On the ‘Parks and Recreation’ set

I’ll have limited Internet access for most of today.

That’s because I’m visiting the set of ‘Parks and Recreation’! Hello Greg! Hello Mike! Hello Amy! Hello dirty bra!

I’ll post a full Tally-style report next week, just in time for the PandR series premiere — the filling in a delicious comedy sandwich served between two new episodes of ‘The Office.’ :)

In the meantime, watch this clip of Amy Poehler’s visit to ‘The Tonight Show’ this week, including a funny talking head scene from PandR:

[NBC.com video no longer available]


  1. Tanster – you are my hero and the luckiest girl ever! I can’t wait for your full report of your set visit. Have fun!

  2. Say Hello to Aziz from all his fans in New York!

    [from tanster: i met aziz and let him know. he thought it was sweet! :) ]

  3. Have a great time, Jennie! Are you also going to catch The Lampshades while you’re in town this weekend?

    [from tanster: thanks laura! no, i’m flying back tomorrow afternoon.]

  4. Woo hoo! I feel so lucky to have not one, but TWO shows from the geniuses behind THE OFFICE :)

    Living vicariously through you, Tanster!

  5. Wohoo, I was right! I called it in my question to you in your Weekend Tally. I am now doing my “I was right” dance. Have fun Jennie and tell them we are all going to be watching!

  6. Oooh, Jennie, I have a question for Mike if you see him. Do you (or him) remember back when you went with them on the strike, I mentioned that I loved his crazy naming style and he said he would name my puppy if I got one? Well I didn’t get a puppy but I am pregnant (don’t worry, I’m not going to ask him to name my child) but maybe he can think of a nickname. We won’t know if it’s a boy or girl until May so we’re just calling the baby peanut for now. Help Mike!

  7. Question: Is OfficeTally going to become OfficeTally/ParksandRecreationTally? I don’t mind if it does I’m just wondering.

  8. I know this is old, but I’ve always wondered. Are you a Parks & Recreation fan, Tanster? I for one think the show is hilarious and kind of carried on the same humor The Office used to have in its early days, with just a little more optimism.
    But that’s just me.

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