Pre-order the Dunder Mifflin robe!

The Dunder Mifflin robe, made famous in last Christmas’ episode, A Benihana Christmas, is now available for pre-order at the NBC Universal Store!

Lounging around the house doesn’t get better in the Dunder Mifflin terry robe. This robe is the exact same one as worn by Michael and Toby in the Office’s holiday episode. It features the Dunder Mifflin Inc logo embroidered on the chest, a removable waist strap, and hand warmer pockets on both sides. Measures approximately 48 inches from collar to hem, one size fits most.

My contact also tells me “It is the exact same robe, the same vendor in fact, that made the robes worn on the show … it is a thick, Egyptian-cotton terry … not polar fleece!”

Price: $65. Ships on June 1.

Link: The Office — Dunder Mifflin Terry Robe


  1. Wow – very cool! These look super nice…a great addition to the tchotzke offerings!

  2. Living in Houston, I don’t know if I need a robe. But I do want to know when I can get my talkin’ Michael Scott bobblehead.

  3. This is amazing… that’s what she said. lol Can’t wait to cuddle up with my Dunder Mifflin robe!

  4. I don’t know how much Egyptian-cotton terry robes go for nowadays, but doesn’t $65 seem like a lot?

  5. awesome. perfect birthday present for my dad. plus, he kind of looks like Toby, so…

  6. I agree Gretchen–I too have a space in the glass display case over my bed waiting for talking, bobbling, bumbling Michael.

  7. Hey – if I buy a lot of robes, will John Krasinski deliver them to my door? Or show up wearing one? Just kidding but a girl can dream!

    Gretchen, you can get a talking Michael Scott keychain and pen on the NBC website. I think one is $8 and one is $7 but I don’t remember which is which.

  8. How about we make a coat out a towel? And then we could wrap a belt around it.

    Seems kind of pointless, I’d rather get 4 or 5 t-shirts.

  9. I already have so much Office merchandise I don’t know if I need any more. I really, really want it though :)

  10. oh god BEST idea about the DUNDIES.
    i want a dundie.
    personalised DUNDIES

  11. Maybe you could dunk the belt in the toilet. Have a toilet belt.

    Just finishing the joke from Jim Gaffigan that Elisabeth started.

  12. That’s so awesome. If I can scrape the money together I’ll get it for my honey for father’s day.

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