One-hour season 3 finale

I’ve confirmed with Office staff members that The Office Season 3 finale will be one hour long.

That’s a 50% increase over last year’s “supersized” 40-minute finale!

I’ve also been told that there are 25 total episodes in Season 3, with both ‘A Benihana Christmas’ and the season finale counting as two episodes each.

So if I did my math right, we currently have a mere EIGHT new episodes to look forward to …


  1. So technically we are only getting one more episode than last year, thats cool though

    I have a feeling that this year’s finale will revolve around Michael more and the possibility of getting fired just because it would be weird if Jim and Pam have a big moment every May in the DM universe.

    Im actually hoping Jim and Pam hook up before then so we can see the beginnings of their relationship and not just miss out on the first 4 or so months during the summer hiatus since the show works in real time

  2. Even with the two hour-long episodes constituting two episodes each we’re still left with 23 “actual” episodes, one more than last year.

    Yeah for us!

  3. Wow that’s great! With the producer’s cuts, two hour long episodes, and a ton of deleted scenes, the season 3 dvd set will be packed! Now if only they add the picture in picture dvd commentary I’m hoping for…

  4. We better be getting some MAJOR JAM in these next up comming episodes, i can’t takee this depressing sadness anoymoree!!! BLAHH! lol

  5. Great news indeed.

    Vish, are you actually saying that you want them to film the commentaries and put a littlebox on the bottom of the screen showing actors/staffers giving the commentary?

  6. This is very exciting. I hope Steve Carell writes another episode soon; I just adored last season’s finale and would love another like it. It had the perfect balance of all the characters and JAM

  7. HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Although, eight more episodes? I swear, I feel like it was just yesterday that I was baking cupcakes, refreshing Angela’s myspace page every two seconds, and obsessing over what was going to be revealed in “Gay Witch Hunt.”

  8. I AM STOKED… but what will I do with myself once THE OFFICE isn’t on?!?! Oh my… I have no idea.

  9. so that’s one extra episode than last season.. right?
    (thats not counting the extra episodes added on w. benihana and the finale)

  10. YAY! An hour will definitely help the long draught of the summer. I really can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

  11. I agree with what some other people have said. I think it would be weird if Jim and Pam have a huge moment again during the finale. I hope that they have one sometime before the finale. I hope, meaning more that I NEED something before the finale. :)

  12. This is a total guess, but it looks like we may have 2 new episodes each month. Two in March, two in April, two in May. It’s also possible that we have only one in March and three in April. Or three in March and one in April. Okay I have no idea so I’ll shut up now.

  13. I believe (of course, I don’t know the source, so this is possibly false) that Greg Daniels said they would not have a JAM cliffhanger.

    Don’t quote me on that, I might have just dreamed about it.

  14. I hope the finally is a full hour of Karen, since we’re never going to see her again =(

  15. I dont hink GD said it directly, but he did insinuate (I thought) that he does not want to have a big Jam storyline cliffhanger two years in a row. So lets *hope* Jam has a storyline that gets resloved rather than us waiting it out, letting the cliffhanger relate to Michael or Dwight or something else.

  16. Woo! Thank you, NBC! There’s no such thing as too much of The Office — the more, the better!

  17. that’s still only 1 episode that’s new for the months of march and april..

    (2 more for february and assuming the finale is on the 24th of may, that’s 5…)


  18. Personally, I don’t mind a double JAM cliffhanger… it sure kept me on the edge of my seat last year, and I’m more interested in that than I am any other part of the show. Not that I’m not interested in all the other parts, just the JAM part most.

  19. Good news, though with Jim and Pam estranged throughout season 3 I feel like this season has yet to begin.

  20. Maybe the hour-long episode will be so good it will convince them to make all them an hour long! That would be a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

  21. Here’s to hoping the last eight episodes of the season are hilarious and full of our favorite characters!

  22. That’s so exciting!
    I’m really hoping for a JAM cliffhanger. It’s the only relationship that really matters to us. All of the other relationships are merely funny, but they wouldn’t keep us on edge all summer as much as JAM would. However, I’m sort of hoping that Jim and Pam get together before the end of the season, that way we can see the first few weeks of them as an established couple. But who knows. I trust that the writers know what they’re doing and will come up with something genius.

  23. I have a feeling Andy is going to go postal, and we are going to need that full hour to see how they solve the problem.
    Well its not so much of I think its GOING to happen as much as I’d LIKE to see that happen!

  24. SW, that’s exactly what I’m saying. I don’t think it’s ever been done before but why not have The Office be the first to do so? They have enough people in the commentary for something like that to be at least considered as a possibility. It was something I wanted after hearing all the people talk at once. It would have been nice to see the reactions and the banter in video.

  25. There will probably be several rerun episodes while American Idol is being shown on Thursdays for the semi final rounds (girl singers Tues., Boys Wed., boot them off Thursdays) so once that is over it should take us into the final 8 episdoe stretch.

  26. ::kevin voice:: Niiiice.

    This is seriously the best thing to happen to me today, which may or may not be viewed as pretty sad. But I don’t care, Thank you NBC, they really have been very good to Office fans this year. It seems they do listen to us and here’s hoping for a good, hilarious finale. While I’m rooting for JAM, I wouldn’t be all that disappointed if the finale doesn’t see them together for good, or leave off with that kind of cliffhanger but I’d like to see SOME advancement in that storyline.

  27. Kind of off-topic, but my husband gave me a Dwight bobblehead for Valentine’s Day today. I was very excited about it–although I’m not quite sure what that says about my relationship.

  28. Yeah!.. but ugh to only 8 more.
    So if we know that the finale is 2 and we see BS and Cocktails for this month… that leaves 4. Then is the whole month of March or April reruns? Ahhhh! Does anyone know when the finale will run?


  29. question: aren’t all season finale’s normally an hour long? or is this gonna be a full 60 minutes w/o commericials?

    Also, i agree that the cliffhanger won’t revolve around the Jam situation, but I do think that that will be the episode where karen leaves. but what if, by then, pam is with roy! we’ll be back to season 2. hmmm.

  30. As long as Karen is GONE, I’ll be happy!!! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Pam with Roy (I don’t think she’ll end up with him anyways) but I really can’t stand Karen, so I’ll be glad to see her go, no matter what!!!

  31. I agree with what temp writes. Here’s wishing they were all an hour long. That would be win, win, win.

  32. In response to #52 and #53::

    The episode will air for 60 minutes, with about 20 minutes of commercials give or take. So thats a 40 minute episode.
    And not necessariliy, every 30-minute comedy’s season finale isn’t always an hour. Depends on the show, but most, actually, aren’t.

  33. You know how to solve the problem of not having anything to look forward to on the DVDs? Don’t watch the deleted scenes online. That includes the producer’s cuts, too. Show a little self-control. Easy as that.

  34. And maybe more webisodes Paul Lieberstein referred to last year (with some being shot in and around Scranton with the cast improvising with actual townfolk).

    Plus, the season two set had A LOT more deleted scenes than those put up on the website.

    And, dare I ask, additional producer’s cuts…?

  35. Only 8 episodes left? Season 3 is going by so fast :(

    But YAY for an hour long season finale!

  36. “I’ve confirmed with Office staff members…” Oh my, we’ve got a big shot filling us in! :)

  37. Only eight episodes left? That can’t be! I can’t believe that’s all they have left – where did the season go? In that case they really need to make all the remaining episodes one hour long! ;)

  38. “The Office” should air 1 hr epsiodes instead of 30 minute epsiodes for the next season. Is that possible?

  39. Let me guess an hour of Karen or Pam, who do I choose, Oh I choose Pam AGAIN now wait until season 4 to see what happens with our relationship this time. SO OLD! The writers are losing me this year.

  40. The show has fallen way off since seasons 1 & 2 which happens with all great shows…once they taste success and fame, the hunger disappears and the work suffers. I can’t think of a show whose best season was after it became successful and popular.

  41. yeah but Friends, Seinfeld, Home Improvement, and Everybody Loves Raymond are all off the air

  42. well yeah they’re off of the air because they all lasted about 10 seasons! they are the most successful shows on tv. all good things must end sometime, and they sure didn’t end because they had a bad season

  43. Personally I think they should wrap it up at the end of this season. If they drag the Jim/Pam thing on for too long its just going to be another Ross/Rachel and runs the risk of becoming stale.

    Take a leaf out of the British version and leave people wanting more rather than no longer wanting it.

    IMHO of course.

  44. I agree with Rachel M. Stop with all these love stories, and get to some comedy. Anyone who thinks that Jim and Pam will get together for good before the final episode is fooling themselves. People want what they can’t have until they get it. The writers are trying to build on that tension. That’s what keeps a lot of people watching. If they get them together, then the tension will be gone. Personally, I hope one of the two disappears entirely from the show so that we can lose this stale old love story crap.

  45. I agree, we need to go to one hour episodes, I can hardly wait for thusday and then its over and then i find out i have to wait for like 2 weeks to see another its torture! pam and jim please just get to freakin gether!

  46. i agree that they should try to end this sooner than later, but i do think that they will end it with some suspense as they did last season. i’ll be upset, but oh well. i’ll keep watching anyways.

  47. Wow.. this is very exciting.. i can’t wait .. but then again i can .. cause i dont want to wait for a whole ‘nother summer after another cillf hanger.. cause you know there is going to be one

    I have heard that there is goin got be no JAM cliff hanger.. this mkaes me kinda sad. This either means that Jim and Pam will be somewhat together … or something will happen with them , and we would know right away what happens..

    I dont think that they would not do anything with the Jim and Pam storyline in the finale.

    Also i think that if they left it off with Jim and Karen doing something . that would be stupid .. cause people would get mad ( like me , a Jammer)and possibly not watch the show next season? I would still watch it… oh well .. either way .. i really hope something happens w/ Jim and pam .. lemme re-phrase that .. something GOOD

  48. im waiting for the next episode. i have finally caught up with season three thanks alot iTUNES tv shows . : ]

    hi everyone

    smells like up dog in here

  49. 8 new episodes! yay! :) I wounder what’s going to happen, maybe this will be the second season finaly where Jim makes a move on Pam lol. It’s so hard to know this show is sooooo real everything you are expecting doesn’t happen, but that works fine because it leaves you iching for more.
    Anyway I can’t wait to add 4 new dvds to my The Office colecttion and watch every episode 90 times, and 30 more with commentary. lol

  50. New episodes? Yeah, it’s taking forever. I slump over at my desk and die of boredom every day. Hurrry up!

  51. I love the tension that is building up with JAM, but I also want to see more with Dwangela. What a gentleman to take the bullit for Angela. Could someone tell me about a scene in the elevator (future episode) where Jim looks at Pam?

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