Steve Carell: The Tao of Steve

Susie over at the LiveJournal Office community has posted scans of a Premiere Magazine article entitled “The Tao of Steve.”

It includes a funny quote from Rainn Wilson:

“Maybe many years from now they’ll discover Steve has a room in his house where he’s bitten the heads off of dolls,” jokes Rainn Wilson, Carell’s costar on The Office. “They’ll find, like, eight thousand dolls with their heads chewed off. But that would be it. There wouldn’t be any drugs, he never cheated on his wife, no alcohol in the equation — just one really weird thing that is ultimately discovered about Steve Carell.”

Check out the full article (and a skin-crawling bee picture!) here.


  1. I’m going to check out this article when I’m off work and have time to enjoy it. (We all can’t play spider solitaire and check our myspace pages all day at work, though I do find time for officetally, hmmm)

    It’s funny. Carrell’s the reason I checked out the show. He still rocks, but he’s just one piece of the ensemble that makes the show great. Not that the show could stand without him, in my opinion, but it’s not like the scenes that don’t feature him aren’t great too.

  2. Interestingly enough, I’m kinda the opposite of Brian. I saw 40-Year-Old Virgin, liked him in Anchorman, but I’m as big of a Steve fan as I am because of the Office. If it didnt involve an Officer, theres no way I’d see over the Hedge. But, after watching the Office and falling in love with Steve, I plan on convincing someone to go with me. (I can also say I didn’t want to see My Super Ex-Girlfriend until I found out Rainn Wilson was in it)

  3. Double Post #2 on the day. Wow. Sorry!

    I loved this article. A lot. It was interesting and well written. But, as office fans, didn’t you loved when they talked about how good Steve is at improv? Didn’t you just sit there thinking “Steve is, but Michael’s not.” I just found that amusing.

  4. Good job looking for the article, Tansta. BTW, Over the Hedge isn’t too bad. It’s nothing compared to the Pixar movies (but its definitely better than Cars), but it’s really fun and entertaining.

  5. Great article.

    Enjoyed hearing how he met his wife, how great he is when the cameras roll (ok..knew that already) and that Steve’s a fellow Diet Coke addict.

    Love this site – it’s one-stop shopping for all things The Office.

  6. I bought that magazine last week, and just loved that article. (It’s an all-around great issue of Premiere so it is actually worth buying.)

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