Office Cast Watch List: Jan. 5 – 11

See Office cast members on these upcoming shows:

  • Sun Jan. 7:
    Steve Carell on ‘Between the Lions’ (kids’ reading show)
    Station: KQEDK. Episode: ‘Too Cool.’
  • Mon Jan. 8:
    Jenna Fischer on ‘That 70s Show.’
    Station: KICU (SF). Episode: ‘Don’t Lie to Me.’
  • Mon Jan. 8:
    Rainn Wilson on ‘Six Feet Under.’
    Station: Bravo. Episode: ‘The Trap.’
    Rainn plays Arthur, the creepy mortuary apprentice. Man, I loved that show.


  1. I LOVED Rainn on six feet under!! SO creepy that he was in love with Ruth.

    I keep looking for the episodes with Jenna because while I know I remember them of course at the time I had no idea that she would one day become pam.

  2. I got the complete SFU series for Christmas (I really liked it from seeing it on Bravo) and I got so into it, I watched the entire series in 5 days. That’s right; 5 seasons in 5 days.

    My entire Christmas break=watching Six Feet Under

    I suppose you could say it was a life changing week.

  3. Six Feet Under was one of the best dramas ever on TV! I loved that show so much and still haven’t got over it being off the air. :(

  4. I love SFU and didn’t even realize until a couple months ago that creepy Arthur was Rainn. He was so good on that show and believable.

  5. I loved Rainn in SFU. That’s the main reason I started watching The Office, actually, to see Rainn again.

  6. Watching the episode of that 70’s Show with Jenna Fischer right now and she is acting very un-Pamish :D It’s pretty entertaining

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