Ellie Kemper writes book with her sister

From press release:

Ellie Kemper and Carrie Kemper of NBC’s Hit Series The Office To Co-author Comedic Novel for Three Rivers Press

(June 24, 2010 — New York, NY) Ellie Kemper, who stars as receptionist Erin Hannon on NBC’s critically acclaimed comedy series The Office, and Carrie Kemper, a writer on the Emmy award-winning show, have reached agreement with Three Rivers Press, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group at Random House, Inc., to co-author a debut comedic novel scheduled to be published in spring 2012.

Tentatively titled Monday Sessions, the Kemper sisters’ book takes the form of a collection of misplaced diary entries and patient progress notes belonging to Dr. Amy Rice, a single, thirty-something New York City therapist who becomes humorously and inappropriately involved with the lives of her clients. Through Amy’s increasingly unprofessional notebook entries, readers learn the stories of each of her patients and her own idiosyncratic narrative starts to emerge.

Said Carrie Kemper, “This is the first book we’ve ever written. And it’ll be like the tenth book we’ve ever read. So we’re very excited.”

Said Ellie Kemper, “We are hoping that this is only the first in a series of Kemper-family manuscripts. We know that our two brothers are eager to get their own book, Ellie and Carrie: The Worst People In Our Family, off the ground as well.”

Carrie and Ellie Kemper are sisters from St. Louis. In addition to playing Erin on The Office, Ellie is also a contributing writer for The Onion, The Huffington Post, and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. Carrie was the head writer and editor-in-chief of Stanford University’s humor magazine, The Stanford Chaparral, and currently writes for The Office. Both Carrie and Ellie live in Los Angeles.

Congratulations Ellie and Carrie!


  1. They both sound like they have such fantastic senses of humor. The comment about the book their brothers are eager to write… so funny.

  2. Ellie is hilarious, and I’m sure if her sister is a writer on The Office she is also hilarious. So this book will most likely be hilarious.

  3. I’ve seen Ellie Kemper’s name pop up on by-lines from time to time on McSweeney’s site. The writing style is not too far from her character–there’s a charming insecurity.

  4. I feel like I missed something major here – I had no idea that Ellie’s sister writes for The Office! Regardless, congrats to both of them. The premise of the book sounds very funny!

  5. SWEET. I will buy this. I didn’t know Ellie & Carrie both worked on TO, that’s so cool!

  6. Ellie’s comic talents are epitomized by the on-line video “Bad Boy”. Her facial expressions, mouthing words and gestures are hilarious and charming without uttering a sound hardly. I’m sure her wonderful sense of comedy will be reflected in her writing as well…The Office should expand her character!

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