OSU chats with Greg Daniels and B. J. Novak

Ohio State University’s The Lantern scores an interview with Greg Daniels, executive producer of The Office, and B. J. Novak.

Casino Night is discussed; proceed with caution.

Read the official article here, and the rough transcript here (recorded by the reporter’s sister, Becca, who also happens to be an Office fan vid creator — check out her videos in the video playlist under “Becca Productions”).

The transcript includes Greg Daniels’ first public mention of the supersizedoffice.com petition!

Alicia: Well I guess I should ask about the finale, you’re probably not allowed to give away too much, but I heard it’s supersized, which is exciting.

Greg: And that by the way came about because a Chicago newspaper had printed something that I said in an interview about, I was just kind of being a little facetious and saying Jeff Zucker oughta supersize it because I don’t want to have to edit it, and these fans started a website called supersizedoffice.com…

Alicia: Yeah, I signed that petition.

Greg: Oh, did you? Good for you! Yeah, anyway, well they really listened to that. And that’s why we have a supersized office.



  1. Damn, Jennie, you’re quick! It just went to print today! I’ll try to get the rest of that transcript up tomorrow :)

  2. Becca, and let me add that you did an EXCELLENT job transcribing the interview. It’s almost better than the final piece, I must say! ;)

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