1. I love how Dwight makes a phone call in the middle of Jim’s pitch. I’d slap him too if he did that to me.

  2. SOOOOO excited for next week after watching those :D “You sounded like my niece, and she’s 6 months old!”

  3. simply stunning….and great stuff…could it be finally returning to its once great days of season 2?

    oh wait, we saw a combine 3 mintues of footage…good stuff none the less

  4. I’m just in tears. Oh my…wow.

    Karen is slowly dropping to the bottom of my list though. I don’t hate anyone in the Office (Ryan got there quick when he was an ass to myJim but I have since forgiven him) but she’s such a snob with Phyllis.

    Jim and Dwight! Yay!

  5. They are back! “Boobs” is way more hilarious in the promo rather than the ad.

    Hey, anyone else recognize “Harvey”‘s voice as that guy from SNL? Genius!

    I can’t wait!!!

  6. I also love how great Phyllis was – it makes us realize what a great salesperson she is, and why she’s so important to the office and show!

  7. Help it won’t let me play it said i need a newer version on Windows Media Player, but i have 11? HELP!!!!

  8. Sorry for the random “Phyllis”…

    Phyllis loves JAM! I think she picked Karen in order to split her and Jim up. :)

  9. Could someone post a transcript of these scenes (or at least describe them) since yahoo clips don’t seem to work for us mac users? Thanks much!

  10. Wow, several people outdid themselves…Phyllis was amazing!! Ditto Stanley!
    LOVE the photo of “young Jim” and Dwight.
    And “Long Tim” is sure to be a staple character for a while.

  11. OMG. Definitely Season 2-worthy.

    “I’m very flattered. I was his second choice, after… ‘pass.'”
    “Oh young Jim, there’s so much I need to warn you about… and yet, tragically, I cannot..”

  12. Harvey? Don Pardo? What? It sounds like him, but I can only listen in chopped up bits. My computer won’t play them correctly. Is that him? Ha! I love it.

  13. holy crap i’m stoked…
    stanley’s laugh warms my heart
    as does phyllis’ quaff.

  14. ok, I told myself I wasn’t gonna watch them and wait til Thursday. That lasted about 4 hours. I’m glad I caved. I haven’t laughed that hard since, well, since last Thursday. a little harder than I’d like to admit at “boobs”

  15. OMG, so depressed that i can’t see it.. but i can already tell, this is DEFINITELY gonna be worth the $1.99 on itunes…

    i love young jim…

  16. OMG! I was laughing SO hard i was nearly crying! And these are just the previews! I can’t wait till Thursday! :-)

  17. I hate yahoo tv… no matter what I do, all three clips play simultaneously. They’re still funny, but for different reasons now.

  18. Definitely looks like a classic episode coming up… I love it when they leave the office… great idea pairing up everyone for sales call… I think it’s a good formula for some good laughs…

  19. Hahahahahaha Okay, I definitely loved the “boobs” scene. That was pretty funny. And Phyllis might be one of my new office favorites. Brilliant sales calls. I also think Stanley has put more emotion in that one scene than he has in the entire show thus far…

    I think this is gonna be a good episode. A very good episode.

  20. Great scenes! I burst out laughing when I saw Phyllis & Karen’s hair. How 80’s!!! I loved the look on Karen’s face when Phyllis picked her … I don’t think that is who she wanted to be with. Hehe!

  21. I love the “Me so horny, me love you long tim” quote cause it’s a 40-year-old virgin quote.

  22. I guess Im in the minority, but I just figured Phyllis picked Karen cause A. shes the only other woman B. so her little sales gimmick with big hair and lots of makeup could be used by two people…not some secret unlying attempt to keep jim and karen apart. But i guess the shippers will believe whatever they want to believe regarding JAM.

  23. I don’t think Phyllis picked Karen for any reason having to do with Jim or Pam.

    But I do get the feeling that Phyllis is going to slip up and say something that is going to blow the whole quad sky high.

    Plus, no one in the office, save for Pam and maybe Toby, know about Jim and Karen dating. So if Phyllis does make a comment, it wouldn’t be as though Phyllis were doing it “for Pam” or “for Jim/Pam” or anything.

  24. ARRA, I don’t think Phyilis chose Karen just for the purpose of driving a wedge between Karen and Jim. I think you’re closer with the idea of the hairdo gimmick. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Phyilis let something about Jim and Pam slip during the course of their travels. I think that’s what most people are figuring, but I could be wrong.

  25. How do we know that no one else in the office knows about Jim and Karen? I mean, is that a fact or is that just something we assume?

    Phyllis could always figure that Karen already knows the history behind Jim and Pam and therefore she wouldn’t know that anything she was saying was a ‘slip’. Frankly, I think the most Phyllis could say was that Jim and Pam were close…she doesn’t know about the confession/kiss. This would be suspicious right off the bat because they haven’t been acting particularly close, so…what’s the deal?

  26. As for Jim/Karen, I think its still understood that no one knows about them. Jim wanted to keep things private. However, I was surprised at him easily telling Pam that he was fighting with Karen, especially considering the fact that it was because of Pam that Jim wanted to keep things quiet to begin with (I’m also assuming) So its possible that their relationship is common knowledge now, but somehow, I doubt it.

    Also, Phyllis has always been in tune with Jim and Pam, it seemed to me. She assumed they were conducting a private affair while Pam was engaged and even smiled knowingly as she uncovered the “info” (at Jim’s party). When Jim confessed to going to Toby to complain about Pam, Phyllis was right there with her sympathy. Plus, thanks to Michael, the whole office knows of Jim’s past crush on her, and it isn’t too much of a stretch for someone as sensitive as Phyllis to pick up on his continuing feelings.

    I think she could very easily spill that Jim used to have a thing for Pam, or that she assumes he is still in love with her. Basically, any statement of Jim’s feelings regarding Pam is going to be news to Karen, who came into the whole situation blindly.

  27. It’s not like Jim and Pam have other people to turn to when they need to talk about important things, so in that regard it makes perfect sense that Jim would talk to Pam about the argument with Karen. I mean, who else is Jim going to talk to? Michael? Andy? Dwight? Kelly? I really don’t think anyone other than Pam knows that Jim and Karen are even an item.

    Jim also knows he can trust Pam, even with something that could be personally painful like his relationship with Karen.

    Jim is still trying to come to terms with everything, and he’s being very defensive–and why shouldn’t he? If I were in his shoes, I’d be gun-shy about going back to Scranton too. In that sense, Karen is more a safety net than a girlfriend; a way for Jim to deal with the situation without directly dealing with it. Maybe he thought that there would be absolutley nothing between him and Pam when he went back. I think when he sensed that there was still a lot of unresolved feelnigs and issues on both sides, it freaked him out, and he ran away behind Karen until he could see what to do.

    Okay, if you need me, I’ll be out trying to get a life.

  28. Jenna said the Jim/Karen relationship was common knowledge?

    Hmm. I don’t see that by watching the show, but they haven’t been definitive one way or another. Like I said, I was surprised at how easily Jim discussed he and Karen’s fight with Pam when it was supposed to be a secret, but I still didn’t think anyone else in the office knew about them. I certainly never got that impression.

    Ah well.

  29. I cannot view them, could someone maybe give the full script of them? if that is at all possible thanks! if not, ill wait till thursday

  30. It’s possible Pam told Phyllis about Jim & Karen, after all they’re apparently friends and we already know that Phyllis wants Jam together.

  31. My, my! Jim looks a bit deflated at Karen’s tacit assumption that she and Jim will be partnered on the sales calls.

  32. someone please post it on youtube.
    yahoo is not working for me.
    and apparently not for a few others too.

  33. Bold Guy, please tell me you know that “Me so horny, me love you long time” is originally from Full Metal Jacket.

    In the Boobs clip, if you pause on the shot of the computer screen, you will see a couple of extra lines that didn’t make the final audio. Also, the continuity of the screen shot is off, since Michael is supposed to be typing still.

  34. Maybe Stanley picked Ryan because he knew he wanted to get him back for sniffing after his daughter!?

  35. i think the information that Karen gets is that Pam and Roy use to be engaged because she doesnt know anything about their past.

  36. The clips are awesome! Looks as good as last week’s episode…which was amazing!

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