1. John is so great at interviews. I love him!
    Maybe Holly and Jan will come back at the same time!

  2. @ #2! hahaha i know! she kept bringing it back and you can tell all the actors were like whattt?!?!?!?

  3. I used to like Jan, until the end of season 4, then she became a little too much for me. This season, especially, she was ridiculous.

    I’m not really a fan of Holly, either, especially in HR. We need Toby!

    I’m also interested to see how Ryan comes back. Michael’s [temporary] replacement? Highly doubt Dunder Mifflin would hire him back, though.

  4. The interviewer brought up a very good point: “Do people always ask about Jim/Pam?”

    I also feel like this is a dead horse that has been beat to death. For crying out loud – does anyone watch this show for anything else?! I find the “relationships” to be the worst aspect of the show.

    Then the interview questions shifted to Michael & his relationships. The only thing missing were questions about Dwigt, Angela, and Andy.


  5. Okay, so that’s the second time in the last week or so that John K. has mentioned babies for Jim and Pam (other time was on Leno). Hmmmm… :)

  6. holly and michael are the insane version of jim and pam. they belong together.

    speaking of pb&j (i refuse to say JAM)… half of me wants there to be a big wedding episode, but the other half of me just wants them to elope. on-camera of course.

  7. I love me some JAM and I also need the wedding to happen ASAP. Jim always (since S2) has talked about JAM babies, and I need those to happen ASAP as well lol

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