Netscape on The Office set

In this hilarious video, watch Brian, Angela, and Oscar goof off around the Office set, and listen to other Dunder Mifflinites attempt to explain what Netscape is.

Stanley, Kelly, Phyllis, Meredith, Pam, and Creed all get in to the act.

Andy’s answer should really be the Netscape’s tagline, don’t you think?

Watch Netscape on the set of The Office here. (Thanks, Ryan!)


  1. *SPOILER*

    I noticed that #1, Oscar is back on set, so his “vacation” will be over in a little while.

    #2 Andy’s talking head was at the Scranton branch, so any worries that we’ll lose Scranton should be put to rest.

  2. Andrew:
    1. For all we know, this could have been taped before Oscar left. (BTW, Oscar Nunez, the person, is gone because he is taping his own show called Halfway House (or halfway home or something like that) on Comedy Central, so they found a clever way to write him out of the show for a couple of months)
    2. I noticed that too, but I bet they just didn’t feel like setting up cameras in the Stamford part of the branch.

    But we’ll see. No episode thursday (that’s good. I’ll be doing a play all weekend so I would never have time to watch it (not to mention THE WORLD SERIES is on (GO TIGERS!!!)). Then Diwali, then… Branch Closing.

  3. Good points, J, although did anyone notice the desk by Kelly’s had stuff on it and there seemed to be an added desk by the break room?

    And yes, Go Tigers! Am so glad there’s a rerun this week or I would have to go insane with my Tivo taping The Office and wondering what the heck is going on with the game.

  4. yes! bye-bye stamford,conn. and I can’t wait for the merger. Karen v. Pam and Jim v. Roy and Andy v. or teamed up with Dwight. Andy and Dwight v. Jim and/or Ryan. what a good season this is going to be.

  5. this was taken from the paragraph below the video…

    “Ryan: The cast and the crew of NBC’s The Office were kind enough to welcome Netscape onto their set last week for a behind the scenes look. We had a great time and brought back some footage exclusively for our viewers. Hopefully, we were able to capture just how insanely funny the cast is when the cameras aren’t rolling. This is a group that gets along so well off-screen they make not getting along on-screen look easy. For the record, we didn’t ask any of them to say anything specific about Netscape (as I’m sure you’ll see with Jenna Fischer’s response), they just let their characters run wild. “

  6. My favorite tidbit? How the salt is real but the pepper isn’t. Where do you get fake pepper?

  7. J, you do have a good point about Stamford.

    However, one of the cast blogs this week mentioned filming for Netscape this week, so I think it may be a recent addition.

  8. So,
    You all dissappointed your baseball team is out already, or do we really have this many Detroiters (ok, 3, but still.)

  9. Andy- “I do what can only be described as “A LOT” of internet dating.” I love Ed Helms!

  10. This was such a nice video, its definitely cool seeing the actors not in character, since theyre actually normal people. (i.e: Angela is not psychotic)
    I feel like the full on Kelly maddness was not goin on here, which was cool. Listening to that overly excited, loud voice can get kind of nauseating. She’s definitely one of the funniest.

  11. Ed Helms is a bleepin’ rock star, baby! Or, he should be.

    Oh, and if Ed Helms pitched for Detroit, he probably wouldn’t use pine tar.

    (heh heh).

    Go Cards!

  12. It’s amazing how HOT Angela looks when she’s not acting like a sourpuss like her character on the show. Dwight should be all over that! Forget JAM. It’s all about Dwangela!

  13. Cards win, baby!

    Oh, yeah, this is the Office. Um…Jenna Fischer is a Cards fan. If they lose, do you really want to see the sad look on Pam’s face?

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