Office chat tonight at BuddyTV

Want to chat with fellow Office fanatics during the show tonight? — then head on over to BuddyTV and sign up!

Looks like there will be an East Coast and West Coast chat; check the BuddyTV home page for the latest schedule.

OfficeTally’s buddy GMMR will be hosting the weekly discussions. You go, girl!


  1. Do we know what the episode will be yet, or will it not be revealed til it airs? Any guesses? I’m hoping for The Secret.

  2. I’m not suprised by The Injury being chosen. It definitely had one of the funniest opening scenes ever, that’s for sure.

    Lindsay, The Secret will be one of the episodes in the Office marathon on August 24.

  3. I was in the first chat and it went well. Once in a while there got to be alot of people posting something at the same time so it was a bit hard to keep up with sometimes. But all in all, a great chat!

  4. the EST chat went great. GMMR was a good moderator. we need more kids next time though. next thursday.

  5. John – Babe…I think you were in a rogue chat :) We had about 40-50 people in the East Coast chat. Sorry we missed you!!

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