1. I noticed you were missing a link on the Office Olympics tidbits section. Its a lot of the same thing as the individual interviews, but these are longer. And, theres a Michael interview and a Creed interview. The best one of all is an interview with Pam and Jim (at the same time) that will make Jammers squee. But, other than that its just longer versions of the interviews you’ve already read. Check it out.

  2. Sorry about the double post, but I felt this to be extremely important.

    From Kevin’s Myspace blog (he writes his blogs in character):
    “I went to a wedding last week. I wish they had had me play. But they didn;t. they had really good food though.”

    Wedding last week??!!?! PAM AND ROY!!!!! Ah, scary. And, if he wishes they had let him play, there must have been some talk of him possibly playing, ie. Casino Night. So, yes, extremely scary. But, supposedly, the actors don’t know what happened on June 10th. So, maybe its an unrelated wedding. Hopefully.
    Lets all pray for Jam.

  3. OMG, J, I assumed that main link was just all the little bits strung together; I didn’t know about all the extra stuff! I will amend the episode post.

    Thanks for letting me know!

  4. J that’s a frightening prospect, though you’re right. He’s not supposed to know. And technically June 10 wasn’t last week, but the Saturday of the week before. I’m reaching, aren’t I? dang.

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