The Office: Casino Night, 2.22

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The Office: Casino Night

Writer: Steve Carell, Director: Ken Kwapis

Summary (NBC): In the season finale, Michael and the Dunder Mifflin crew hold a Casino Night for charity in their warehouse and take some big gambles.

The Office Casino Night extras

  • From a January 2013 TV Guide article: [Greg] Daniels says there have been ideas to involve the elusive documentary crew more in the show since the show’s early years, and he pointed specifically to an alternate ending that was shot for the Season 2 finale, “Casino Night,” when Jim and Pam kissed for the first time. “There was this huge divide among the writing staff and the director and the cast,” Daniels said. “[Steve Carell, who wrote the episode, and director Ken Kwapis] really wanted to follow the characters and the emotion of the moment, and the writing staff was itching to do something kind of weird and have it be a private moment that the doc crew didn’t know was going to happen and so only heard on their mics and came running around the corner to film.”
  • Read more about Casino Night in Jenna’s TV Guide blog, TV Guide’s Q&A with John Krasinski, and Angela’s MySpace blog (no longer available).
  • The song that Kevin’s band, Scrantoncity, performs is “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by The Police.
  • What do you think Pam’s mom was saying at the other end of her conversation with Pam? Weigh in at She Said, She Said.
  • In Jenna’s MySpace blog, she confirms that no words were spoken between Jim and Pam after the kiss.
  • LITO has a little tidbit on the evolution of Kevin’s band.
  • Read James’ Northern Attack recap.

The Office Casino Night quotes

Michael: Tonight, the Scranton Business Park is having Casino Night, and we are converting our warehouse into a full-blown gambling hall. And I know it’s illegal in Pennsylvania, but uh, it’s for charity, and I consider myself a great philanderer. It’s just, it’s nice to know, at the end of the day, I can look in the mirror and say, “Michael, because of you, some little kid in the Congo has a belly full of rice this evening.” Just … makes you feel good.

Jim: Excuse me. How long is the wait for a table for two?
Dwight: I would never, ever serve you. Not in a million, billion years.
Pam: It’s a nice tux.
Dwight: I know. It belonged to my grandfather. He was buried in it, so … family heirloom.

Jim: Ever since I was a little kid, like eight or nine, I could sort of control things with my mind.
Dwight: I don’t believe you. Continue.
Jim: It was just little things, you know, like I could make something shake, or I could make a marble fall off the counter, you know, just little things.
Dwight: That’s ridiculous. You know what? Uh, why don’t you move that coat rack? Excuse me, everyone, attention in the office, please. Jim is about to prove his telekinetic powers, and he needs absolute silence. Go ahead.
Jim: Okay, I’ll try.
Jim focuses on the coat rack. The coat rack moves. Pam reveals an umbrella. Pam winks at Jim. Jim grins and concentrates even harder.
Dwight (stunned): Oh my god.

Michael: I promise I will kick it up a notch. Bam!

Michael: You are the Eva Peron to my Cesar Chavez.

Michael: Jan and I understand each other. The romance thing is sort of on hold for the time being. But we’ve remained good friends. Good friends with privileges. Not now. Someday.

Oscar: It’d be nice to do something for people who are actually suffering.

Michael: Comedy’s very much alive. As are homeless people.

Kevin: Something with animals. Or people.

Creed: There’s a great soup kitchen in downtown Scranton. Delicious pea soup on Thursdays.

Kelly: Kobe Bryant has a foundation. And he is so hot. And he gave his wife the biggest diamond ring. I know he didn’t do it. (Thinks for a second) Maybe he did it.

Angela: We are giving money that has been gambled. Why don’t we just deal drugs, or prostitute ourselves, and donate that money to charity?

Toby: Actually, I didn’t think it was appropriate to invite children, since it’s uh, you know, there’s gambling and alcohol, and it’s in our dangerous warehouse, and it’s a school night, and you know, Hooters is catering, and is that enough, is that enough, should I keep going …
Michael: Why are you the way that you are?

Michael: I hate so much about the things that you choose to be.

Michael: I am going to donate to Afghanistanis with AIDS.
Jim: I think you mean the Aid to Afghanistan.
Michael: No, I mean Afghanistanis with AIDS.
Phyllis: Afghani.
Michael: What?
Phyllis: Afghani.
Michael: That’s a dog.
Pam: No, that’s Afghan.
Michael: That’s a shawl.
Dwight: Wait, canine AIDS?
Michael: No. Humans with AIDS.
Creed: Who has AIDS?
Jim: Guys, the Afghanistananis.

Michael: AIDS is not funny. Believe me, I have tried. There are certain topics that are off-limits to comedians. JFK. AIDS. The Holocaust. The Lincoln assassintation just recently became funny. “I need to see this play like I need a hole in the head.” And I hope to someday live in a world where a person could tell a hilarious AIDS joke. It’s one of my dreams.

Jim: Pam, these are people who have never given up on their dreams. I have great respect for that. And yes, they’re all probably very bad. And that’ll make me feel better about not having dreams.

Pam: I’m pretty happy these days. I’m getting married soon, and I’m getting along with everybody at work.

Jim: Why did I talk to Jan about transferring? — well you know … I have no future here.

Darryl: Mike, I am not having fire eaters in a paper warehouse!

Darryl: I taught Mike some uh, some phrases to help with his interracial conversations, you know, stuff like, “fleece it out,” “goin’ Mach 5,” “dinkin’ flicka,” you know, things us Negroes say.

Jim: Now this band is called Scrantonicity.
Pam: Okay.
Jim: Take a look. Nice.
Pam: Oh, wait. That’s Kevin. On the drums.
Jim: What?
Pam: On the drums!
Jim: Oh, my God, that’s Kevin. Great song, Kev. Oh, my God, he’s the drummer and the singer.

Kevin: We really don’t do a lot of weddings. We actually don’t play in public very often. We’re all really hoping that Pam’s wedding works out. This could be a turning point for the band.

Jim: Yeah, you haven’t seen that since 1983.

Pam: Jim is great. Being with him just takes away all the stress of planning my wedding.

Pam: Sometimes I don’t put Michael through until he’s already said something. I look at it as a practice run for him. He usually does better on the second attempt.

Michael: At Christmas, the tree helped.

Michael: Two queens on Casino Night. I am going to drop a deuce on everybody.

Dwight: Codename Remax is here. No sign of Lan Jevinson.

Dwight: Michael said, “We must deceive them, so as not to hurt them. And in that way, we honor them.”

Creed: Oh, I steal things all the time. It’s just something I do. I stopped caring a long time ago. You should see how many supplies I’ve taken from this place. Honestly, I love stealing things.

Michael: Billy, your nurse is hot.

Michael: Lady Fortune is your boss.
Stanley: Will Lady Fortune give me a raise?
Michael: Shut it, shut it.

Michael: Old friends, new lovers, and the disabled, welcome all!

: Let’s get it started. Black-Eyed Crows.

Toby: I don’t really play cards, but I’m not going to lie to you, it felt really good to take money from Michael. Gonna chase that feeling.

Jim: It’s the weirdest thing. Every time I cough, he folds.

Michael: If luck weren’t involved, I would always be winning.

Angela: Good evening, Dwight. What is this?
Dwight: Evening, Angela. This is craps. I need to roll an eight. If I do, everyone wins.
Angela: Then roll an eight.
Dwight: Thank you, Angela.
Angela: Good luck, Dwight.

Jan: Casino Night in the warehouse. Good sport.

Ryan: One beer, and one 7 and 7 with eight Maraschino cherries, sugar on the rim, blended if you can.
Jim: So that’s still going on, huh, you and Kelly.

Kevin: I won the 2002 $2,500 No-Limit Deuce to Seven Draw Tournament at the World Series of Poker in Vegas. So yeah, I’m pretty good at poker.

Phyllis: Look, I have all the clovers!

Creed: Thanks. I never owned a refrigerator.

Pam: Hey.
Jim: Hey, how’s it going?
Pam: Good. Especially after I took all your money in poker.
Jim: Yeah. Uh … hey, uh, can I talk to you about something?
Pam: About when you want to give me more of your money?
Jim: No, I …
Pam: Did you want to do that now? We can go inside. I’m feeling kind of good tonight.
Jim: I was just … um … I’m in love with you.
Pam: What?
Jim: I’m really sorry if that’s weird for you to hear, but I needed you to hear it. Probably not good timing. I know that, I just …
Pam: What are you doing? What do you expect me to say to that?
Jim: I just needed you to know. Once.
Pam: Well, I um … I … I can’t?
Jim: Yeah.
Pam: You have no idea …
Jim: Don’t do that.
Pam: … what your friendship means to me.
Jim: C’mon. I don’t want to do that. I want to be more than that.
Pam: I can’t. I’m really sorry … if you misinterpreted things. It’s probably my fault.
Jim: Not your fault. I’m sorry I misinterpreted uh our friendship.

Michael: Love triangle drama. All worked out in the end, though. The hero got the girl. Who saw that coming? I did. And Jan is really happy for me. So actually, the hero got two girls. He got the girl that he works with, and he got the girl that he buys real estate from. So I got my New York girl, and my local flavor … life is good.

Pam (on phone): About ten minutes ago. No, I didn’t know what to say. Yes, I know. Um, I don’t know, Mom, he’s my best friend. Yeah, he’s great. Yeah, I think I am. Jim walks in. Um, I have to go. I will.

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  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such an amazing episode. It was funny, sad, amazing, happy, ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

    My heart was going crazy and I can’t wait to rewatch that OVER and OVER and OVER again. I CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT SEASON!!! I LOVED THAT!!!

    What’re they going to do?!?!!?!?!?!?!!

  2. Ahhh!! I was literally off the couch, standing for the last scene! It was such a perfect ending, but so suspenseful…I can’t wait until September!!

  3. my heart totally dropped and my eyes welled up…i can’t wait until next season!!

    also, i just got to say the whole creed thing was hilarious!

    this show rocks!!

  4. No words to describe… I had no idea they were going to do *that* on the actual show! :O

    best. episode. ever.

  5. OMG! I am soooooo HAPPY!!! Wow, just like Barry I can’t wait to watch that over and over and over again. I can’t wait till next fall!

  6. Awesome for the obvious reason. Plus, the teaser with the moving coat rack was the best one yet.

  7. I’m so happy right now. I cannot stop smiling. That was so perfect. I’m so jealous of Pam right now.

    I don’t know how I’ll survive this summer.


    that shit was fucking amazing. steve carell does it again. he gave just what im sure everyone wanted to see and kept it funny through the whole episode. the line about him dropping a duce on everyone felt like something out of 40 year old virgin, i love it. man, i cant wait for next season now. its going to be insane. they need to release the damn season 2 DVD NOW!

  9. Seriously, the series could end there and I would be happy. Best. Episode. Ever.

  10. talk about drama…but that left me feeling really unsatisfied. i dont want to wait a few months for that

  11. i cried and then jumped for joy.
    the last ten minutes will keep you on your feet.
    soo good.

  12. Definitely a riveting episode if I do say so myself. From Creed’s comedic habit of theft to a climax in the “Jam” relationship, there was really something in this episode for every single fan! 9/10 Stars on this one from me.

  13. WOW!!!!!!!! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. It’s going to be a looooong summer!!!!

  14. YES!!! Jim and Pam come through. That was amazing…..Thats What She Said. I am out of words.

  15. yes it really was amazing… i like season finales like that…its the best they have done and then they make u think at the very end they can do better and it leaves u wanting more all summer….and i must say the extra 10 minutes did not feel like filler at all like i thought it might be….

  16. OH MY GOD!


    Wow [Jim]
    Awesome [Kevin]
    I think I am…..[Pam]

    O.H. M.Y. G.O.D.

  17. I literally said “What?” about twenty five times when it ended!! “Fake crying. I was not expecting that.” Real crying from Jim. I was not expecting that. I always imagined it like that: honest and straightforward. Shows never usually do that. I am so ridiculously pleased. I haven’t absorbed it all yet. !!!!!!

  18. I join the chorus of best episode ever!

    However (and I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, just saying), I think that final moment changes the whole character of the show. These thoughts will be an expansion of something I began thinking about during the previous episode.

    Up till now, the whole premise of The Office (both UK and US), the thing that makes it tick, is that it’s actually an anti-comedy. Stay with me here. Classical satire, going back to the Greeks, no matter how much it set out to skewer, always had a point to it. Some character would grow or change because of or in spite of the folly that drove the comedy. The Office turns that on its head. The whole ethos of the show is a peek into hell, at least a C. S. Lewis “Great Divorce” style hell. In the great divorce, Lewis imagines a hell where the punishment isn’t physical pain but rather being trapped to be that which you insisted in clinging to in life, with no hope of ever changing.

    The whole run of The Office up to tonight has worked under that premise. Jim is the poster boy example. Worked there five years. Talented, but never seeks an opportunity to better himself. Eats the same sandwich for lunch every day. Talks constantly about taking trips or seeing the world but never does and appears that he never will. And most painful of all, trapped for years having to spend every day with his perfect soul mate, the love of his life, and never being able to tell her so.

    Until tonight. Tonight Jim went were no Dunder-Mifflin employee has gone before. He exhibited courage. He took a risk. He initiated change, a change that might affect his and several other people’s lives forever.

    And I’m saying with that, the show changed. It can never again be just our little voyeuristic “watching a car wreck you can’t turn away from.” The Jim-Pam relationship can never again be just one more frustration and unfulfilled dream of the Office hell. Jim and Pam started the process of development, of growth tonight, for better or worse, and it cannot be reversed. It will be interesting to see how the producers manage that next season; whether they can still keep the edginess of the show and not allow it to turn into just another “romantic comedy.”

  19. gaaaah. I screamed. I cried. I screamed a bit more. Jim is my hero…and it is too heartbreaking when that man cries. It should never be allowed to happen again.

    I also loved the Dwangela. And how strange is it that Michael has an actual love triangle? This is one thing he has going on that is not just in his head.

  20. I was expecting Jim to say something about how he was transferring! His confession was totally unexpected from me.

    The way Pam called her mom right after Jim told her was just amazingly Pam-ish too.

    This is SO my new favorite episode.

  21. Definitely the best episode ever!

    Man, I’m still in shock about that ending.

    Can’t wait for season three!

  22. WOW. I couldn’t breathe when he said it. Then I wanted to cry when I saw his tears. Then IT HAPPENED – I literally jumped up and started cheering.


    Perfect. Absolutely perfect. From the amazing teaser (Pam wordlessly holding up that umbrella was priceless.) Michael had two dates, and Steve Carell was brilliant in they way he played that out with Michael. I also gotta give him props for writing what was easily my favorite episode.

    The way he scripted him with the two girls was great. Jan obviously likes him now, and one of my favorite scenes in the episode was when Jan and Jim went out side to both think about their futility. I think Jan offering Jim a smoke will soon become one of my favorite lines ever. It was just interesting. This was also the first time Jan mentioned her relationship with Michael to someone other than Michael himself. I thought the way it was scripted was great, and the way John K. delivered the unsypathetic “I don’t know why either” was awesome.

    Ryan getting a drink for Kelly. Jim wondering why he hasn’t killed her yet, or at least stop pretending to like her. Funny shit.

    One more Jan/Michael thing, Im actually a fan of that relationship, so I was a little disappointed. Coming soon: My first fanvid. It will be JL/MS with the Goo Goo Doll’s “Iris” as the backgrond music.

    Personally, I felt the Dwangela development to be lacking. They had one cute part together, then the producers slapped both Dwight and us fans in the face by ending their time during the episode so abruptly.

    One more paragraph of one-sentence comments then on to Jam. The supersize thing was an excellent idea. Phyllis looked like she was out of the 20’s and it was awesome. Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration didn’t say his tagline. I want Kevin’s band at my wedding. (Even though I’m 15). I love Creed so much.

    On to Jam, finally.
    The Jam in this episode started from the very begining. Pam helping in that prank. With Roy standing right there. Awesome.
    Then there was the poker match between the two of them. Which was cute, but the PB&J meter didn’t move much. And then shit hit the fan.
    Jim went to talk to Jan. It was awesome. She talked about her relationship futility, he was kinda scared to. Then they mentioned Stamford, which he said earlier he is really considering transfering to. Scaryness. Seriously.
    Then, IT happened. Roy fired the first shot though. He left (He has a thing for leaving corprate functions), and told Jim to take care of Pam for him, or something like that. And he did. I literally screamed when he finally told her. And then she said she can’t. And then Jim cried. And then I cried. And then there was the shot of Pam talking to her mother. I’ve decided that her mother almost knew that Pam realizes how perfect Jim is for her. I think they have enough phone conversation and her mother’s intuition kicked in. Its just a guess, because we’ve only seen Pam’s mom once and heard her once, but thats my theory. And Jim walked in to that dark room. And they shared a kiss. I’ll time it as soon as it comes out on iTunes. It was amazing. And Pam enjoyed it. A lot. And so did Jim. I don’t think Jim’s leaving Scranton before he knows how this one will end.

    Well, its been a good season. I’ve done three after-episode comments, and you can expect they’ll be just as long next year. I love it here. I can’t wait fot the webisodes. I can’t wait for Season 3. Over the summer I plan on truly finishing my initiation into Office fandom, by watching the entire BBC series. I hope some cool stuff happens over the summer, like interviews and fanvids including Kiss #2. As I said, I’d like to get in the buisness. That’s all for now.

  24. I can’t really put into words what I thought of this episode. I could say it’s incalculcable, but that would make this sound like I’m joking around.

    That was the best 40 minutes in television history. I haven’t even rewatched it 3 times yet like I usually do on a Thursday night, but this was art. So what if it was the funniest episode the show has ever had (making it the funniest episode in TV history?)? It was so much more than that. I can’t even describe what it was.

    This is going to sound really pathetic, but I am overcome with emotion right now. Not because of the specific events that happened, but just because of how amazing the whole episode was. Maybe the words to what I’m feeling and thinking will come later. I’ll post many more specific comments over at Northern Attack.

    But the state of euphoria I’m in now, an hour and a half after the episode ended, is indescribable.

  25. Barry, I’m pretty sure Tanster lives in Palo Alto, California (or maybe thats one of the LITO or Northern Attack Guys…) but if I’m right that means she sees it a couple hours after us. So she’ll comment in a few hours.

  26. Ditto everything already said. Swooooooon!

    I wonder how they’re gonna do this next season. There’s no way that Pam and Jim can become a couple. As much I want them to, I know it isn’t what’s best for the show. I’m so interested to see how they’re going to handle this.

    But for now, I will just re-play that kiss everyday for the rest of the summer until season 3 starts.


  27. You never see this kind of stuff on TV. Everything that you wanted to happen, happened. This is crazy. Steve Carell did an amazing job on the script and Creed was awesome. Also, how many times has the poker situation with Kevin happened to you? That always seems to be the case, so well done.
    I have to go watch it again now! excuse me.

  28. I love the waves of new comments as the episode ends in each timezone of the country…now only for the west coast…

  29. I have to say that this was my favorite episode…hands down. I loved it when Tim and Dawn hooked up for the first time in the British version and I only wished I could have seen what transpired, but honestly, I liked how they approached the same situation completely different in our version.

    Jim had the balls to not only tell the girl he loved his feels, which he knows she recipricates, but can’t say, but also to go sneak that kiss in. I get to see exactly what I couldn’t in the UK version, what happens next.

    But what will happen next? I’m too excited to see the new episodes in September. And for every person who kept saying (before tonight) that them kissing this soon would ruin the office is wrong. The writing team won’t let that happen. They’re too smart and funny to let what they have slip through their fingers.

    I laughed so hard at certain parts. The kiss was phenominal, and I can’t believe it actually happened.


  31. Great episode, Creed steeling chips and keeping them up his sleeve was brilliant.

  32. I love this show!! I would have to say besides the JAM moments, I love the comments Michael made to Toby. Priceless. I think next season we will see a lot more of Toby.

  33. To “J”:

    I think the fact that Pam’s mom secretly wishes she were with Jim was evident the first time we met Mom. Her very first line upon entering the office was, “So which one is Jim?” indicating that Pam had talked to her about Jim…a lot.

  34. Okay.

    Creed is seriously the best EVER.

    I glanced at my clock when Roy left and I was like “OMG, THEY DON”T HAVE ENOUGH TIME THEY’RE GOING TO END THE EPISODE WITH JIM CRYING NO OMG.” But, obviously, I was wrong. Maybe they’re going to Australia together. I would have preferred that Jim and Pam did not get together but Pam’s wedding was broken off so they could draw out that storyline a bit more, but this was good to. Really good.

    I wish there was more Dwight/Angela. They are so weird. Kevin rocks. Literally. Too bad he won’t be able to play at the wedding BECAUSE IT’S GOING TO BE CANCELLED YAY! I love Toby so much. I thought Phyllis and Bob were going to announce their engagement and thus bring it full circle from the Booze Cruise, mais non. Bob’s amazement at Creed not owning a refrigerator was great. Poor Ryan.

    My favorite part was Jan. GO TO THE PARKING LOT AND MAKE OUT WITH HER, MICHAEL. I have a serious problem with loving the angst. Omg, she brought a bag. :(

    Mmkay I think that was the highest omg per actual word ratio in everything I’ve written ever but it’s okay because that’s EXACTLY HOW I FEEL. FLAIL! This is the most invested I’ve ever been in a TV show. Oh, Jan. I promise, you guys, I’m usually a lot more coherent.

  35. the utter shock of the end of the episode was unnerving. the love story not NEARLY handled as well as in the BBC original.

    in a way, I feel betrayed after a whole weeks worth of waiting for a well crafted story. all I saw was a knee-jerk episode intended to hook us on for next season, while showing little craft.

    in the future, important episodes should likely not be penned by Carell.

  36. one more thing- I was disappointed the Jim/Pam story seemed to be an afterthough rather than the main thrust of the story.

    worst line: “I can’t. I’m really sorry … if you misinterpreted things. It’s probably my fault.”

    pathetically unnatural- who says “misinterpreted” in that situation?

  37. Ricky G,

    Question: did you see the same episode that the rest of the COUNTRY saw? It’s 1:15 here in the center of the country so I’m a little tired and won’t go into full detail right now, but I’m going to take offense to this and explain later if necessary.

    How the hell was that not real? Maybe, just maybe, Pam has a vocabulary extensive enough to use pentasyllabic words in various types of conversation. I’ve used “misinterpreted” in duress situations before, and I’m guessing there are others who have as well.

    This episode was ART at its finest — the best 40 minutes in television. You’re trying to be the jazz baby poster that destroys it.

  38. OMG.

    best episode EVER.

    laughed from start to end and OMG THE END!

    i’m still like squealing. i almost damaged my cat from grabbing him and squeezing him and i think i threw him once right at the end.

    i just… OMG!

  39. Wow…just…woah…man, what an episode…it really broke away to the office we all thought we knew. Full of emotion. Michael was a pimp *snicker snicker*, Kevin, was a rocker, Creed was a thief, and, most importantly, Jim was a man. Jim, you rock.

  40. -Ricky G…when I’m nervous I use bigger words than I do in everyday speech

    -Voted 10

    -Just an awesome episode

    -If this had been saved for the series finale would it have made it even better and rewarding? I think it might’ve been. That’s the only thing I’m slightly worried about. But you gotta trust the writers and producers on this show.

    -Can’t wait for fall

  41. Forgive my language, but HOLY FREAKING CRAP.

    I am hoarse from screaming OH MY GOD at the TV!

    Jenna was right. Did not see that coming. At ALL.

  42. Barry and J, yes, I live in Palo Alto, which is Pacific Time. It was absolutely killing me that I couldn’t come in here and see what y’all were saying!

    I was however, camped out over at the Highest Rated Episodes page, promptly at 7pm PT, and was thrilled to see Casino Night enter at the #1 spot, and then stay there.

    Man, I am still in shock. I’ve replayed the last ten minutes about ten times now, and it is beauty to behold.

  43. For the record Tanster, I knew that you lived in Palo Alto, the town next to Stanford, about 45 minutes (i think) south (I think) of San Francisco, but I thought that YOU of all people would’ve made the trip to join us east-coasters for the biggest event of the season.

    It’s 3:30, I have the obligatory episode of the Office to watch on my iPod before I fall asleep and dream of Jim and Pam making sweet passionate love.

  44. I think this episode is quite possibly one of the best season finales I have ever seen (and trust me, I watch a lot of TV thanks to TIVO and my other DVR). It had enough to keep my husband interested far past the ending (he kept exclaiming “I can’t believe he kissed her! That was awesome.” at odd times for at least an hour).

    I do wish more time had been paid to Dwight and Angela since I love them as a couple and I am *SO* thrilled that Phyllis finally had her day as the “Belle of the Ball” with Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration at her side (and totally slamming Kevin at the tables).

  45. Oh, yes, and one more thing I just realized:

    What the heck?! Where the bejesus was Stanley? Usually he attends these things with his wife and I don’t remember seeing him at casino night. Was I blind-sided by the whole anticipation of seeing the Jim and Pam situation and the whole Michael love triangle and missed him?

  46. I loved this episode. Steve Carell not only wrote one of the funniest episodes of The Office to this date, but he added an amazing depth to the Jim/Pam relationship. We got to learn a few more frightening tidbits about Creed (he likes to steal and he’s never owned a refrigerator), that Kevin’s band name is Scrantonicity, and that Michael doesn’t know the difference between an Afghan and Afghanis.

  47. lol tanster, reading through the thread over at livejournal was the BEST. it was like SEVEN pages of OMG’s and AKSJHDAKJF and !!!!!!!!!!!!!11111.

    seriously, our fandom is the best and the fans are fricken awesome.

  48. also, i forget to mention, i love how the two highest rated episodes were this, and the dundies. hmmm…i wonder what they had in common?! lol ;)

  49. Barry, about 45 minutes south of San Francisco is about right.

    I would have flown east for this momentous event, but I did not get an invitation. Did my save-the-date card get lost in the mail? ;)

  50. It’d be redundant to call this the best episode ever, so I’m just going to express my eternal love for Steve Carell for writing such an incredible episode. Aside from the obvious JAM events that totally sent me over the edge, the comedy was spot on. The Toby/Michael confrontation at the beginning was great.

  51. Okay, so when Angela slapped Dwight and they both liked it…priceless.

    I agree, I want more of them. And Ryan and Kelly still together? So perfect.

  52. i have been watching the office since episode one and i have been dying to see jim and pam get together. i have never wanted two characters on a show to admit their love to each other as much as these two, and honestly, this episode was totally worth the wait. i had my mouth wide open and my hands over my face for the last 5 minutes. i wish john could win a freaking emmy for this performance. seriously.

  53. tanster, i think you may have transcribed the entire episode just about!! hehe.

  54. It’s 2:41am California time, and I am emotionally spent. Wanted to get quotes done before going to sleep, and now that they’re done, I must slumber.

    Leave a comment if I missed any good lines, and I will respond to all tomorrow. Er … I mean, later today. :)

  55. I can not even express how much I loved that ending. I did not breathe during both JAM scenes at the end, even upon rewatching it. I’m shocked that the writers/producers allowed them to get together so early in the life of the show, but I’m loving it.

  56. I can seriously not imagine that episode 10 minutes shorter. That was the best episode ever. I laughed, cried, held my breath, screamed! Ahh! I neeeeed to see it again.

  57. The “I’m in love with you” line was a total “I take thee, Rachel” level of shock…

    And that kiss….words fail…

  58. Tanster, I’m sure there will be many more JAM tribute videos made with the footage of last night’s show. If you see any, will you post them on your site so that we can find them?

  59. Props to Creed, Kevin, Jan, Jim and Pam. Now I’m ready for the Season 2 DVD!

  60. I can’t believe the season ended with that huge of a cliff-hanger. I truly thought that Jim was going to end up going home with Jan…which would make things awkward for him if he were to transfer to another branch. Therefore, he would stay in Scranton! I was so excited when they kissed, but I NEED to know what happens next!

  61. The show was fabulous. It made my tv watching season! I just agree with everyone’s comments on not being able to breath. I didn’t cry but I could have. I still can’t get over it, 12 hours later!

  62. “Love triangle drama. All worked out in the end, though. The hero got the girl.”

    A little meta-commentary there? Let’s hope so!!!!

  63. Ok, all I need to know is… what was the name of Kevin’s band? Was it Scrantonicity or Scrantonocity? I love it!!!! And I love that Jim went for Pam- next season will be off the hook. Has anyone ordered a Dwight bobblehead yet? It looks great!!!

  64. So totally loved this episode. Please, please reassure me that Pam will call off the wedding and hook up with Jim!!

  65. I have been accidently catching “The Office” for a few weeks now. It always made me laugh, but I considered myself too busy to watch anything on a weeknight very regularly. After “Casino Night,” though, I am now a dedicated viewer. I really, really hope things work out for Jim/Pam next season!

  66. In consensus with most of the posters here, I felt this was one of the best episodes ever (other favorites – the Dundees and Diversity Day).

    The ending for both the wife and I came with a muffled gasp. A terrific ending.

    However, if this path resembles the UK version, then the cliff-hanger isn’t as large as it is imagined. In the UK version, Dawn (Pam’s character) leaves the office, and in her absence, realizes her true love for Tim (Jim), and eventually, they get back together.

    In my opinion, Jim was telling her that he loved her because he’s going to accept the position in Stamford. I will expect his next words to be “I’m leaving”. And leave he will. Season three will be Pam’s conflict of her committment to Roy, and her potential with Jim. Then, it’ll somehow work out, and they’ll be together by the end of season 3.

    Regardless of whether he stays or goes, I PRAY that the writers do not fall into the old formula of the love story…. where they tease for two years, and when it finally happens, then what? Since the climax has finally occured, writers then usually go into conflict between the characters. And that plain sucks.

    Remember Moonlighting? And how we wanted Dave and Maddie to finally get together? And after they did, what happened? They fought. And fought constantly. Ah… love is over and reality sets in.

    Same goes for the first season of Friends, between Ross and Rachael. Then, once together, the writers are hell-bent on breaking them up. I stopped watching after season 1.


    Ok… you can have the soapbox back. Thanks for a great season 2, NBC!!!

  67. This episode was incredible and I was not expecting them to take the Jam relationship that far, but I’m so glad they did… cuz I really thought for a while that Jim was going home with Jan! Hats off to Steve for doing such a fine job on this one! One thing I wondered though, was… did Angela smile because of the slap, or the kiss?

  68. I am like everyone else, in the known universe, when I say OH MY FUCKING GOD!! I still cant come to grips with what I saw last night. Jenna and John are, and the rest of the cast for that matter, are TRUELY some of the greatest, most under-rated actors of our time. They have brought the art of understated, and none verbal acting to a new level. That scene, and you know which one Im talking about, was so finely executed that you cant tell they are acting. Well done to every single person involved in The Office.

    Just a few more Office moments I dont want anyone to forget about.

    1. Michael saying he is going to drop a duce on his two queens. I thought I was going to shit myself.

    2. The look on Dwights face after Michael kisses him!

  69. First, this was an AMAZING episode, of course.

    But can I just say? I threw laundry at the television for five minutes after that scene. How dare they leave it with that? Now, Pam and Jim are going to be making out in my head all summer long!

    *wistful sigh*

    And I agree. John, if you read this, that was some of the best acting from a guy that I have ever seen in a love scenario. You totally deserve an Emmy! (No offense to you Jenna!)

    And I fall in love with Dwight’s character more and more every single episode. He’s so totally awesome! I wish there was some Robin Williams Comedic Master type award at the Emmys. Rainn would deserve it!

  70. Lindsay: it’s Scrantonicity. It’s a very bad play on the Police song “Synchronicity.” (They are playing a Police song in the video.)

    Loved loved loved this episode. So glad they had the guts to go through with it. So glad they didn’t make their characters make the typical stupid mistakes, say the wrong thing, sleep with the wrong person, have a misunderstanding, lose courage, just to drag the plot out…

  71. Definitely one of my Top 3 episodes (with the Dundies and Health Care as my other 2)! I loved the M/J/C triangle! Jan all slutted up and ready to spend the night at Michael’s! Katie, I had the same scenario worked out in my mind…I was convinced that Jan and Jim would hook up out of mutual misery, resulting in Jim staying in Scranton. I’m looking forward to seeing how the writers handle this. I hope the show doesn’t go downhill without all the Jam tension! But I admit, that ending was amazing. When Jim professed his love to Pam, I couldn’t breathe, and when he walked up and kissed her, I got chills. And I am the most non-romantic person on earth!!!

  72. I forgot to mention that I think Jim is leaving, which is why he confessed.

  73. I think it’s possible that leaving was only on Jim’s mind because, in more typical Jim fashion, he couldn’t imagine ever having the courage to put it on the line with Pam. That’s reinforced for me by the fact that he hadn’t told anyone yet; on casino night he was going through an internal struggle: I either tell Pam or I leave.

    Now that he’s kissed her, I think his whole reason for looking to Stamford is gone. I think he’ll turn down the transfer.

  74. 22-J: Looking forward to your fan vid! Let me know when you have it posted and I’ll add it to the OfficeTally video playlist. Bob Vance didn’t say his tagline, but it cracked me up that it was written up on the leader board!

    34-Plain White Jim: Doesn’t sound pathetic at all; I was also emotionally spent! Which is just a more civil way of saying, it knocked me on my ass. :)

    44-the Foolish Sage: Good observation. Pam’s mom is definitely a Jim fan.

    60-Sarah: Stanley was there. He even had a line: “Will Lady Fortune give me a raise?” His wife, Teri, wasn’t there, though.

    62-Andi: I just read the LJ thread, and you’re right, it was hilarious! I loved the incredulous play-by-play.

    69-Andi: It was hard not to! There were soooo many great lines in this one. Steve Carell did a magnificent writing job.

    73-Jill: Absolutely I will! You can check out my favorites in the video playlist (see link above).

    79-Caroline: You bet. That was beautiful.

    82-Brett: I am thinking the same thing; that Jim confessed his feelings and gave Pam that kiss, because he is leaving, not staying.

    83-Theresa: Angela smiled because of the kiss. The slap was just for show. :)

  75. What a beautiful episode, that’s it. It was a perfect way to end an awesome season…

  76. I can’t believe I cried when Jim told Pam he loved her. I’ve gone soft. My husband and I looked at each other after the show was over and said “how are we going to make it until the next season?!”

    I’m going to have Thursday night withdrawls.

  77. What a night!! This was a night to remember. I kept thinking, don’t let it end without something going on between Jim and Pam. I was really surprised when Jim told Pam that he was in love with her. I thought he was going to say that he was going to transfer! I felt soooo good when they kissed. That was a long time coming!!! Next season will be great. I love all the actors on this show. Boy, can they ever act.

  78. great episode. Had to watch it this afternoon at lunch. It was well worth the wait. Now I can’t wait for the DVD to hear the commentary on everything.

  79. Katie, don’t feel like you’ve gone soft – I cried too!! That episode was so well done. The acting was phenomenal, and the writing was amazing. I’m so happy that Jim finally told Pam how he felt – I can’t wait for next season!!!

  80. “Hey Halpert, keep an eye on her, alright?”

    Thing is, Roy’s not nearly as unlikable as Lee (from the UK series). They’ve developed his character enough to actually make this a difficult decision for Pam, even if it seems obvious to us viewers. I literally can’t wait to see where this leads. I have faith in the writers. I never thought I’d like this show as much as the original, let alone more so. I’m upset with myself for not watching until recently, but I don’t think I’ve ever liked a show this much while it was still on the air. I couldn’t watch last night so I was on iTunes since I woke up searching for the new episode. I assume the credits were silent on television too? So effective.

  81. Delicious moments of TV. Congratulations Steve Carell-writing genius and your ensemble cast brilliant. The finale worthy of awards and recognition especially for Jon Krasinski. I want to see it again and again.

  82. Man you just gotta love the office, just sad to not see it till September. Any word when Season 2 on DVD is coming out? I hope sooner rather than later. and great final episode, couldn’t ask for much better. Good Job guys!!!!

  83. Ryan:

    I agree with you that they’ve (wisely) toned down Ray’s jerk factor to make his hold on Pam more believable. But I still maintain that she’s stayed with him because, like Jim, she’s been afraid of change. She’s had a three year investment into this engagement, something she can’t bring herself to just walk away from. But her growing regret over it has been evident in the look on her face whenever she talks about the latest way Ray has disappointed her, as contrasted with the sheer joy she has about anything Jim-related.

    That’s why I think it’s very significant that after Jim confessed his love to her, she did NOT say “I don’t love you,” but rather “I can’t.” To me those words mean: “I’m trapped….but could you rescue me?”

  84. Foolish Sage – well put. I think the “I can’t” has so much meaning behind it. But I am so glad she did not say “I don’t love you.”

  85. After watching the ending so many times (I’m a middle-aged guy, and a huge shipper!), I find it telling that when Pam first says “I can’t…” she has an uplift to her voice, like she’s asking a question. Almost as if she’s asking “How can I? Help me out.”

    I’ve watched the end of The Kiss many times now and it’s so hard to tell with the dim lighting, but does Pam actually SAY something to Jim (which we can’t hear) when they break? Note the look Jim gives her.

    Or maybe I should just stop studying it frame by frame…:) Brilliant finale, can’t wait for next season!

  86. i could be totally wrong :)

    but doesn’t she kinda nod her head slightly in the direction of the camera?

  87. The Office season finale was the best thing I have seen in years. The way this show is filmed it allows you to experience things right along with the characters. Where is my Jim Halpert? I love Steve Carell and admire him even more for writing this episode.

  88. The site editor forgot the line in the very beginning where Michael, talking about the fund raiser, proudly calls himself a “philanderer.”


  89. I loved last night episode. This show is extremely surreal at times and at other times it’s so true to life it’s freaky.

  90. What a fantastic episode!! It was really funny with the ending I knew they’d do to leave us hanging until season 3, but I had no idea it would be THIS good.

    So much funny stuff like Creed’s loving to steal, & him dumping chips out of his sleeve when he got called up to get his refrigerator. Darryl trying so hard not to laugh when he was telling about the new words from the “hood” he taught Michael & the handshake was hilarious. Toby calling Michael’s bluff was great. Another funny part was when Dwight thinks he has Jim all figured out & that he coughed when he had a good hand.

    How ironic Roy says for “Halpert” to keep an eye on Pam for him. I noticed Pam look at the camera too after the “I can’t..” & it also looks like she looks down at her engagement ring after Jim walks away & leaves her there. She never did say she was in love with Roy during any of that conversation & I think her talking to her mom afterwards says alot. I wonder what she was going to say to him before he kissed her? And she didnt push him away (but then again who would?). I think he finally decided he had to go for it & see what would happen now that he can transfer if she rejects him. I don’t think he could’ve left thinking about what could’ve been, & regretting he didn’t at least tell her..just once.

  91. I can’t even describe what it was like watching that…most of my feelings have already been expressed here and I’d probably get ridiculed by my wife if she knew I was writing this, but who cares. They kissed! I think that I spent most of my life life being a Jim, and to see him step and pull out the brass ones…impressive. One of the most well-acted scenes (and shows) that i’ve ever seen. Even though the pace and intention is totally different, the Sorkin Years of the West Wing might be the only thing as impressive. To think that they script most of those pauses! Unreal. Emmys all around!

  92. Ryan and Foolish Sage, you guys are right on. By the end of this season, I actually kind of liked Roy. Not enough for me to become a (actually, the only) Ram-fan, but enough that I think the writers would be wrong just to cut off Ram.
    I have a new theory.
    Remember this exchange?
    Pam: I can’t really talk with Roy about these kinds of things.
    Jim: Like your thoughts and feelings?
    Pam: (Obliviously) Yeah.

    I’ve decided it was really that that made Jim decide to tell her. Or, he heard that, and knew he could do better. Then, when Roy left Pam alone at a party (again, the first time being at the Dundies. For the third time if we count the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Penguins game they went to on their first date, and for all we know it could have happened more), and Jim decided he was sick of seeing Roy being mean to her.
    Thats my official “Why he told her” theory. I think it had nothing or little to do with his possible move to Stamford.

  93. I must say that I am overwhelmingly overjoyed by the deliciousness of the finale. When Jim told Pam that he was in love with her, I swear to God, I started to blackout. The whole thing was a blur after that but I was finally able to rewatch it (many times) and it’s all just so beautiful. There are a bunch of folks that I can think of that deserve Emmy awards.


  94. I am still stunned by everything that happened. I had such a good day today, I had a “Love Hangover”. I only started to follow the show midway through last season, and I have already fallen in love with it and all of its characters. Its gone from a little obsesion to feeling like the cast is part of my family. I love it.

  95. Geo-I’ve been reading as many boards as I can today, I’m stuck home alone and dying to talk about this episode!! You are the first person I’ve seen mention the way Pam said “I can’t”…it was almost as if she was asking a question when she said it. When Jim walks away the look on her face is pure shock, like a blank stare because she’s so deep in thought that everything else is lost and she’s twisting her engagement ring up and down her finger…I think reminding herself that she’s engaged because that’s the only thing keeping her from chasing Jim down. The episode guide on states that she admitted to her mother that she loved Jim! I had hoped that was what she said but was sure it would be some cruel tv trick.
    I’ve read a lot of comments that putting them in a relationship would ruin the show. I totally disagree. These two have such chemistry between them, amazing actors, and it would be interesting to explore how that dynamic changes going into a relationship. The same thing happened with me and my now fiance. We sat by each other at work and started talking on a friendly basis, we were both involved with other people. Eventually we both realized that we were into each other but were so cautious about going there, we didn’t want to deal with gossip, awkwardness, etc if things didn’t work out. We did get together and kept is secret and it was so awkward at first–walking by him to get to my desk and wondering how I should act, what would come across as too friendly. We got past that and moved on to meeting in the stairwells, the copy room, etc and making out amongst other activities! I’d love to see the show take that route, I know they could do a brilliant job with it.

  96. I swear to God I had a physical reaction to Jim saying “I’m in love with you”. My chest got really tight for a second. I would have feared it was a myocardial infarction if I wasnt so completely absorbed in the acting. Wow! Could barely sleep last night.

  97. It looks like this is the new question. What does Pam say to Jim immediately after they kiss. I think she says “I can’t” and then Jim backs off a little and acts disappointed. I’ve rewatched the last 5 seconds numerous times. Who really knows though.

  98. i didn’t think he looked that dissapointed. he says yea or right or something like that, and gives her such an intense look. i think if she knocked him back again, he would of looked way more crushed, like he did in the parking lot. he just looked very intense and very serious.

    i wonder if that dialogue is something they’ll open up the new season with.

  99. Wow that has got to be the best ending ever. I thought Jim was going to tell Pam he was going to transfer but not that he is love with her..

    Cant wait until next season!

  100. After spending a whole day thinking about the episode, I can’t help but thinking that Roy is really getting the royal skrew here. He was being a nice guy: seeing that Kevin was down and offering for him to play at the wedding, joking with Pam as he left. Then he explicitly trusts Jim to look after Pam. I’m sure that that didn’t mean “tell her you love her and sneak a kiss.”

    I know as the viewer we’re supposed to throw Roy to the wayside, but the moralist in me tells me that he wasn’t bringing this on that night, and really didn’t deserve it. The reverse of this is of course that Jim and Pam- well, on my “goodness” totem pole they’ve been knocked down a bit- as technically she’s cheating a he’s overtly chasing after an engaged woman.

    Respond to this post, please. I’ve got to know if anyone feels this also. This may require suspending your “love hangover” for a bit.

  101. yea but as i said over at northernattack, i don’t think she knew the camera was there. it looked like the scene was being shot from the break room and it was pretty dark. i don’t know but i don’t even think she knew she was on camera.

  102. HAHAHA, thanks! And thanks Jennie for making this site and updating us with everything!

  103. Eric, another theory I’ve seen is that Pam is motioning to Jim that the cameras are shooting. Notice her very small tilt of the head toward the camera.

  104. You’re welcome, Eric! It is my pleasure to serve the Office fan community. :)

  105. Great ending!!!
    But what about Kevin’s band – Playing the skins and on lead vocals and some great 80s video work. Hopefully we get to see the band play at some point.
    Also now that the tension of Pam and Jim is lessened somewhat – Whose the next couple on the rise – Michael and Carol, Dwight and Angela or Phyliss and Bob Vance – not counting Ryan and Kelly of course.

  106. “It looks like this is the new question. What does Pam say to Jim immediately after they kiss. I think she says “I can’t” and then Jim backs off a little and acts disappointed. I’ve rewatched the last 5 seconds numerous times. Who really knows though.”

    I just watched it with my tv’s volume as high as it can go. I’m pretty sure she said “the camera” because she ever so slightly tilts her head towards them and he clearly mouths back “I know”. I think if she was saying “I can’t” she moved had said it louder, it seemed like she didn’t want to be seen moving her head or heard.

  107. Am I the only one the noticed that it looks like Pam is taking off her engagement ring right after Jim tells her he is in love with her? You have to watch really hard, but a split second before they cut to the next scene she is pulling at her ring finger.
    And I am by far convienced that her response of “yeah, I think I am…” is that she is in love with Jim. She totally kissed him back!!!! I can’t wait til this fall!!!!!

  108. wow. that was phenomenal. and great discussions here too.

    something that i want to add: when pam is talking to her mom on the phone, she says “yeah, i think i am.” it seems to me that her mom may have asked “are you in love with jim?” does that seem possible?
    on a less serious note, i think that creed’s “i’ve never owned a refridgerator” is one of my all-time favorite lines.
    can’t wait to see where this goes. i’m really confident that the writers will handle this well. they’ve done a great job so far.

  109. after the finale, creed has stepped up to be my favorite supporting office member! “I steal things all the time. It’s just something I do,” had me rolling on the ground laughing!

    on a more serious note, yea I did see Pam tug at her wedding ring but maybe she was just thinking of Roy and how she’s engaged already. That would be nice if she was taking it off but unfortunately it cut too soon.

  110. It seems waaaayyy too optomistic to think that Pam’s mom was asking if Pam loved Jim back. I think that the best thing to do (rating-wise) would be to draw out the JAM angst for as long as humanly possible. As in, I can see Jim at the airport… or him crashing the wedding. As cliche as those events are, I just think it is more credible to believe that angst makes for better emotional upheaveal. That, or Pam really will go for Jim and the bear-ish Roy will, A)Try to beat him up, or B) Run him over with a forklift.

    I still am hoping Pam and Jim go to Australia together… in my dreams, maybe.

  111. The episode guide on confirms that Pam was admitting her love for Jim to her mom

  112. I’m not sure where you’re getting that from, Phantom. The caption reads:

    “A conflicted Pam called her mom for advice…. She ended the conversation early when Jim walked in on her. He didn’t say anything, he just kissed her and she kissed him back.”

    Where are you finding that she admitted her love?

  113. I think that Jim intended to tell Pam that he was transferring–remember how he had just had the conversation with Jan? But then there he was in that moment and he just completely seized it without even thinking about it.

    But his body probably knew about a half second before he said it, when his stomach dropped and his heart began racing and he got a little light headed because he knew he was about to confess, and all the sudden instead of “I’m leaving,” the words “I’m in love with you” came out. He didn’t necessarily surprise himself by saying it because he had imagined that moment a thousand times before, but it wasn’t what he had intended to tell her. And then right after he did, he felt a tremendous amount of relief.

    Yeah, I recently went through much the same thing. Watching Jim in that moment was heartbreaking. I knew just how he felt.

    It’s a testament to the amazing acting and the flawless writing that I was able to feel so much empathy for a character on a TV comedy.

  114. Robin: Plausible theory, but I don’t think thats it. Actually, I think that the question was “Are you still going through with the wedding with Roy?”. If such is the case, then I am happy about the word “think” and the unsureity in her voice.

    Eric: I agree about the ring. It was just a reminder to her that she was engaged.

    Tanster: What if you created a few different blog posts as “sub-blogs” of Casino Night for the different discussions. For example, one for general OMG!, one for the ring question, one for the “I think I am” theories, one for the kiss, one for dwangela, one for Creed, etc. I just think it might be a good way to organize things.

  115. The caption initially included a sentence confirming this, but was apparently “redacted.”

  116. likely just NBC adding to the suspense.

    watched the episode again and am now convinced that Jim spoke off the cuff. him motioning backwards with his hand denotes he was going to talk about the transfer (as he had been discussing with Jan), but instead said fateful words.

    although I orignally didn’t like this episode as much as others, I am warming. I’m not sure it deserves the first spot though- not among such giants as DUNDIES, CHRISTMAS PARTY and BOOZE CRUISE.

  117. very random about nbc removing it. Anyway. It was a great episode. I mean, beyond the Pam/Jim scenes.. Creed being a theif, Kevin’s band finally being revealed doing police cover songs, Michael’s love triangle, Jan actually planning to have stayed at Michael’s, The umbrella. well I could go on. The only thing missing for me was Meredith scenes.

  118. Phantom and PWJ, I too saw the original caption. Very interesting that it was removed …

  119. i think the general concensus about her talk with her mom was that she was saying i think i am to whether or not she was in love with jim.

    but it is interesting that it was chnged. i thought maybe it was put there because it was supposed to be obvious that was what she meant…but maybe not!

  120. AAAAHHHH…I just went back to and yeah, the rest of that sentence is gone, now replaced with …

  121. J wrote: “Actually, I think that the question was ‘Are you still going through with the wedding with Roy?’.”


    Since the NBC site is trying to backtrack on the “Pam admits loving Jim” thing, it’s possible we can go with Pam’s mom asking her, “Are you having doubts about marrying Roy?” to which Pam replied, “Yeah, I think I am.” That was my second thought as I watched the scene originally. The first, of course, being that she admitted to her mom about being in love with Jim in return. And I still want to go with that one. :-)

  122. In addition to the Creed comment, I think was the funniest exchange:
    Jim: Why did you sleep with Michael?
    Jan: It was very late.

    As for the JAM story line all I can say is wow. Great thoughts from all on what exactly was said at the end.

  123. hey, i stumbled on this site from another blog. great comments, and glad to find others as into the show as am i.

    i think there are a lot of possibilities wrt pam’s “i can’t” response to jim. pregnancy would be an obvious, trite, soap-operaish direction i trust the writers will not take. but some debt she feels to roy; that she can only satisfy with marriage. or some depth to their relationship we haven’t seen yet. i agree making roy a likable dude compared to the brit version is a good move, and i bet we see more of roy/pam next year.

    and i apologize if the following is too crass or lowbrow for this forum, but i need some reassurance that i am not the only pervert out here in internetland. but am i the only one who thought (hoped) that michael’s ‘love triangle’ might result in jan and carol hooking up? the looks they gave one another when ordering drinks at the bar.

  124. howard in nyc, that is the strangest office related thought, ever. ever. Seriously. The only gay on the show is oscar.

  125. Pam giving Michael a test run before she put the calls through to him was pretty funny & Stanley’s “Will Lady Fortune give me a raise” was great.

    Maybe we can start a petition for a one hour season 3 premiere!

  126. Hi John!

    Like the quote randomizer? — it’s one of my favorite OT features! It is a WordPress plugin called “Witty.”

    Sometimes I’ll hit the ol’ browser Refresh button a few times just to see the quote change. Yeah, I’m a loser. ;)

    You can find all the quotes from the episode’s quote section; just scroll up this page.

  127. Wowee! What a great episode. Michael/Carol/Jan love triangle…Angela slapping Dwight…Creed stealing chips…and of COURSE the Jim and Pam moments. I did NOT see that kiss coming! Incredible. I even kissed my girlfriend after that scene! She was like “How come you’re not as romantic as Jim?”

    Anyways, looking forward to the third season. JUst hope they don’t over do the Jam relationship. Or under do it for that matter.

  128. Kenneth,
    You have two comback options. If you don’t mind pissing her off, say “How come you’re not as cute as Pam?”. If you’d rather not piss her off, say “For the same reason I’m not a fictional character.”

  129. J said:
    You have two comback options. If you don’t mind pissing her off, say “How come you’re not as cute as Pam?”. If you’d rather not piss her off, say “For the same reason I’m not a fictional character.”

    Lol. That’s hella hilarious! I actually took the second option!… Although, since I have really bad timing (mostly slow reaction), I finally responded today while she was going to the bathroom. She was like “Huh?”

  130. Here’s my question: do we think season 3 is going to start the storyline where it left off? Like, the next day, still in the spring, before the wedding is supposed to have happened? Or will it be 3 months later, in September, to keep up with real time? (or something in between?)

    How faithful is the show to the actual seasons/months that it is airing the episodes in? I haven’t seen season 1 yet–does it end in the spring, and season 2 starts in the fall?

  131. Congratulations to Jordan (27), Justin (84) and Piper (142) for winning’s iTunes Drawing this week!

  132. I’ve been a fan of the show since I randomly came across the BBC Office on BBCAmerica. I loved that show and the US version is just as good, maybe better. This episode was amazing not just for the reliable hilarity, but also because of the obvious culmination of all that flirtation between Jim and Pam. So with the end of season 2, I have also been wondering where the show is headed and whether or not Jim and Pam hooking up would hurt the show.

    First, my predictions for season 3. It could go a few ways. One way is Jim transfers after Pam tells him they can’t date because of Roy. But since Jim is a star of the show, he would have to come back. If he did, it would be because the head of Stamford would get promoted and Stamford would be incorporated into Scranton, just like in the BBC version. The US version has a history of taking main storylines from the UK version. This theory could happen, but why would Jim come back to Scranton after transfering? Even without the whole Pam thing, he still has to face the other office members who might resent him a bit.

    The second theory is that Pam decides to break it off with Roy and start dating Jim. This could involve a confrontation between Jim and Roy, perhaps inevitable no matter what Pam decides. But I can’t see Pam deciding who to choose lasting a whole season. I do believe that the office storyline will be the downsizing of either Scranton or Stamford (the likely choice) and subsequent incorporation of the other branch.

    The only other theory regarding Pam and Jim is that they have a secret affair which seems really unlikely as it isn’t in their characters and would make them unlikeable to the fans.

    Second part: Will this hurt the show? I hope not. Other people have already given examples of how the hook up of two characters after a lot of buildup killed the show. I see similarities to Friends especially. After Ross and Rachel got together, the show got too corny and too much like a soap opera. The great appeal of the office for me is its realness and focus on minor characters. I fear if Jim and Pam end up dating, it will become stale. Watching a couple fight about the stuff people in relationships fight about is not the same as the anticipation we all had of their hook up. To sum up, one of the great things about The Office is how they combined the “humor of nothing” of Seinfeld with an underlying plot line that drives the show. We came for the humor, but we stay each episode for the story, in my opinion. If the story goes flat, will we stay? It’s a useless point since I know the story will be awesome and the jokes will be fall of your couch funny

  133. Personally, I think if they do hook up and have a real relationship, it will be a good relationship. No fighting or anything. I think once theyre together and get on their feet as a couple, the writers will cool it for a season, and have their relationship mentioned and monitored, but have something else be the big story line for the season. Then, maybe in season 4, they could move back to the relationship and have buildup, ultimately leading to a proposal, and marraige at the end of season 5. That would be awesome.

    I think that real-time will have to be abandoned on this one. I really think that season 3 will have to pick up within the next week or so after Casino Night. Putting it in real time would mean either we missed the Ram wedding or we missed Jim breaking it up or Pam deciding not to happen, and that is at least a quarter of a season right there. So, they can’t just skip it.

  134. I think the Jim and Pam will happen somewhere towards the end of season three or during the beginning of season four. I really don’t want the show to all of a sudden be putting Jim and Pam in the spotlight. I really hope in season three, Pam and Roy seperate, because Pam needs a break (not because she likes Jim). I hope season three will focus on the side characters a lot more and maybe Pam will do something with her talent of art.

  135. I love the way Dwight would come after Carol or Jan were already speaking with Michael. So funny… or how he tells Jim, I don’t believe you, continue… lol

    Oh I guess I should mention that I love Jim’s character……..

    The character, Carol is Steve Carells wife? Did someone once mention that?

  136. Spoilerish–hint at next season plotline!! From Kristin Veitch’s chat on Eonline. I cannot wait until September. I get all butterflyish thinking about it.

    From Freckles: The Office finale! Jim and Pam kissed!
    I know! I knew it was going to happen, and I was still squealing! Don’t you wonder why Pam won’t just leave Roy for Jim?! Actually, I had the pleasure of running into David Denman, who plays Roy, and he was much cooler than his TV counterpart. It happened to be the same week they were shooting the Office finale, and I said to him “Maybe Jim will give Roy a run for his money next season?” and he said “Maybe Roy’ll put Jim in the hospital!” No, you know, we may see a kinder, gentler Roy this fall. He also said, “I think Roy’s just so used to being with Pam that he’s not really trying too hard. So, I think we’re gonna see Roy try a little harder next year, and maybe realize Pam’s a little cooler than he thought she was.

  137. Ok, so at the very end, after the kiss, it looks like Pam and Jim both say something…It looks like Pam says “I can’t.” and Jim says “Can’t?” What do you all think?

  138. Hey Lal – This is not good news!! I don’t want Roy to try harder — I want Pam to dump him and run straight to Jim. This will be so frustrating if we have to watch Pam waiver between Roy and Jim!!

  139. forgetting the JAM for a sec, the thing that really got me about this episode was Jan’s reaction to Michael. That was great. That is going to be really interesting. I can’t wait for the next season.

  140. I have to say the JAM thing worries me a little, in the sense that I hope it doesn’t overshadow the show, I hate to say this but just like friendships get ruined by relationships so do tv shows. The Office has such a great staff of writers that they should be able to work it out well. Hopefully no “creative differences,” occur. Great episode really. I wouldn’t call it the funniest episode. It was just really really really good tv.

  141. You must put a question mark at the end of this line
    Pam: Well, I um … I … I can’t?
    Because that’s the way it’s said.

  142. I watched the episode again after breaking a self-imposed 1 week withdrawl period, and its truly amazing. Seriously. Two things:
    1. I find it interesting that in the teaser, Roy is standing right there as Pam winks at Jim and they pull off another great tag-team prank.
    2. This is a strech at best, but did anyone else notice that Pam calls her mother on Jim’s phone?

  143. ” … did anyone else notice that Pam calls her mother on Jim’s phone?”

    Yes, J, I noticed that, too. Why didn’t Pam call from reception? Maybe she was going to leave Jim a note, then decided to call her mom instead?

  144. if you look at it from a purely technical standpoint, jim’s desk really is the best place to have pam call her mom. it’s the first one when you walk into the office that is easily accessible. if pam would have called from reception, i think the blocking would have been more difficult and awkward and jim wouldn’t have been able to “sneak” in that kiss, as people are terming it.
    maybe this is thinking about it too much…

  145. Okay, I was just at, and I was looking at the bio section, and I noticed something. Pam’s fiance Roy, his last name is Anderson. Now it’s not a bad last name, unless your first name is Pamela. If she marries Roy she will Pamela Anderson! Ahh! That is just another reason for her and Jim to run off together. LOL!

  146. Wow, this is the top rated episode? and the pilot is LAST? that’s screwed up. Should be other way around. The Office ruined the whole series by Jim revealing his love to the Naive Pam.

  147. No way is this the best episode. People are too obsessed with Jim and Pam. Yes, they are cute, but must they be the only ones we focus on? Booze Cruise is NOT the best at all, and Casino Night was alright but other episodes like The Fire, The Dundies, The Injury and Christmas Party are WAYYY better. I’m sick of everyone screeching over how John deserves an Emmy (but nobody seems to care about Steve’s nomination- let’s just b**ch about how John wasn’t). It’s driving me nuts. Let’s love them all the same.

  148. Best episode ever, got me hooked on the office. Pam sold me on this show b/c of this episode

  149. has anyone ever speculated as to what pam might have been saying to her mom on the phone?

    I really want to know what her mom said when pam answered “I think I am.”

    I think she asked if she was in love with him too.

  150. I think it was either “are you falling in love with him” or “are you re-thinking marrying roy”.

    Fav part by far “Guys, the Afghanistinannies”
    hahahaha i love him.

  151. I know it’s been almost 6 years, but this episode still breaks my heart every time.

  152. It’s been six years since this episode aired and it is still my favorite episode and I’ll never forget the reactions I had when I first saw it. Season 2 as a whole is the greatest television I’ve ever watched and this episode just sealed it perfectly.

  153. It’s been six years since this episode aired and it is still my favorite episode and I’ll never forget my reactions the first time I saw it. Season 2 is the greatest television I have ever watched and this episode sealed it, so perfect.

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