I’m not too sure if Creed will get a SAG, though. Here’s what they listed on the SAG website…
    Leslie David Baker – Stanley Hudson
    Brian Baumgartner – Kevin Malone
    Steve Carell – Michael Scott
    David Denman – Roy Anderson
    Jenna Fischer – Pam Beesly
    Kate Flannery – Meredith Palmer
    Melora Hardin – Jan Levinson
    Mindy Kaling – Kelly Kapoor
    Angela Kinsey – Angela Martin
    John Krasinski – Jim Halpert
    Paul Lieberstein – Toby Flenderson
    B.J. Novak – Ryan Howard
    Oscar Nunez – Oscar Martinez
    Phyllis Smith – Phyllis Lapin
    Rainn Wilson – Dwight Schrute

  29. Just, FYI, Sparklies has some amazing pictures of the cast. Especially a really funny one of Rainn and John.

    1 | 2

  30. If you look at the newest post on GMMR, they are all holding their awards except for Creed, who is holding a certificate/envelope looking thing

  31. Odd how Creed misses out, but Ms. Hardin nabs a statuette. Question. Aren’t they both listed as guest stars?

    Creed needs a new agent.

  32. PrisonDwight – Casino Night was the first episode that Melora and David Denman (Jan and Roy) stopped being guest stars and became actual cast members. I think I heard that from the episode commentary on the S2 DVDs

    I guess Creed is still listed as a guest star :(

  33. I saw Little Miss Sunshine. And I’m 14. It’s a wonderful movie. Steve deserved it.
    Congrats to the Cast of The Office. :]

  34. Since they have so much more screen time than some of the other bit players, shouldn’t this award include Rashida Jones and Ed Helms?
    (Oscar has been in two episodes all year!)

    Or, is this award for their performances of LAST season?

  35. I think those who names get submitted into the ensemble are those that are leads and series regulars. Guest stars, which Ed Helms and Rashida were this season don’t get included into the awards.

    And LargeTuna, I didn’t like what Melora was wearing either. I did love her Golden Globe outfit though.

  36. Creed got one, I’ve seen a shot of him holding his but I can’t post it as the link is very long.

  37. I would like to bring everyone’s attention to this entry I had fo the Tagline Contest that was not used, what do you all think now?

    Office Tally – Better than Ugly Betty.

    216 | nick Mon. Nov. 20, 2006 at 6:35pm

  38. Are guest actors too expensive for The Office? (Just following up to the comment about getting Mary Tyler Moore or Carol Burnett.)

  39. I’m fifteen, and I was able to watch it… then again, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” and “National Lampoon’s Vacation” are considered traditions in my family…

    It all depends on the parents, though. I hope you can, simply because Little Miss Sunshine is an AMAZING movie.

  40. yep there is creed. he did get one. that’s cool. it would be odd if he didn’t. you would think if roy got one daryl would of too.

  41. Does anyone have any footage yet on YouTube or somewhere else yet?? I missed all the good moments. Someone let me know! Thanks

  42. FYI, the cast’s press room interview is available on…its like about a quarter or so into the video thats entitled “SAG Awards: Press Room” or something like that.

  43. Congrats to The Office. And congrats to
    Steve Carell for getting a second SAG award for Little Miss Sunshine

  44. It’s crazy how much it thrills me to death when these kids win an award. I feel this strange kind of ownership/protectiveness/pride when it comes to this show. I feel like my good friends have just won an award!

  45. Woot Woot! How relieved were we when The Office was called and not anything else. And from the cast of Mary Tyler Moore no less. You could tell how stunning that was for The Office cast that they were handed the award by them. Gosh they all looked so old.

    While it’s nice that Steve Carrel was being humble by not saying anything when Little Miss Sunshine won (how adorable is that little girl), it would have been nice if someone mentioned Toni Collette and the actor who played the son. I guess people get tongue tied. Kinnear did a good job.

    Didn’t care for Jenna’s dress. Kelly looked nice but for the red shoes. And John…Yum.

  46. im watching the live stream on tbs and the cast of office are taking pics, but creed is the only one w/o an award. he has some paper/certificate thing. confuzzled.

  47. I kept saying over and over again, “Ugly Betty’s gonna win, Ugly Betty’s gonna win.” So of course I squealed like a little schoolgirl and my puppy and I did a little dance together when they announced The Office! Everyone looked so amazing.. Loved Jenna’s hair, Angela is sizzling in red, Kelly’s dress’s color seriously compliments her well, Kate looks fab in that green, Phyllis looks great, but my favorite dress, hands down, is Melora’s. Way to be different! And man.. John…. just.. yummy…

  48. I just have to pipe in! I’m glad the cast won, so deserving. And I thought Jenna’s dress was pretty!

    Okay, now they have a SAG win under their belts…can we start the petition for hour-long episodes every week?

  49. That TBS pressroom has to be the cutest thing. God they are all so hilarious.

    I wish my coworkers were so funny!

    So Steve wasn’t with them because of Little Miss Sunshine or… it felt sad that he wasn’t there!

  50. Oh hey – in response to Hyphen – the paper certificate that Creed has is the winning SAG award envelope that Mary Tyler Moore read their name from.

    ps. Neither here nor there, but – I covet Jenna’s strappy silver d’orsay stilettos. Very hot shoes.

  51. Thank you for the coverage, I was out of town and missed the broadcast. I am so happy for all of them…

  52. I checked the SAG website and they mentioned the nomenees for the ensemble and creed was not in the list… maybe ‘technichaly not a regular cast member or something. Hopefully hell get one though cause hes Creed and we Love Him!

  53. Did you guys see the way JK looked at JF when she walked in the room? Let me just say that was a love look right there lol. Wishful thinking, but it was just such an intimate moment when he whispered to her and hugged her. awwwww. JAM!

  54. Awww, how cute was it when they won and Steve said it was great that they were all friends, and Angela and Jenna held hands!

  55. if you watch the video from the press room, you see a side of stanley that we dont usually see on the show (maybe pretzel day).

  56. re: Creed not getting an award:

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned, but at the very end of the TBS press room video (when I am guessing he is asked about his lack of SAG award statue), Creed says:

    “i’ll make my own out of plaster…”

    Poor Creed. I really hope he ends up getting an award… I mean who doesn’t want a replica of Rainn Wilson’s behind?

  57. ham-halpert

    thanks…i shouldve looked at the pics, pretty easy to tell…the vid not so much, at least from the small youtube clip

  58. re: comment 92 (alastor)

    Yeah, ya know, I saw a little something there too, if I’m not mistaken! Could just be their friendship we see there, but who knows. I would love to know what they said to each other up there!

  59. i had a dream last night that a picture was revealed of john kissing the girl he was with last night and everyone was going NUTS!

  60. Every time I look at the pictures of the whole group, I can’t get over how gorgeous the combination of colors of the women’s dresses is, especially against the black.

    I know Greg Daniels said he hired funny people, not “pretty” people, let’s not pretend…this cast is SO hot!

  61. so i was looking around for things on ed helms and it seems he is only going to be on the office for a little while longer.

    reference wikipedia: In Variety’s “Comedy Impact ’06” article, it was reported that Helms has a deal with NBC/Universal to write and star in his own series.


  62. Creed off to one side sans award is like Chewbacca not getting a medal after the Death Star was destroyed.

  63. Love your Chewie analogy! That was so wrong! Creed is awesome. I hope the producers of the show rectify things for him somehow. That wasn’t right.

  64. Sorry if someone already mentioned this:
    At the end of the TBS sag press video you can hear Creed say that he will make his own statue out of plaster. :)

  65. Stephanie C., I did hear that. I feel bad for Creed. He should get one. He has more lines and screen time than David Denman and he got one.

  66. Awww, I love John looking up at Jenna during the People photo shoot. I wonder if that was the photographer’s direction, because it sure made this fan gurl happy! :-D

  67. I loved how John was talking to Mary Tyler Moore during the speech and after, when they were walking off the stage!

  68. Is it just me or does it look like John had a black eye in the photo in the Sparkies Gallery link.

  69. I love it when a cast is funny OFF the show, too. I was cracking up watching the press room where they were all passing around the mic. Rainn is so funny.

  70. did it seem like a few of them were pretty tipsy in the pressroom? i got that impression.

  71. does anyone know where I can find a clip of little miss sunshine winning? I saw one picture and it looks sooo cute

  72. I love how at the people’s photo booth they were so greacious with America Ferrara, they seemed very honest

  73. Tell me again why Carell is absent from the cast photo and the People photo booth with them? He couldn’t do both Little Miss Sunshine and The Office? If anything, he should be in The Office cast photo.

  74. Steve was preparing to present an award when the rest of the cast were taking pictures and in the press room. He couldn’t be everywhere.

  75. For Steve not being with the Office that night, you also have to remember Little Miss Sunshine only had four members of the cast there, because Toni Colette and kid who plays Dwayne couldn’t make it. So he was probably there so it didn’t look bad that half the cast was missing.

  76. I have to say that the picture of Angela and John at the SAG website is too cute.

    Im a so happy that they won! Yeah!

  77. Can some post the pics from the People Photo shoot?? For reason I cant watch the whole TBS pressroom video or the Photo Booth Vamp.

    Can someone do this for a deperate fan??? Thanks!

  78. “he should be in The Office cast photo.”

    well, his character says he’s a Photoshop expert, he could always work himself in the picture later. HA HA.


  79. I just want to say that I think Phyllis looks sooooo pretty in her dress. There is a photo of her on the red carpet in one of those links…and she just looks so cute! She is one of my favorite people on the show….probably b/c of her explosive personality. :)

  80. yayyyyyy. the office won, I was so happy. yayyyyyyyyyyyy. The office cast, you guys rock, me love you long time. Go John, Go Jenna, Go Rainn steve,B.J., Angela, Kevin, Oscar, Phyllis, and The rest of the office cast, you guys rock, me love you long time. your the best.

  81. The cast looks amazing especially Jenna, Mellora, and Angela. They are so pretty!
    It’s funny how Steve is towering over some people like Angela. Haha. Just shows how big he is (thats what she said)

  82. Is there a video of the acceptance speech anywhere? That youtube link is dead and I’m dying to watch Steve’s speech again.

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