1. I cant wait to see what happens when Karen comes back. Urgh, we need the strike to end soon!
    Thanks for posting the interview.

  2. I would not worry. Jim does not have feelings for Karen. Think back to Branch Wars.

  3. After re-watching season 3, I would love to have Karen back in the mix. I think she would bring back a good chemistry and get rid of that ick that was the the first part of this season.

  4. I have never been as happy to see your orange “Spoiler Warning” alert before. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to spoil myself … :-) Thanks for brightening my day with that!

  5. I thought the first part of the season was great. I think Money is one of the best episodes ever. And Dunder Mifflin Infinity was great, too.

  6. Now that Jim and Pam are together I have no problem with Karen. I only disliked her out of necessity because she was in the way. I liked her character when she was around other coworkers, and I would be happy to see her back! I think she would make a great girlfriend for Ryan now that he’s a jerk. They could be the new power couple in corporate. And nothing is more real than the feelings you have when you see your ex still happy with the girl he dumped you for. So I would be anxious to see how the writers would pull that off.

  7. I would love to see Karen again. I wasn’t thrilled with how her character was handled in “Branch Wars” (I could be in a minority here, but I thought they dropped the ball in giving that storyline closure), so I’d love to see her come back into the fold for a time. I wonder if her show on Fox will allow it, though.

  8. The fact that she likes Tina Fey so much makes me like Jenna even more. I had no idea that was possible.

    Tina Fey and Jenna are easily 2 of the funniest and best best female actresses on television. And they both star in my 2 favorite TV shows!

  9. I think it’s so cool that Jenna mentioned she wanted to be top myspace friends with Tina Fey. I wonder if “The Office” and “30 Rock” existed in the same fictional universe. It would be terrific to have a crossover between the two shows.

  10. Meh, I have no desire to ever see Karen again. Let her fritter away her life in Utica. I don’t hate her. I nothing her.

  11. I doubt the Fox show would be any hindrance at all. Once the strike ends The Office will immediately go back into production while Unhitched will either a) finish production of it’s limited trial run or b) wait and see if Fox orders more eps if production has already wrapped. Rashida would more than likely be open for any Office work barring any other projects.

    Of course, this is all dependent on when the strike ends in relation to the television season. Or, you know, if it ends this season at all…

  12. This was a great interview. But poor Jenna hurting herself again. It’s so hard going from very active to couch-potato. I know, lol.

    Ugh, why would they bring Karen back. I thought that whole thing was resolved in Branch Wars. I love Rashida Jones, but I would much rather not have the Karen character back.

  13. Cousin Mose, you crack me up! Oooh, the jumprope. so seemingly innocent…:-)

  14. Enough with Karen already. Her character never rose beyond the ‘meh’ level for me. I really have no interest in seeing her again. She never brings the funny.

  15. I love the Tina Fey part. I really need to rent 30 Rock. I’ve not seen it.

    Jenna’s absolutely adorable. I think she’s the only adult person I know of that has a jump rope lying around her house.

    And I’m over Karen. I don’t mind her, and I actually like Rashida alright, but seriously. I feel like that storyline’s been beaten dead. I even felt that way with Branch Wars. They could just *mention* her, they don’t have to bring her back on the show (even if Rashida is talented).

  16. Awe! Tina and Jenna are my idols! Hearing her say that.. I literally squealed! I love them.

  17. I agree. Karen doesn’t bring the funny at all. There are other storylines the show can focus on.

    Maybe Jenna didn’t know about it, but Tina Fey did have a myspace page a while back but she took it down.

  18. Awww–Jenna is wonderful and her positive attitude is so great!

    Karen coming back for a couple episodes? Bleh. I’ve read that Rashida Jones is a really nice, delightful person, and I think she is very pretty. But her acting, especially alongside the very skilled actors on The Office, just stands out as noticeably not very good. Having rewatched Season 3 recently, it’s amazing how her lines come across as if she’s reading and how limited she is with facial expressions. I’d rather see more screen time given to Creed or Stanley!

  19. I have no desire to see Karen again. Having her as a real thorn in Jim & Pam’s side just doesn’t work.

  20. Karen was never meant to be as funny as the rest of the gang. That she wasn’t right for Jim and never felt comfortable is her whole point. For example when Jim was fooling Dwight into thinking he was vampire, her parts weren’t supposed to be as convincing as Pam doing it. At least that’s how I always took it.

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