1. @Ryan’s Hobbit Catherine Tate and Jake Lacy?(who’s obviously just said something really funny!)

  2. Is that Steve Carell at the end of the far table? Looks a lot like him but not 100%.

  3. I saw Hank there. I wished they had showed what happened to him. Hopefully it’s on deleted scenes.

  4. Hi Jennie, quick question. Did you actually get to hear them read? Are they totally in character for the table reads or is it more casual?

  5. I’m guessing that Steve Carell (along with Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak) was not at the last table read because of other work obligations, and also b/c all of their material was concentrated in the wedding scene and they could have just been e-mailed/faxed their dialogue and worked on it that way.

  6. Yes, you’re very welcome,@Ryan’s Hobbit! Also, can I just ask – did Rainn dress as Dwight for the table read!?

    [from tanster: he was probably coming from shooting a scene.]

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