NBC launching new broadband comedy channel

From the press release:

Keeping with its rich comedy heritage, NBC is launching a new broadband comedy channel. DOTCOMEDY.com will create a community around one of life’s universal pleasures — laughter. Anchored by some of NBC’s best-known franchises and library programs, this online channel will feature everything from classic comedy television shows to viral videos to renowned NBC late-night programming including content from “Saturday Night Live,” “The Tonight Show,” “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” the first ten years of “Late Night With David Letterman,” “The Office,” “Last Comic Standing,” “Dream On,” “Coach,” “Leave It To Beaver,” “The Munsters,” and much more. DOTCOMEDY.com will also feature original content produced exclusively for the site including blogs, mash-ups and podcasts.

I wonder if this is where the Office’s summer webisodes will appear.

For the full press release, click here.


  1. Very interesting. I’m assuming that this will be a free service, because it definitely seems like the webisodes this summer (plus 20(!) more later on) will be found there:

    “From executive producer Greg Daniels and exclusively on NBC.com, 30 standalone webisodes of “The Office.” The first set of 10, which will begin streaming this summer, star the accounting staff of Dunder Mifflin.”

  2. LOL, I didn’t even see that! I guess it would help if I read the entire release next time, huh? ;)

    Nice catch, PWJ!

  3. i’m guessing there isn’t an official date yet for the webisodes to begin?

  4. Hi Andi, no I haven’t seen an official schedule yet, but Angela’s latest MySpace blog post says “I will catch up on my myspace business next week. And I will have more info about the summer webisodes on nbc.com”

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