Photos from ‘Evan Almighty’ premiere has posted a bunch of pictures from yesterday’s world premiere of Evan Almighty at Universal City.

Office folks in attendance: Steve Carell, Angela Kinsey, Brian Baumgartner, Leslie David Baker, Ed Helms, Mindy Kaling, Oscar Nunez, David Denman, Creed Bratton, and Kate Flannery.

Link: photos of Evan Almighty premiere

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Steve Carell Evan Almighty premiere


  1. Has anyone noticed Martin “The Convict” standing to the right/behind Ed Helms in line? Too funny.

  2. Kate is really pretty. I’m learning to appreciate her acting more and more! She really manages to make Meredith frumpy and unattractive…

  3. Some of the guys really need a stylist. The ladies look fab as always, though Mindy could’ve dressed up a bit more. Angela is flawless as always. Kate really knows how to pick colors that compliment her hair color and skin…

  4. Ed is just too darn cute, and Steve… well, Steve is smokin’… as usual. :D

  5. Agreed on Kate Flannery’s looks and acting. It takes some skill and guts to transform herself into such an unappealing character as her Meredith – a drunk, evidently a pretty bad parent, lousy driver and a litterbug to boot. Meredith has the personality of a wet dish rag – well a dirty wet dish rag because she’s kind of foul-mouthed – and yet she’s strangely endearing. I’d miss her.

  6. i liked how adam sandler was at the premiere. it makes me wonder what he thought of steve’s parody in the diwali episode :)

  7. I wonder if Steve’s wife was there? Also, I wish there were more pics of them posing together.
    Everyone’s on their own.

  8. I’m a Steve Carrell fan, but Evan Almighty doesn’t look that great. This one might set him back movie career wise for a little bit.

  9. Ed is there not just because of The Office crowd, he is in the movie, Evan Almighty, in a minor role as a TV announcer. He even stands out in the previews. Be sure to look for him.

  10. Have to disagree with Agent Michael Scam, above.about this movie. It is very funny,not all belly laughs (a few),but lots of smiles and chuckles at the insights and sophisticated comedy it projects. Don’t expect a religious message, just some wise commentary on family life, animal life,politics and the environment. This movie will boost the career of everyone in it.
    Don’t miss it.

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