Talking to Oscar Nunez talks to Oscar Nunez about The Office and his Comedy Central show, Halfway Home:

Is it difficult to keep a straight face when you’re working with Steve [Carell]?

No, I’m actually pretty good at keeping a straight face. A lot of the people in “The Office” break up. [John] Krasinski is notorious. He just laughs at anything that Steve does, and then Angela [Kinsey] follows suit. Him and Angela are little giggle partners.

Link: Talking to Oscar Nunez


  1. im glad halfway home is ending.. now there’s no chance of losing oscar.. dunder mifflin version.

  2. Oscar is 49? I would have thought he was closer to 40 than 50. There are some good genes in that family!

  3. Ditto to the cuteness of “giggle partners”…I love thinking of Mr. Krasinski as a “giggler”. Swoon :)

  4. “giggle partners” made me giggle. ^_^ and yay because oscar’s from jersey! oh wait, i forgot, i renounced that state..

  5. I wonder if the other cast members get tired of questions like “What’s it like to work with Steve Carell?” or “How can you not laugh around Steve Carell?” I’d be yelling, “Hey, I’m an actor too you know!” Sometimes I wonder if these reporters are professionals or just slobbering, squealy autograph hounds.

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