Today’s news tidbits

Various news tidbits related to The Office and its staff:

  • M&M’s Behind The Shell visits The Office behind the scenes. Link
  • Revealed: the dark side of Jenna Fischer. Link
  • Mindy Kaling talks shopping. Link
  • Kate Flannery co-stars in Funny or Die’s Finger Babies (warning: extremely NSFW). Link
  • The Futon Critic’s interviews Craig Robinson. Link
  • Kate Flannery visits NBC Philadelphia’s 10! Show. Link

Tipsters: Mindy, Jill

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  1. I screamed out loud at the theater when I saw that preview for Life As We Know it. So happy for Mr. Buckley that he’s getting some of these cool opportunities! That movie looks like it could be good!

  2. This isn’t very sufficient but I saw Ellie Kemper in Get Him to the Greek…she didn’t have a line but did have a close up. I almost screamed in the theater when I saw her haha. So excited that Andy Buckley in Life As We Know It

  3. So happy to hear Amelie Gillette is going to write on the office! She is brilliant!

  4. Is it weird that I took the “Mindy’s #1” personal? I’m so glad I’m number one! Thanks Kate Flannery.

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