Office Cast Watch List: Jan. 5 – 11

See Office cast members on these upcoming shows:

  • Sun Jan. 7:
    Steve Carell on ‘Between the Lions’ (kids’ reading show)
    Station: KQEDK. Episode: ‘Too Cool.’
  • Mon Jan. 8:
    Jenna Fischer on ‘That 70s Show.’
    Station: KICU (SF). Episode: ‘Don’t Lie to Me.’
  • Mon Jan. 8:
    Rainn Wilson on ‘Six Feet Under.’
    Station: Bravo. Episode: ‘The Trap.’
    Rainn plays Arthur, the creepy mortuary apprentice. Man, I loved that show.


  1. Rainn was so great on Six Feet Under. Creepy is really the best word to describe his character.

  2. I LOVED Rainn on six feet under!! SO creepy that he was in love with Ruth.

    I keep looking for the episodes with Jenna because while I know I remember them of course at the time I had no idea that she would one day become pam.

  3. I got the complete SFU series for Christmas (I really liked it from seeing it on Bravo) and I got so into it, I watched the entire series in 5 days. That’s right; 5 seasons in 5 days.

    My entire Christmas break=watching Six Feet Under

    I suppose you could say it was a life changing week.

  4. Six Feet Under was one of the best dramas ever on TV! I loved that show so much and still haven’t got over it being off the air. :(

  5. I love SFU and didn’t even realize until a couple months ago that creepy Arthur was Rainn. He was so good on that show and believable.

  6. I’ve been trying to catch Jenna’s That 70s Show episode since last spring. Gracias Jennie.

  7. I loved Rainn in SFU. That’s the main reason I started watching The Office, actually, to see Rainn again.

  8. Watching the episode of that 70’s Show with Jenna Fischer right now and she is acting very un-Pamish :D It’s pretty entertaining

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