Upcoming TV events

The Martha, Leno, and Ferguson appearances are all repeats.

Remember there is no Office episode next Thursday (football).

For a complete list of events, see the OT Calendar.


  1. I absolutely loved that interview w/ John on Leno! So funny! Ditto for Michael’s on the Late Late Show!

  2. John — Next Thursday is the first official game of the NFL season. It’s a nationwide game so no Office for any of us.

  3. Okay, I just finished watching the Martha bit with Jenna, and she was great on it. She looked so pretty, and I hate Martha Stewart, so I was really only watching for Jenna. She came on, and they talked about The Office, and Jenna talked about her typing skills, and her jobs as a receptionist, and they showed the clip when Kelly askes to be a brides maid, and Michael says she looks sexy with her hair down. Then they talked about her wedding a little bit, and some other stuff, then went to commercial (God, Martha Stewart is so anoying). When they came back, they were cooking some oriental chicken soup, and it looked yummy. They were talking a bit, and Jenna reveled that she couldn’t cook very well, or that she doesn’t cook very well, I can’t remember. Then she talked about her first apartment (which is now a parking lot), and they talked some more, another commercial break, they talked more, finished the soup, tryed it, and then Jenna segment was over. I know, I’m good at describing this kinda stuff, but I thought you guys would want to know. Oh, and Martha uses mung beans in the soup, and I craked up at that. Ya know, cuz creed sprouts them in his desk. I couldn’t see Jenna, but I’m pretty sure she was smiling at the unknown reference (or maybe I’m just a dork :P).

    Luv Ya! :D

  4. Am watching Jenna on Martha now, and Jenna is as bright, witty and funny as ever and is constantly being interrupted by the host. Martha, please shut it.

  5. Wait when is this John appearance on Leno? Because I checked TV Guide and it says Brooke Shields is on tonight and that it’s a new episode…

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