The Weekend Tally

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  1. How do we get tickets for the BJ things? Because the Northeastern site does not have anything, and a basic google search came up with nothing.

  2. Hey, all. The JKras article from the LA Times seems to be available only to those with a subscription. Don’t know if there’s another way to see it, but if so, let us know!

    [from tanster: registration is free]

  3. The man in the parody video in the NY Times article is the author of the internet comic “Toothpaste for Dinner”, which I read regularly. I never thought I’d see the day where it connected with The Office, however indirectly!

  4. Wow, haha, that “Office Politics” thing is really in depth.

    And must make short pilgrimage to KMart. Now.

  5. I wish we didn’t have to register to read the two LA Times articles :/ Rashida’s apartment is super cute though.

  6. I totally forgot about kmart. In my Christmas stocking I found a little Dwight eraser that my Mom said was at Kmart. (yes, its the same stuff, because my mom said she went through everything else, but I already had it.) :)

  7. That Vanity Fair article was slightly frightening. And for the record, Michael is not smug. But I did enjoy the comparison with Office episodes to Bush’s political career. My favorites were the “Early Years” and “Domestic Programs.”

  8. That “Office Politics” article is horrifyingly dead on. I don’t think Michael is smug but there are some serious similarities.

  9. Yes, the sinus remedy is authentic! It’s called a neti pot and oh how it does wonders!

  10. I stopped reading the “Office Politics” one as soon as I saw Grey’s Anatomy described as “superb”.

  11. GPS never gets the location of my house right. No mapping system does.
    And John + scruff+tan = wow! I still love that picture!

  12. The Vanity Fair article is absolutely brilliant! I just wrote brilliant and I’m not even British…anyway, it’s genius. Read it!

  13. Rashida’s apartment reminds me of those shoebox houses I used to make for my Barbies. Mine weren’t nearly as fancy though. :D

    I have an entire week off in February and BJ’s show dates end right before it begins. Sad!

  14. Man, where was this GPS article months ago when we were all arguing how far out of the realm of reality that spot was?

  15. Wow, I can’t believe that Rashida Jones has a smaller apartment than me.. (although not by much!) That makes me feel better about being crammed into my own tuna can :)

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