NBC’s ‘The Office’ auction starts Jan. 21

I have been notified that NBC plans to auction off more items from ‘The Office,’ starting tomorrow, January 21st.

Here are the items:

If the list changes, I’ll update it once the auction goes live.

United Way will receive 15% of the auction’s net proceeds; the bobblehead winning bidder receives the bobblehead as well as ‘The Office’ Season 3 DVD, and proceeds go to Rainn’s favorite charity, The Mona Foundation.

Link: NBC’s ‘The Office’ auction, starting January 21


  1. “* We do not ship outside the US”

    thanks again, NBC! Once again screwing your many Canadian Office fans.

  2. Am I the only one who is Very Creeped Out by the naked mannequin parts on the lower half of the picture of Pam’s blouse and cardigan? I mean, I know it’s plastic, but I feel like Pam has been violated in some way.

  3. You know, that’s probably really Steve’s face under that photoshop, since that’s his actual wife….

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