1. I just love Creed moments. They should have kept that! Andy is fabulous as usual.

  2. The real question is who does this guy work for? Haha, and that is why Creed is awesome!

  3. “Oh!, it’s all starting to make sense now.” Creed is so awesome. I wish they would have kept this one in. It would have helped balance out this show. But, that’s my opinion as a die hard fan.

  4. I have never heard Pam call Jim ‘sweetie’ in any capacity before. That was pretty awesome.

  5. Clip 2: the new boss is a total jerk. Wow.

    Let Jim’s numbers speak for themselves…

  6. “I don’t want him to keep seeing us together” That was so funny, poor Jim. He just can’t get a break with the new boss.

  7. The amount of jim/pam content they’re cutting makes me think something big (and good) will make up for this.

  8. So glad to see that I’m not the only one who loved Pam calling Jim “Sweetie.”

  9. I loved the second deleted scene, actually I love any clip that involves Jim and Pam.


    I know, time. But seriously. I don’t want to wait for the deleted scenes to be released to get my USDA recommended amount of weekly Jam. And I’m kind of exaggerating, but I feel like the show has been unbalanced lately…too much focus on the Michael/Dwight/(sometimes)Jim antics, and not enough on our amazing minor characters and Pam (usu. with Jim), which were what gave the show heart.

  11. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was going to come in here and awwww over “sweetie”… sigh….

    such a girl :)

  12. “Sweetie”
    That was WAY precious. And honestly there can NEVER be enough screen time of Jim in a tux. :]

  13. 22, Molly – I had to listen to that a couple of times too, but I’m pretty sure he said, “Busy day, Jim?” Someone please correct me if I’m wrong!

  14. That was adorable!! I just think that the new boss doesn’t have a sense of humor or is too strict. Everyone likes Jim!

  15. I said, “daaaaaaammmn!” like a seventh grader when Pam sent Jim back to his desk to eat his candy. No lie.

  16. that dude is totally micromanaging them, michael has got it dead right. & i’m really glad he’s not putting up with it.

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