The Friday Tally

  • Blogs updated this week: Jenna’s MySpace blog, Kevin’s MySpace blog, Brian’s blog.
  • Didja notice all the updated cast photos over at the NBC Office site — check out the employee badges of Jim, Pam, Dwight, Michael, and Ryan in the banner, and also the pix in the Bios section.
  • Quite a few of you asked about the song used in the Season 3 promo video featuring Jim and Pam. The song is called “Stars,” performed by Lamar (according to this post at the NBC Office Boards). NBC has now posted the song; listen to “Stars” here.
  • For you John Krasinski fans, check out an incredible collection of unpublished photos from the Improper Bostonian shoot John did last December. VERY VERY NICE. (See the original photo and article over at GMMR.)
  • Lastly, a reminder that the deadline to get in your final iPod Giveaway entry, Scrantonicity Request Line, is tomorrow night, August 19th at 11:59pm PT. Get ‘er done!


  1. Thought it was worth a mention:
    Snakes on a Plane comes out today! I saw it at midnight last night and was pleasantly surprised to find David Koechner, who plays Tood Packer, as, well, he pretty much plays Todd Packer if Todd was a pilot and not a salesman. Ok, maybe a little less offensive than Pack-man, and actually much nicer. Just likes to make off-color jokes. His name is Rick. At any rate, that movie was incredible. For serious.

  2. Lol, Packer on a Plane? Nice.

    Ohhh..words can’t describe how happy I was to see those pictures. Nice pics to see after a long day of school.

  3. someone call 911. i’m about to DIE after seeing those pictures of John. Just when i thought i couldn’t love him anymore….

  4. Yay! A guy who doesn’t shave/wax his chest! That new hairless man thing kinda creeps me out.

  5. I was literally swooning. That slightly open green polo shirt and jeans combo is beyond words.

  6. I heard on Good Morning America that Snakes On a Plane wasn’t as terrible as a lot of people thought it would be. It sounds like a fun popcorn movie.

    I’m loving “Stars.” Thanks!

    And John looks so adorkable in those pics! Guh, love him…

  7. I’m “THIS_guy” on nbc’s boards by the way. say hi to me :)

    Roy’s bio picture looks SO DIFFERENT

  8. It’s like Dunder Mifflin’s ID-badge photographer suggested they take the worst possible picture they possibly could (looking bored adds a nice touch). Jenna Fischer still looks adorable nonetheless.

    (I held my breath as I scrolled down all those John Krasinski pictures. We ought to kidnap him rather than the bobblehead.)

  9. With five minutes remaining in the contest, just want to say thanks tan and james for a great way to pass the office-less time this summer, great job to everyone who posted and good luck to all. I mean, it is an iPod.

  10. Did anyone else notice that not everyone was included on the bio section. I wonder if that hurt some feelings. :(

  11. Did anyone else notice that David Denman’s bio says, “David Denman currently plays Roy Anderson, fiancé of receptionist Pam Beesly,” but everyone else’s leaves out the “currently” part? “Leslie David Baker portrays Dunder Mifflin Paper salesman Stanley Hudson . . .” “Brian Baumgartner portrays Dunder Mifflin Paper accountant Kevin Malone . . .”

    “Currently” sounds rather . . . transient . . . doesn’t it? Could it be a clue?

  12. stacey- i noticed that too. Is so heartbreaking to say this, but i think its obvious that they must have gotten married. I mean the “plain” gold band in the interview videos with kristen and now this… it doesn’t look good… : (

  13. But, Lola, Brian (Kevin) said this on his TV Guide blog:

    The wheels of information and disinformation are rolling along. Let me tell you something: Every time a fan finds some information online, people at the mother ship know about it — and they work diligently to seal all leaks. If that means lying, so be it. If it means putting out a misleading press release, so be it. If it means altering production information and adding erroneous information to websites and closing the sets, so be it. Even if it means paying off someone who writes a blog on, so be it. Hey, like I said, I’m not complaining. I am only saying it makes a guy’s job just a little bit tougher. After all, why all this mendacity on the part of the mother ship? It is all for the good of the show. Isn’t it more fun for things to be fresh and original come Sept. 21?

    So it sounds to me like they would go out of their way to throw us off, even in those interviews. They know we’re obsessive and will notice every little detail.

    At least I hope they’re just trying to throw us off!

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