The Office at Paley Fest 2007

The Office Paley Fest 2007 Ed Helms Jenna Fischer Angela Kinsey Brian Baumgartner

SPOILER WARNING! This post and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

The Office cast and staff appeared at Paley Fest 2007 last night in Los Angeles, and it was an exciting opportunity to get up close and personal with the stars, as well as take a first look at an upcoming episode!

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The Office at Paley Fest included the following members of the Office cast and staff: Ben Silverman, Randall Einhorn, Melora Hardin, Paul LIeberstein, Creed Bratton, Kate Flannery, Michael Schur, Jennifer Celotta, Greg Daniels, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez, Brian Baumgartner, Craig Robinson, David Denman, Mindy Kaling, B.J. Novak, Rainn Wilson, Steve Carell, Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey, Ed Helms, and Rashida Jones.

The evening’s agenda included:

  • A screening of ‘Cocktails’. What made this special was that the cast was present to hear the audience reaction to each scene, from awwws to guffaws. I looked over to where Paul Lieberstein was sitting, and he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the audience reaction to poor Toby’s attempt at winning Pam’s affection during this episode.
  • A short blooper reel, which of course, was hilarious! Highlights included Pam professing her love for Jim, after which Jim faints to the floor. If only …
  • A sneak peek at the next new episode, The Negotiation. And we’re talking a nice big 10 to 15-minute preview! We saw what looked like one full story line, from setup to resolution. Daryl asks Michael for a raise, which in turn leads to Michael, Toby, and Darryl traveling to New York so that Michael can ask for a raise for himself from Jan. Given what I’ve seen of ‘The Negotiation’ and the episode being shot during our set visit, the final bunch of episodes for the season are shaping up to be the best I’ve ever seen.
  • A trivia contest with prizes. A few lucky Office fans got to show off their extensive knowledge of the show and win some goodies, including a beautifully framed signed cast photo.
  • Steve and Oscar’s reenactment of the kiss from ‘Gay Witch Hunt.’ Easily one of the funniest moments of the evening!

A shout-out to all the OfficeTally readers who came up to me to say hello! I felt a little like a celebrity myself. ;) Special hellos to Dolly and Sarah from MySpace! What an amazing fan world we live in.

And if YOU were there, please post a comment with your impressions of the evening! And for a detailed report on the evening, go check out Kath’s report at GMMR.

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The Office Paley Fest 2007 Rainn Wilson B.J. Novak
The Office Paley Fest 2007 Angela Kinsey Jenna Fischer
The Office Paley Fest 2007 Leslie David Baker
The Office Paley Fest 2007 David Denman Kate Flannery


  1. I am so jealous and love all the pictures and stories of the cast!


  2. Please no else use the word “So”


    Bet that would of been a great event to go to..

  3. Sounds like great fun, Jennie. It is so cool that you have gotten such amazing oppurtunities this week! Thank you for sharing them with us :)

  4. I hope that blooper reel is in the season 3 DVD. I would love to see that scene of Pam and Jim.

  5. Boy, do i wish i could have been there =( But still, thanks for posting all the info and pics! Love it! It must have been too awesome (of course)! ^_^

  6. HH, no I don’t think we know when The Negotiation will air. But Greg did mention some Office marathons (repeats) in March, so maybe the next new episode airs in April? I don’t know for sure.

  7. I read wikipedia today and I know its “ify” on the reliability department but it said the next new episode would be april 12th I think… it was under the “office episodes” heading.

  8. you have had probably the greatest week ever… thanks for sharing the wealth!

  9. Cool! I want to see that blooper scene with Jim and Pam, too!!!

    You are…like totally my favorite office website!

  10. Wow! What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall. Wait, I do have a pair of wings in the closet from a Halloween a while back, hmmmm…

    Thanks for sharing Tanster

  11. I was in line for stand by tickets and Angela and Jenna came by to talk to us and wish us luck on getting in! It was awsome! I ended up getting tickets in the 5th row all the way to the right!

    Oh and tanster I saw you but when I was going down to my car. I was in the elevator with that guy who was in The Merger and I saw that you pointed at him when he got out. Hahah

  12. it was amazing. i was sitting a few seats down from you, tanster (seat 7)- you were on the edge of your seat the whole time. i got some great shots with some castmembers after the q&a, which was far too short, in my opinion.

    where are you getting the arrivals photos? there’s one of kate that is so gorgeous.

    the cast was so accommodating in letting people storm them for autographs and photos. thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  13. I waited in line for 2.5 hours for tickets and finally got in! The woman waiting in line ahead of me saw Phyllis dart in to the bathroom before the panel started; we decided to run in after her and got to talk to her briefly before she went on stage! The people running the festival were so incredibly kind to those of us desperate fans waiting, hoping, praying for tickets. A big shout out and thank you to them, and to Angela and Jenna, who also came out to talk to us before the show started. And the lovely Rashida Jones, who spoke with me afterwards :) Really, really awesome evening.

  14. Catherine (23) you went in to talk with Phyllis in the BATHROOM?! LOL give her some space when shes on the can!

    So, was this a Office-only event, or were there other shows doing this? I’m just trying to figure out WHY the whole cast of the office was there showing spoilers and such…

  15. Seems like several people here in the comments section went to Paley too. Post links to your pictures, people. :)

  16. tanster – sounds like an amazing night! So glad you got to go. Paley and the site visit are well-deserved rewards for all you do for us with OfficeTally!!

    One question: (without asking you to divulge anything you’re not allowed to) Did you see any connection between the episode you saw being put together and The Negotiation? Like did it seem one would follow the other? Or was there no connection in your mind at all? Just wondering.

    Thanks again!

  17. Gosh darn it – I wish you had posted this event ahead of time so clueless fans like myself could’ve gone as well!

  18. following phyllis into the bathroom is not cool. i think you need to take a break from the office until new episodes come back on.

  19. I went to Paley Fest too and it was great…we actaully got to LA in the early afternoon on Friday so we went to take pictures of the outside of the set. That would have been great enough in itself but while there we found out where they were shooting “on location” so we went! Let me tell you that it was the BEST DAY EVER! We got to see them shoot for four hours! We also got to take pics with Angela and Kate at the filming! We are driving home to Phoenix right now so I will post all the pics from the shoot and Paley when we get home tonight so you all can see. I will also put something in the spoiler section regarding where they were shooting part of the episode.

    Tanster, we actually got to meet you right before Paley started. We were the two girls who came up to you to tell you we love your site and we told you we had seen the filming earlier that day. It was good to meet the face behind OT!

  20. I was at the Paley Festival Office event on Friday as well. LOVED “The Negotiation,” even if we’ll have to wait until mid-April to see it in its entirety. However, Cynthia Littleton, the moderator, did a terrible, terrible job at overseeing the discussion. Eek.

    Wish I knew others were going to the event. I always love to talk Office with fellow fans.

  21. Responding to some of your comments, while I’m waiting to board my plane back home:

    14-Preston: No, I don’t believe there were any Jim/Roy moments shown.

    21-Stacy: You should have said hello! :)

    22-Lisa: You should have said hello, too! I was on the edge of my seat? That’s funny. I was very excited to be there!

    24-DTemp: Paley Fest includes quite a few other shows. Go here for more info.

    29-Allan: No, the plot line we saw for ‘The Negotiation’ was completely separate to the episode we watched being filmed during our set visit. Of course, they guard the JAM storyline with their lives.

    31-Sandy: I first posted about Paley here. Now you’ll be prepared for next year!

    33-CrazyGringa: It was lovely to meet both of you! It was so awesome (and a bit surreal) to meet so many OfficeTally fans. Even the usher gave me a ‘thumbs up’ as I entered the theater. Too funny!

  22. That’s so awesome! You and Kath have had an awesome week! What could possibly top it?!?! :)

  23. Best weekend ever! It was so great to hang with you and everyone…surreal, but awesome. It has been amazing finding OT. I have gotten the chance to know you personally and I can truly say I am your number one flan now. Hooray for online friends that become real ones!! Talk to you soon… :-)

  24. I so badly can’t wait to see the Pam confession blooper! Season three DVD seems so far off, if only there was someone who decided to be naughty and posted it on youtube somehow! Oh if only.

  25. what if john wasn’t there because david denman (or ed helms) killed him for real :(

  26. Woo, I am exhausted! We just flew back to Georgia from LA and i’m feeling a bit of jet-lag ;) but we had an AMAZING time! We didn’t get to meet Tanster or GMMR unfortunately, I wasn’t sure what they looked like…

    but we did get to meet Creed, Kate, Leslie, Melora, Oscar, Darryl (my god, i’m so tired I can’t remember his name… i feel like a horrible fan). Stood 3 feet away from Jenna, Ed and Angela :-D

    Steve Carell being there was a a great surprise! My friend was the one who who won the autographed cast picture! She was so excited! We can’t wait to see the DVD from the night.

    Anyways, for now i am going to bed and I will post some pictures sometime this week.

  27. Tanster, I have to add my sighs of wonder here. You have had such an amazing week — what we fans don’t owe you.
    You have no idea how many times every day I check OT. It means a lot in these crazy times we live in – OT and (& The Office, too, of course) is my refuge.
    Thank you for attending these events and reporting back to us. And for everything else!!

  28. Oh, to live in LA in times such as these!

    Thanks to everyone who posts their expereinces and pics for those of us on the east coast!

  29. Question to tanster or anyone who attented the festival:

    Apparently, someone asked about the intention of changing the asian waitress in “Benihana Christmas”. What exactly did Greg Daniels say was the reason for this? There was a lot of speculation and it would be great to hear the real reason.

  30. I was there.

    I asked the question about the Scrantonicity music being released on I-Tunes or CD. It seemed to get a good reaction from the crowd as everyone loves Kevin.

    How unfair was it that they made that woman spell “Seiko” in order to get the question right and when she didn’t they took her prize away! I would have been mad, but then again, I won a prize also.

    It was pretty scary and definitely in violation of fire codes during the autograph seeking free-for-all that began at the end of the night, but I managed to get pictures with a bunch of them. They stayed around for a long time and were very appreciative.

    My favorite comment was about Dwight’s love and appreciation of hierarchy. The best blooper was when Pam asked Toby if she could come for dinner and bring an overnight bag. Caught him off guard.

  31. Hi Tanster!

    I was there too!

    I actually saw you in the very front-middle row! I was like hey that’s Jenny from Officetally! You’re so lucky.

    I was the one who asked the question about having more long hour episodes, and said “I love Rashida Jones, but I’m Team Pam.” I wrote a blog about it on my myspace page

  32. I was there, and was able to get photos with Jenna, Angela, B.J., Ed, Leslie, Brian, Oscar, Melora, and David. They were all so genuinely friendly and gracious toward their fans. Also, I met Kath from GMMR!

    Unfortunately, I didn’t see you Tanster, or else I would have come up to say hello — you do a great job with this site!

  33. Hey Everyone,

    We were at Paley Fest this past Friday, what a blast!! We also went to the set and watched them film for four hours @ the mall!! If you are interested in seeing some pictures and reading our blog about our trip, visit our website or check out our blog site at!! We hope you check it out!!

    (CrazyGringa is one half of Mexicanity, to see both of us, check out our myspace page!!)

  34. Oh my god, this is too funny. I totally remember you guys who asked questions or won prizes. Jennie–I was in the second row, but I was more on the lookout for Kath and actually talked to her a little bit as I was looking for my car at the end of the night. I guess during the event itself I was too distracted by the cast on the stage to look for anyone else…

  35. Hey guys, Like mexicanity said, we posted a blog about Paley Fest, visiting the set and watching them film. It has tons of pics and I would say its a small spoiler alert. Although we don’t give much away about the plot of the episode, you can see where they are filming on location so I guess its a minor spoiler alert.

    By the way, at Paley we were sitting right next to the girl who won te autographed picture of the cast. Clark, we were probably right behind you cause I totally remember someone saying they were team Pam who was sitting in front of us…too funny!

  36. Oh, also, I have a small audio clip from Paley Fest. Its about two minutes long and its the conversation the cast had about the kiss in Gay Witch Hunt. Its just audio, so you can’t see Steve go up to Oscar and plant one on him but you can hear the whole conversation and everyone laughing. Its quite funny. Anyhow, does anyone know how I can post that on my myspace page so I can share it with you guys? The file is a *.mov file I think.

  37. Hi Catherine (comment #23) – It’s Carla, the girl who followed Phyllis into the bathroom with you! I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye on Friday but wanted to see if we could exchange photos (if you got any). Visit my MySpace page and drop me a line if you can without a profile…. :)

    p.s. Jonathan (the guy in line next to you) wanted to say goodbye to you, too, but we couldn’t find you when we were leaving.

  38. p.s. to Paul (#47) – I was the one who had to spell “Seiko”–which is why I asked Greg Daniels if he wanted the “real” spelling (which is what I gave him) or not (I didn’t remember if was spelled “Seyko”, so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway). Don’t worry though, the prizes were gone so I couldn’t have won one aynway. I was just happy to be seen and heard by the cast. :) Congrats on your prize BTW!

  39. ok so i’m a new person here and i was wondering if you guys could fill me in about the paley fest. i just recently started watching the office (yea i know i have a lot to catch up on..but i did rent all of season two and watched all within 4 give me some credit) any info would be great thanks so much.

  40. Paley Fest looks like a lot of, especially with the entire office cast there! I would die if I saw Steve Carell!!!

  41. I was at Paley Fest and it was great! My sister and I came from Atlanta and it was well worth it! I think the highlight for me were the “kiss” by Steve and Oscar, Rainn Wilson saying Dwight would have made a good Nazi, and everyone just being so nice while signing autographs. You can tell they love their job and love their fans!

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