1. hmm sorry, something went wrong there and my writing didn’t show up. But i said:

    I love Paul (and his hand gestures)! That was an amazing time, i miss it..

  2. Were gonna have to have a DVD of that whole interview/panel discussion.

    MTR did one for LOST and Desperate Housewives so one for the Office is a must!

    I’d buy it.

  3. Will they be at Paley Fest next year too, or is it just a one time thing usually?

  4. That was so funny. Steve is hilarious, as usual, and Paul is just a cutie.

  5. am i the only one who can’t watch this?? are there any other links or youtube, please?

  6. It works fine for me. You have to have Windows Media Player for it to run, I think.

  7. Is Jim (John) sitting to the right of Toby? If thats not him, I can’t really find him. He was there, right?

  8. John was not there. The person sitting next to Paul might be Mike Schur (Cousin Mose)?

  9. Very fun. Although it’s still kind of a trip to see Paul/Toby acting human. Those eyes communicate a level of “I’m dead to this job” like nothing else.

  10. Pecora, oh ok, thanks for letting me know.

    Is the anyway we could see the bloopers clip from PF? Like, the outtake of Jenna/Pam telling John/Jim that she loves him and then John/Jim faints. It sounds hilarious.

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