1. No, just very .. . well, looking for something to do, so flipping back and forth between websites. Flipping, that’s for tv. Don’t know the proper web word for the equivalent.

  2. Way too adorable. I’ll probably get that magazine, and with that picture in it, I’m more excited to get it!

  3. Yay!! I just got my first free issue of People last week. I got one of those things where you get 4 free issues and when they send you the bill you just write cancel on it cause I would never acutally pay money to get the magazine every week.

  4. nice one. i think they need to make the ryan character more prominent. after all, BJ novak’s always up front with the main cast members, yet ryan has like 2 lines an episode. it’s just … odd.

  5. I agree Alex. I guess it’s because BJ is so prominent in the creation of the show as an actor, writer and he’s got some kind of producing credit. After seeing some snippets of his stand-up, I think it’s a shame not to highlight Ryan more, even if they just centered a few episodes around him like they did when (in song) “Ryan started the fire!”

  6. Hopefully Ryan will be become a permanent member of the Dunder Mifflin staff this season and we’ll a lot more of him.

  7. I kind of wondered if he would get hired permanently, since B.J. said that Dwight initiates Ryan into Dunder-Mifflin in an upcoming episode. I mean, he’s been there long enough as a temp that you wouldn’t think he’d need initiating if he’s still temping.

  8. The longer I look at it the more I love this photo. God help me, I may have to buy a People magazine.

  9. For those of you thinking of buying this magazine: 1) the actual photo is not much bigger than this scan, and 2) the quality of the original photo isn’t that great …

  10. Hey all. I have two theories about why BJ gets high billing despite his smaller role. 1. His adorable face. 2. Even though his lines are less frequent than others’, they’re the ones that make me fall off my chair every time. (To name a few: his shocked stare after Dwangela’s cookie conversation, his reaction after being chewed out by Stanley for sniffing around the wrong girl, and his realization that he hooked up with Kelly the day before Valentines Day.) I love everyone on the show, but I always know I’m in for something really good when Ryan’s on camera. :-)

  11. I ditto everyone else: this picture is completely adorable! The cast looks great: John and Jenna are gorgeous, Steve looks wonderful, and BJ and Rainn are so funny! Great picture!

  12. Excellent picture, with poses kind of like an album cover from the 60’s. Love the look on Jenna’s face.

    Thanks for posting.

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