Dwight Bobblehead Pin

Dwight Schrute Bobblehead PinNever leave home without Dwight — carry him around with you always with this Dwight Schrute Bobblehead Pin!

Yes, the head is attached to the rest of the pin by a spring, so it bobbles.

The photo of the pin over at the NBC Store just doesn’t do it justice, so I’ve included a pic of my own here.

Get your own Dwight Bobblehead Pin now for $8!

I’m also going to be giving away a couple of these little cuties right here at OfficeTally, courtesy of NBC.

Stay tuned …


  1. sweet! it bobbles? awesome!
    also, i wanted to beat prodigal_son to making a comment. congratulations universe, i win!

  2. How awesome. I picked up some Office Valentine’s Day cards today at Target. The link from your website doesn’t yield any results on the Target website, but they were in the Valentine’s Day section. $4.99, very good deal. Target also sells super cute stickers and pens for $1 a piece. I’m a holiday ho.

  3. I know it is a total faux pas to post a comment about a different item, but does anyone have the link to Target for those awesome “Office” valentines? I can’t find it anywhere!

  4. Great! Now Dwight (and I) can start a nerdy pin collection to go along with his nerdy bobblehead collection!

  5. Is anybody else hearing a voice in the back of their head saying… “It’s ME! I’M the pin!” ??

  6. Thanks Tanster! I actually collect metal pins like this (yes, I am a big dork). I have them from all the places I’ve traveled and things I’ve done. But this, this pin will be the highlight of my whole collection.

  7. Dang it!!!! If this would have come out a week ago i would have gotten it for my BFF’s birthday!!! Oh well, no i will have to get one for mydelf. What a shame. ;)

  8. Oh gosh. That’s a brilliant idea. It’s like a portable Dwight Bobble head…or something..like that. haha

  9. I think Dwight has some awesome skills. I bet his bow staff skills are the SWEET! He is just so INCREDIBLE, GOSH!

  10. I love Dwight. A LOT. But this kind of creeps me out a bit.
    Apparently I am the only one. That’s ok.

  11. DUDE!! that is so totaly amazing!! I know that the acutal Dwight bobble head sold out in a snap but this makes it up to the people who didn’t get one.

  12. Oh that is the funniest thing I have seen in awhile. If I had $8 to spend on something totally frivolous, this would be my top pick.

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