NBC promos of ‘Traveling Salesmen’

SPOILER WARNING! Video and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

Here are two different promos of the upcoming episode, ‘Traveling Salesmen’:

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  1. yeah, what was up with their hair? jim’s face was hilarious after he slapped dwight.

  2. My guess is that it was Phyllis’ idea to do their hair that way, by the look on Karen’s face I’m pretty sure it wasn’t her idea.

  3. Speaking of Karen’s hairdos, has anyone seen Rashida in the movie “Little Black Book”? I’m still not a huge fan, but she does look different. Not as hot as in the promo, though ;)

  4. Karen has “Pam” hair! Haha…I have this hilarious and totally inappropriate image of Jim asking her to wear her hair that way. ;)

    Phyllis is totally gonna blow SOMETHING out of the water. I love Phyllis. This is JUST what I hoped would happen when I read the episode description. ;)

  5. Actually, now that I watch it again…and pay closer attention to the shot with Pam in it…Karen kinda has on Pam’s entire ‘ensemble’. Awkward.

    Sorry for the double post. :)

  6. my interpretation is that the new look for karen and phyllis is all part of michael’s strategy to bump up sales. phyllis will definitely spill the beans! can’t wait!

  7. ahhh!!! jim slapped dwight!!! and KAREN’S HAIR!!! oh man oh man… why does my friend have to be graduating thursday night?!?!?!

  8. Why do I feel so childish laughing at the “boooobs” line. It just gets me everytime.

  9. Squeee!! I love it! Don’t let me down Phyllis! Spill the beans! Hehehe. Pam and Jim don’t look too happy in the preview, I’ve been waiting for Michael to say or do something!!!!

  10. It looks like Phyllis or someone misguided did Karen’s hair and extreme makeup. I love it. I don’t know why Jim slaps Dwight, but I’m so looking forward to finding out!

    BOOBS. How stupid. Of course, I laughed when he said it.

  11. I have a feeling Jim slapped Dwight because he kept asking all these annoying questions about the sales call.

  12. I am a new office fan so this is my first post on this forum. Its nice to see that I’m not the only office fanatic out there.

  13. Why do I have a feeling that Phyllis and Karen’s first stop was at Phyllis’s favorite beauty shop for a “girl’s day out” makeover? :P

  14. Just have to say that I watched this promo before bed yesterday and was laughing to myself while trying to fall asleep. That hair is too much. How much do we love Phyllis?

  15. “Its nice to see that I’m not the only office fanatic out there.”

    Mindy….there are DOZENS of us!! DOZENS!!!

    Wait…that’s the wrong show.

  16. I thought that was Pam in the car with Phyllis until I read the comments here! This is going to be a good one.

  17. OK, so I had to watch that clip several times, then I paused it on Karen and Phyllis just to get a close look at their new hair and makeup–wow! Can’t wait for Thursday!

  18. Wow! Karen looks upset! Phyllis most definitely spilled the beans- I smell a Jim/Pam/Karen confrontation!
    Looks like a juicy episode!

  19. I posted this on Back from Vacation, but its so exciting to me, I think I should do it twice.
    Rumor is that Joss Whedon (BTVS) might direct an episode of The Office? Does anyone know if this is true.
    Visit whedonesque.com and click on the link to read the story.
    sorry in advance if this gets anyone’s hopes up, but I had to post it somewhere.

  20. Phyllis and Karen, Jim and Dwight, probably Ryan and Stanley… Michael and Andy?

  21. What could possibly be going on between Pam & Jim in that split-second of a scene? Pam did not look happy, & Jim looked kind of sheepish.
    Thoughts anybody? Speculation? Guesses? Foretellings?

  22. Since it looks like they’re in Michael’s office, I would venture a guess that they’re reacting to something he says or does.

    Wow… what an original guess, huh? Then again, I’m the guy that puts the names “Jim” and “Pam” together and comes up with “MAMJIP.”

    I must be doing something wrong.

  23. “sorry in advance if this gets anyone’s hopes up, but I had to post it somewhere.”

    You should be sorry because my hopes are sky high. :D

    My two favorite shows EVER, Office and Firely, coming together in any way, shape or form is corporeal heaven.

    Now, if only they could get Nathan Fillion on the show…

  24. Um, yeah, that’s Firefly, not Firely. I’ll take my thousand lashings in the corner.

  25. So I was looking at this episode on TV.com and Jenna Fischer’s name isn’t there under cast, a fluke? Anyone heard anything?

  26. It seems to me that Jim and Pam will be paired up for the sales call. That could be awkward. As well as AMAZING!!

  27. QueenOfTuna-

    yeah that would be really akward, but i highly doubt that would happen considereing Pam is a receptionist. I think Jim will be paired with Dwight, which i would be really excited to see. We’ve been deprived of Jim/Dwight moments this season.

  28. I thought Phyllis was in sales…wasn;t she part of the sales race in The Carpet episode? I could be wrong…

  29. this is my guess…jim and pam will be stuck in charge of the office while everyone else goes on sales calls. phyllis will spill the beans to karen about jim and pam by asking if she’s worried that they are alone together….

  30. Preview clips are up at yahoo. Those pictures that were released last week for The Return, are actually for Traveling Salesmen.

  31. hehe, seems like slapping dwight puts a smile on the slapper’s face (thinking back to casino night & now this episode)

  32. Mose et al, I just watched the Yahoo previews & got the answer to that Jim-Pam scene…yes, Mose is right: they are reacting to something Michael (actually Michael via a “Harvey”) says…

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