1. yay!! is there any limit on how many times we RT each day?

    [from tanster: thanks for the question! feel free to RT as many times as you like before the deadline!]

  2. #2
    i agree! i hope i did it right I’m sort of new to twitter. I’m really excited about this contest!

    [from tanster: you can see other people’s entries here. hope that helps! :) ]

  3. Congrats Meaghan! I saw the contest when it was announced on Twitter- it’s so awesome that a Tally Head won it :)

  4. I’m still very new to Twitter…I just attempted to Retweet, I hope it worked!

  5. i’m @carolgirl9008 from twitter…i tweeted a lot and i was hoping that you would inform us who won…i would really want to know

    oh and by the way i think it is real cool that u do these giveaways (:

  6. The next episode to be voted off with definitely be “Broke”. It just doesn’t stand out as much as the others.

  7. Stress Release- Didn’t need to be an hour long. The beginning and the end were the best parts.

  8. It really needs to be Heavy Competition. All the other episodes stand out so much more than Heavy Competition.

  9. I have no idea if this episode will be voted off or not, but I have to say WEIGHT LOSS. Having Holly in the episode was great but… yeah, that’s about it, especially when compared to past season premires.

  10. The Michael Scott Paper Company will be voted off. Who cares what a rundown is?

  11. Looking at each of those episodes left, I must say The Michael Scott Paper Company is the least awesome (though still pretty darn awesome).

  12. I’m going to say “Heavy Competition.” Why? Because I saw this guy at a Friday’s in Miami the other day who looked just like Idris Elba.

  13. As much as I liked the episode, I have a feeling that Weight Loss will be voted off. It was a good episode, its just I think that OfficeTally visitors will favor the others…

  14. Heavy Competition. I love it but it is the weakest of the remaining episodes.

  15. Heavy Competition

    I swear, it’s just a coincidence it’s the one I want off, too. Why are you looking at me like that?

  16. Even though there is no limit to the number of cheese balls you can throw at someone, heavy competition can’t stick around forever.

  17. Hmm…Customer Survey or Heavy Competition? Hmm……

    Final answer is Customer Survey

  18. I think Heavy Competition is next to go. All of the other remaining episodes are too good!

  19. I think “Heavy Competition” will be the next to go. It’ll be close, though.

  20. Customer Survey!

    I cannot BELIEVE that is still there! It would have been in my bottom half! You who voted off Cafe Disco and Company Picnic first should be ashamed!

  21. I’m gonna have to go with “Stress Relief”

    Really surprised that one is still up. I never really liked that one. I think that’s the only episode of the Office that I have disliked. I remember being super stoked to watch it. I went to an “Office Party/Oh yeah, we’ll watch the super bowl before that too” shindig, and everyone was pretty disappointed with Jack Black and Alba being in it, and that whole plot line.

    But to each his own I guess.

  22. I’m gonna say “The Michael Scott Paper Company” will be the next one voted off.

  23. I think the next episode to be voted off the island will be “The Michael Scott Paper Company”

  24. I think “Heavy Competition” will be voted off the next poll because I was really excited to watch this episode when I saw the promos, but I felt disappointed afterwards. I didn’t like the storyline with Andy and Jim. I also thought the Dwight, Michael, Charles storyline would be a lot funnier than it was.
    I like this episode the least out of all the options, so I think it should be next to go.

  25. Even though “Stress Relief” is the most over the top (and not in a good way) episode ever, I’ll go with “Heavy Competition.”

  26. Heavy Competition will be gone next, I think.


  27. My guess will have to be “Heavy Competition”.
    It was a solid MSPC episode, but not my favorite… partially due to (what felt to me like) a slightly awkward Jim/Andy storyline…

  28. Heavy competition
    And for brownie points i wrote a song.
    “Office Tally rocks Dwight’s yellow socks!”

  29. Thanks so much for these contests. They’re great!

    You should pick a few of your favorite taglines entered in the contest on T-Shirts at the OT Stores (Front: Officetally | Back: Tagline) — I’d love to see some new merchandise there!

    And you definitely made the right choice with the winner of this year’s tagline contest :)

    Keep up the good work, Tanster!

    [from tanster: thanks Roscoet!]

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