1. Wow… even though it’s all old news, I still teared up a little when Pam was voicing over “Even if Jim never comes back, it’ll be okay…we just never got the timing right.”

    Yes, NBC, I am excited to see what’s next!

    Great promo! Thanks for the link!

  2. I never want summer to end, but now I can’t wait till September. This show is tearing me apart!!!

  3. awesome! even though it’s nothing new, it still gets me psyched haha.
    thanks for the link. i’m so excited!

  4. That was a nice funny montage, although I feel the music made the JAM part really corny. Wish they wouldn’t put such sappy music.

  5. God! I still get total head-to-toe goosebumps when Jim says “It’s a date” and Pam just smiles!

    Wooo-hoooo! One month till the season premiere!

  6. I love Mika!!!
    That was just the cherry on top of a great montage.
    I wish they kept the song for the Jam clip too.
    It was still awesome though.

  7. i love the office and mika! i was excited to see the new promo and as soon as i heard the begining of the song i was even more excited. two of my favorite things in one…good day.

  8. that totally made my night. it was an early birthday present. hehe. can’t til sept 27th!

  9. Even though nothing new was shown, it reminded me of what I love about The Office. I seriously can’t wait. I am counting down the days.

  10. That was awesome! Thanks for sharing Tanster! That song is now stuck in my head….
    Argh im seriously thinking about putting myself in a coma so september will come faster!

  11. Squeee!!! I loved that! (and now I have that music stuck in my head). I think I’m going to post it on my MySpace page. I’m so excited. One month to go!

  12. A brief note to fans in the Chicago area: This Thursday’s show (8/29) will be pre-empted by the Bears’ game. I sent an email to NBCTV Chicago. Can we rally enough support to get The Office shown after the game?

  13. As welcome as the clip is, if I had one wish for the new season, it would be that NBC puts “The Office” promotions in the hands of someone besides the 14-year-old girl who is evidently handling them now.

    And yeah, I’m in the Chicago market so all I can say to WMAQ/Chicago is, “Go, Bears – quickly, quickly to Sunday afternoons and Monday nights.”

  14. i think the only show that with no new footage, in the promo, that can still make you excited

  15. Ehh…
    Great clips, but the song… Well, it’s not my taste.
    And I would have appreciated even a TEASE of new footage.
    Ah, I’m picky. But I have to be, it’s my favorite show. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t mind a crappy promo. But I do.

  16. I wish they had saved some of their hour-longs for maybe a Christmas special and the finale. Oh well…can’t wait!!!

  17. I’ve been excited since The Job aired…. and that will only change with a glimpse of new footage. Until then, my excitement level is the same.

  18. Am I incorrect in thinking that there still is a chance for an hourlong finale (and maybe even an hourlong at another time in the season)? I don’t think they originially planned for the hourlong finale last season, so I think that could always change if the network and producers decide to have more. It always seems the show has so much it has to cut out that it probably wouldn’t be difficult to do. (At least that’s my hope!)

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