1. 30 Rock just gets weirder each week.

    I’m totally excited for the return of Pack-man. :p

    But seriously…the stripper looks like Pam, well dress wise.

  2. in the ep. description it says karen confronts pam about JAM, but karen and pam looked buddy-buddy in the promo.

    i’m super excited for this episode, haha. “SHUT UP, ANGELA!”

  3. I hope that 30 Rock gets the akes (Spelling?) But i don’t think i can watch this Office live. I don’t think the rents’ would approve. But i will try other wise…. My BFF iTunes! And the return of The Packster. I think Karen is going to just LOVE him! ;) I’m kidding of course! it looks like a great one! “SHUT UP ANGELA!!!” Classic! Well, It will be i a week!!

  4. I don’t know why people hate 30 Rock so much. I find it funny and intelligent. If you’re looking for weird, look no further than Scrubs. Although it has been a fantastic six seasons, Scrubs get staler and more absurd every year. Yes, I realize it’s a weird combination of traits.

  5. Is anyone else insanely excited for PeeWee to be on 30Rock? I don’t even like that show. And “adult co-ed entertainment”? Sign me up for that.

  6. I’m just as excited about 30 Rock as I am about The Office. I LOOOVE Paul Reubens, even though he’s a little pervy.

  7. I’m hyped but I don’t know what Michael is complaining about, I thought Tide smelled pretty damn good.

  8. I did Marksiwel! That was the first think I noticed about the stripper – that she’s wearing a “Pam” shirt, and I wonder if it’s on purpose.

  9. HAHA! I loved Meredith. We never really see Meredith freak out.. until now. SHUT UP ANGELA!

  10. I am becoming a huge fan of 30 Rock, and it looks amazing. Nevertheless I am ultimately excited for some more Todd Packer. FINALLY! First (visual) appearcance of Season 3.

  11. yeah, i noticed the same thing kayla. i was wondering why karen and pam looked buddy-buddy as well…oh well…looking forward to the meredith freak out as well…

  12. Ok I’m just going to flat-out say it, but Todd Packer makes me tingle with laughter.
    There I said it.

  13. Yes! Meredith gets a line! And its hilarious :)

    I’m still trying to figure out if Jim/Karen split up or not lol

    Now you add in Karen/Pam still being friendly and I don’t know what to think!

  14. i cannot think of anything more hilarious than michael getting a “pamstripper.” well maybe if the stripper was a dude. so 1 thing.

  15. I also like 30 Rock- it’s not as good as The Office.

    Earl is getting a bit tired. I was never really in love with is but I don’t even laugh anymore.

    Karen is scheming- she’s going to ask Pam if it’s okay with her that she’s dating Jim without saying anything about Jim still having feeling for Pam. Pam will say yes, and Karen and Jim will continue for a bit longer- that’s my prediction, anyway. Not that it counts for much. haha

  16. I think the Karen/ Pam thing being all friendly is merely a ruse. Karen’s pissed and hurt and she’s going to take it out on Pam.

  17. I didn’t notice Todd Packer in either of the promo clips. So who says he will be on this episode? Am I missing him somewhere?

  18. Wasn’t that Packer’s semi bald head in Michael’s office when Michael talked about “biggest blow out of the year?”

    Or was that from a different episode?

  19. Yes, I agree, tanster. The synopsis does not say that Todd Packer will be present. He could just as well have talked to Michael on the phone. I would think he’d likely be sitting at the table with Michael and the stripper if he were at the party.

  20. Ah yes, Cousin Mose, I think you may be right. I probably was thinking that was Kevin at first, but it looks like it could be Packer.

  21. Woah! – it looks like Pam and Karen are getting along

    stripers in The Office – this episode is going to ROCK!

  22. I personally like Earl, I just haven’t been able to keep up with it. Now as for The Office, I absolutely have to keep up with it. Nothing interferes with my Office time. I plan my week around it… literally. So I’m beyond excited to see what Karen and Pam discuss re: Pam’s feelings for Jim. I have this sinking feeling that the old Pam is going to resurface, and FNB will be shying away. I just don’t see sweet Pam intentionally getting in Karen’s way of Jim… Too bad :(

  23. Michael’s face when that stripper is on his lap is priceless. :D Strippers in the office… OH GOD.

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