Previews of ‘Phyllis’ Wedding’

SPOILER WARNING! Videos and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

  • Yahoo’s extended preview: over four minutes long!
  •’s Preview #1: classic Jim/Dwight shenanigans.
  •’s Preview #2: Michael’s speech.
  • Entertainment Weekly’s preview: Kevin and Scrantonicity! Aside from the video, there’s a really great article beneath it — make sure to read it!
  •’s preview: WARNING, there is major JAM action in this one!
  •’s previews: there are two here that are different from the rest — “Kelly gives Pam advice on how to act at the wedding” and “Michael causes problems with the caterers.”

(Whew! Are we previewed out?)

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  1. Wow. That was really long. I was most pleased with the Pam parts. I can’t exactly decide how to describe the way she said, “Also Pam and Roy!” How does she feel about attending a wedding that reminds her of her wedding to Roy? Was she annoyed? Why? Was she sad?

    Oh, and Stanley was priceless.

  2. Wow, that WAS quite an extended preview…four minutes in all! Looks like a really really good one!!

  3. I tried to stay away from this clip for like a whole two minutes but alas, I have no will power…

    It was great though…Pam does not look amused…

  4. Sometimes I hate these previews so early before the episode comes out. This episode is going to be nuts but it just reminds me I have to wait 6 damn days to see it.

  5. Sorry for another post-
    Does this mean Phyliss will be gone for awhile? Also does anyone think Pam is going to get all vulnerable and fall for Roy? Even if its only temporary?

  6. Notice Stanley is holding his wife’s hand, while Jim isn’t holding Karen’s as they’re walking on the same shot.

  7. (… continuation from my previous post) Both they’re presents are toasters. Jim didnt’ need to use both his hands to hold it.

  8. Wow. Not only is Phyllis copping Pam’s flowers and invitations, she’s getting her toaster, too! I guess Stanley’s house no longer has “twooo toasters.”

  9. I think that if anything, Pam seeing her wedding play out would only make her more annoyed with Roy and less apt to get back together with him. This should be a great show!

  10. hmm. this is weird but when karen was talking about the P and R I heard P and J for some odd reason and then went to jim’s face, and i was like DUH!! weird..oh well cant wait!!

  11. I hope a large chunk of the show is dedicated to the reception and the pre-church and church stuff is kept to a minimum

  12. Arrrggghhh!! I can’t get the preview to play using the link. Anyone else have this trouble? What to do!

  13. WOW!! I can’t wait for next Thursday! Hope it doesn’t move as fast as BF did last night.. I want my special new ep of Office moments to last long.

  14. ‘Noel loves Kurt’ :

    It wasn’t working for me the past few weeks too, I tried this:

    Play the video from the small player, then click on the thing that makes the player go bigger.

    After a while, they both started, I just paused the small player one and watched it from the bigger player.

  15. Oh my God, little Michael at his mom and Jeff’s wedding! He had such a traumatic childhood.

    Poor bitter Pam.

  16. “it’s a big day for Phyllis, but it’s an even bigger day for me.”

    oh Michael…hahaha

  17. For some reason the scene of Pam driving to wedding by herself got to me. Poor Pam :(

    At least last season she had a fiancee and a best friend in Jim but now she truly has nobody

  18. That’s the thing about bear attacks. They come when you least expect it.

  19. ugh I didn’t want to give in and watch it but I did… at least it was stuff from the beginning. I’m so excited!! I’m so sad for pam being alone.

    also, was karen not wearing a dress? that’s too funny!!

  20. AAAARGH! I really wish Yahoo would start making these clips more Mac friendly. for that matter, too. Oh, well. I probably shouldn’t be watching or reading this anyway, right? Hopefully, someone will be kind enough to put this up elsewhere.

    And yes… I tried it in Firefox AND Safari. And… all my plug-ins are up to date. No tech problems on my end as far as I can tell.

  21. Not sure what this means, but when I had the chance to see them filming at the church, one of the trailers had the name “Ben Franklin”. I didn’t think anything of it, until today, after last nights episode.

    Could be they forgot to take the name off the trailer.
    I just hope we don’t see Ben again.

    he freaked me out :)

  22. ‘..And I was like, wait, didn’t I call that off?’

    Oh Pam. You are so wonderfully sad.

  23. I loved Michael trying to sneak into the wedding pictures. “This is a big day for Phyllis, but an even bigger day for me. Employer of the bride!” Everything’s about him =)

  24. I love that Stanley found a new home for the toaster he was planning on giving Pam and Roy!

    Serious moment with Michael as a child. Sad.

    Looks like it might get funny again this week. I hope so. I agree with Mani (18): should be an hour ep.

  25. For those on a Mac that are having trouble playing the videos:

    I was able to get the videos to play after installing Flip4Mac – a plug-in they recommend under “solutions” in the window that pops up instead of the video. I’m using Firefox on a Mac and it seemed to (finally!) work after I installed and restarted my browser.

    And that clip was TOTALLY worth the trouble .

  26. damn it! i can’t see it. it keeps closing down my firefox and it won’t work on IE.
    it worked on firefox for me last week.
    i’m so upset.

  27. Does anyone know if Oscar is gonna be in the episode?

    Cuz he wasn’t in Ben Franklin, and I didn’t see him in this clip.

  28. “theres too many ppl on this earth
    we need a new plague” hahahahah

    P&R invitation cards:
    phyllis and robert
    “ALSO, PAM AND ROY”….(wow, inever realized that b4)

    phyllis definitely has something up her sleeves

  29. little Michael at his mom’s and Jeff’s wedding crack me up!…”I HATE YOU!!…I HATE YOU!!” poor Michael… but it’s still halrious!!

  30. I can’t watch the preview. I have a PC and tried with IE and Firefox with no luck. Anyone knows what might had happened?

  31. “Also Pam and Roy.” I love pam so much. I have a feeling about this episode. It’s gonna be great!!

  32. Boy, nothing makes a bride feel more beautiful than to be told she has a bald patch.

    massromantic: Karen’s in a dress – she’s just wearing dark hose.

  33. It’s up on YouTube for anyone who couldn’t get the Yahoo! viewer to work.

    Dwight’s in the same tux as Casino Night.

    “The Schrute’s have our own traditions, we marry standing in our own graves. It makes the funerals romantic; weddings are a bleak affair.”

    Ah, classic Dwight – what would do w/o him?

  34. I think it’s gonna be a race between Pam and Karen. Who’s gonna lose it first? hehe… *softly chanting “Karen, Karen, Karen”*

  35. And Macs don’t suck… it’s just that this thing called the world wide web tends to cater to Windows users first.

    I work on both platforms and find the Macintosh far superior in anything that doesn’t have to do with being online.

  36. What a neat observation Mani, but let’s hope that never happens.

    That has got to be the best prank since future Dwight. I laughed so hard when Dwight said his mouth felt so bad all of a sudden and then Jim topped it with the clasic sly smirk. I bet that’s the cold open. I can’t wait for this episode.

  37. Ahaha.

    I did not know this.

    “Jenna Fischer auditioned for the role of Sydney Bristow on Alias, but she was never called back.”

    Jenna Fischer: (about how she failed to get the role of Sydney Bristow on Alias) They said they liked my acting but I wasn’t hot enough.

    I think she’s hot enough.

  38. haha i love that prank! jim is so creative and patient with his pranks. remember the putting the nickels in the phone? that must have taken such a long time just for that one moment of dwight hitting himself in the head.

  39. OMG!!!That was hilarious!! I so cannot wait till Thursday…What day is it today? Tuesday? Crap!

  40. It seems kind of odd that Jim says that in school he learned about “this scientist who trained dogs to salivate,” since most people are familiar with Pavlov. It’s kind of like saying “We learned about this famous deaf composer.” I think it would’ve come off more clever without explaining classic conditioning.
    Also, I don’t think Pam gets nearly enough recognition for her pranks. She has many of her own and she’s often the one with the original idea behind the ones she and Jim team up on. Also, many of the pranks we see the two of them do together, we don’t get to see whose idea it was first…just something that bugs me…

  41. that was awesome! i love how jim conditioned dwight to want an altoid whenever he rebooted the computer…

  42. That was one of te funniest things I have ever seen. I had to pause to allow myself time to continue breathing.

  43. Aww I love this cold open with Pavlov and all. For some reason, this season has had some very memorable ones.

  44. I agree Jules. If there is one thing season 3 has excelled at over season 2, its the quality of the cold opens

  45. mani. another odd kawinkydink. first, her name is pamela. and she is played by jenna. two words. anderson. jameson.

  46. Secrets Secrets, now you’ve made me feel stupid!

    I actually didn’t know the Pavlov reference. I’ve vaguely heard of the theory, but wouldn’t associate the name with it. A little embarrassing because I actually have my Masters degree (and no, I didn’t get it online).

    Anyway, point is, I don’t think it’s common knowledge. Either that, or I am a hell of a lot more stupid than I ever thought I was.

  47. To those concerned about Oscar not being in the episode…watch the part of the clip with Dwight and Angela. If I’m not mistakne, it’s Oscar and Gil that walk past with a gift in the background.

  48. To be fair, I only knew about Pavlov because Pavolvs Bells is an awesome awesome song.
    That was SO funny, though.

  49. I don’t know about you guys but Pavlov’s classical conditioning comes up in any introductory psychology course. (both high school and college) It’s kind of important along with positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, etc.

  50. Oh God, Michael’s speech. I used to be a wedding videographer and stuff like that just brings back memories. I wonder if in the episode Bob Vance just punches him right then and there. I mean, Kelly slapped him in “Diversity Day”, he was tied to the brig in “Booze Cruise”, the only logical step would be him beaten to a bloody pulp.

  51. Wow, so we’ve seen like 10 min of this episode total now? I love the previews but then when they happen in the real episode I’m like wait, why is this so familiar…

  52. Oh also, there was a preview on Conan when Mindy was on. Did anyone record it (either the clip or Mindy’s whole appearance on the show)?

    The TwoP summary was: “Kelly “consoles” Pam at the reception table because it was supposed to be her wedding. Pam says it’s really ok, but Kelly says there’s no way that it is and if she were her, she would get really drunk and blurt out that she was pregnant because it works and she’s done it before. Pam says that those are really good ideas.”

    Does she mean to get attention or to get Roy back?

  53. Hee! Bob Vance’s expression throughout the entire speech is amazing. I like the ‘I-don’t-know,-he’s-an-idiot’ eye-roll at the beginning.

    And Pam kind of gave a Jim-face there! Very cute.

  54. I’m not sure if this was posted yet, but Mindy’s interview with Conan is up on Youtube.

  55. Cor-NOT : I’m pretty sure Pam didn’t really think that Kelly’s ideas were good.

  56. i saw some pictures from the office labeled “cocktail”. does ne one have ne info on that?

  57. Oh no, I know -that- but I was just confused by what she meant in the first place.

  58. Guys — from all the promos, previews, spoilers….

    i think theres gona be like 5 minutes of stuff thats gonna happen during phyliss’ wedding that were not gonna see coming.. lol, still worth it

  59. hyphen – check out the spoiler section . . . there is a link there.

    Has anyone noticed the spoiler section where the quesion is poised, “Will Jim and Pam get together?”

    The answer is infuriating!!

  60. Does it bother anyone else that the whole “Webster’s Dictionary defines wedding as…” joke was a rip off of a line in an old Simpsons episode (the one where Homer teaches a night class) in which he says, “Websters Dictionary defines wedding as the process of removing weeds.” ?
    It’d be really sad if the writers resorted to ripping lines from other shows. Like when the show “Home Movies” used a bit from “Friends”. If The Office ever retells a “Frineds” joke…then…oh crap. Oh crap, is all.

    I didn’t find the spoiler about Jim and Pam to be infuriating, by the way, rather comforting. I was always hoping the US Office would end as happily as the UK one.

  61. I meant infuriating b/c it said there would be a setback in this week’s episode. The overall ending I assumed. I was just ready to see something happen that wasn’t a setback… :-)

  62. Secrets Secrets – I’ve noticed “borrowed” jokes before on the Office…like a couple of things that I’d seen before on Seinfeld. When Kevin finds out that his skin cancer test comes back negative in “Michael’s Birthday” and Michael thinks thats a bad thing – that was done in a Seinfeld ep. with George thinking his negative test was bad..I think it was in “The Pilot”.
    I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but it is interesting whenever that happens. Hopefully they’re not reusing jokes and just thinking that it’s safe because a younger generation is watching and hopefully won’t recognize old jokes.

  63. someone mentioned the spoiler…

    i was a little confused because different people have been saying “jam fans will be happy this coming month” and then even the guy who played kevin said this was a four week loop that wold end happily….even jenna said she shreeked when she read a script..

    and now aussillo (or whatever) is saying that nothing is going to happen soon?..

    i’m thinking somebody lied…or maybe he meant they aren’t going to DATE soon but something big will happen at the end of cocktails or something..

    i dunno. just a little contradiction.

  64. I’m not going to read any of your comments, and I will NOT watch such a long preview. What fun is the episode when it finally airs if we’ve already seen half of it?! If NBC will make the episodes longer than 20 minutes, then maybe I’ll watch a 4-minute long preview. :-)

  65. It’s been renewed for another year Haley and I expect it will be around a couple more after that.

  66. I can’t get the TV Addict site to work at all. Any chance of someone very kindly putting these clips on YouTube? We’re still working our way through the second series in the UK and the wait for these brand new episodes is killing me!

  67. haha with all of these previews and with this being only a 20 minute episode, i feel like there isn’t going to be anything new to see! not to say i don’t love them, because i do.

  68. Jeeze, why don’t they just post the whole episode already!

    Does anyone know if there will be a producers cut or anything for this one?

    Because it seems this one should have a lot of extra footage. It IS a wedding after all.

  69. Okay, so I added up the time of the 4 clips: 7 minutes 30 seconds. So, yeah, we’ve just a couple minutes shy of seeing half the episode. I think I’m really going to try to stop watching clips after this week . . .

  70. I’m holding out hope they’ll surprise us with a producers’ cut. And that Ausiello is a liar.

  71. i am very proud. i have stayed away and have not watched ANY of these clips =)

    i think i’ll reward myself with a cookie.

  72. NBC renewed the Office for a fourth season by ordering a full 22 episodes. The station announced this a few weeks ago.

  73. I think it’ll go on for about 5 seasons. Remember back in Casino Night when Dwight said that Dunder Mifflin was 4 years into a 7-year lease? That was at the end of season 2, so the lease should be up at the end of season 5, so maybe that’s when it’ll end.

    …Or else I think *way* too much about this show, and that was just a throwaway line! :)

  74. This is ridiculous! There is another scene from tonight’s episode on NBC’s dotcomedy page ( It is a pretty big spoiler but of course, I watched it anyway. They might have edited some of the scene though, because some parts of Michael’s speech that was in the preview, was not in this preview.

  75. Some people are going to be very disappointed with tonight’s episode since they have seen practically the whole thing in advance

  76. I just went over and saw that “pretty big spoiler” Matt. I am now extremely mad I watched it, no more elements of suprise left for me!

  77. I’m trying to stay strong. I watched the 4 minute preview, but nothing else

    But COME ON!

    Giving a link promising major Jim/Pam action? How can I resist? Only 9 and a half more hours…only 9 and a half more hours…

  78. man the clip from dotcomedy was ….hmm how can i put it…a rollercoaster

    i have hopes for jim and pam and in the clip my feelings were really good cause there’s possibly still hope and there is this feeling the something stupid is going to happen

  79. I feel like crying… that music is perfect “love you once, can’t love you twice”!!! And Pam is actually showing an emotion that jim caught. yes, soon it’s bye bye karen, helloooooo Jam!

  80. It didn’t work for me either, but if you type in and then go to their main page, there is a box that has the NBC comedy line-up and if you click on it, it takes you right to the clip

    That’s how I got around it.

    Cause I’m weak.

  81. yeah, i was strong and did not watch. for about 10 minutes.

    So at least we know with that clip, that Jim isn’t jaded at all by the goings-on of last summer (Pam not calling, etc.) – at least not jaded enough to keep from going after her again (IF she showed interest)

    (psst – Pam – show some effing interest. like, yesterday)

  82. thank you for putting the warning on the JAM one…i would have watched it but now i want to be surprised for tonight considering the fact that over 10 minutes of the episode has been released…wonder why NBC let that happen

  83. Oh JAM! I couldn’t resist the video and now…what do I do? Wait to see it on a larger screen?! The ache! The ACHE!

  84. I put the additional ‘warning’ on the vid to keep people away who don’t want to watch; of course, calling more attention to it with the warning label tempts you even more.

    GAH! — a Catch-22.


  85. Michael jumping up and down has got to’ve made Jim forget about Pam’s look of sadness. I know I cracked up as sad as I was!

  86. I watched the JAM preview without sound. That way I’m only kinda spoiled. But d*mn if I didn’t FEEL the angst!

  87. jamaica sun princess: michael jumping up and down made me forget about poor Pam..for about 3 seconds! haha trust michael to do that and try to upstage the groom on his wedding day

  88. Haha. Michael jumping up and down was great. Cannot believe it’s finally Thursday! I also can’t believe that amount of videos that were available for this episode. I mean the show’s only 20 or so minutes long. This will be a JAmpacked episode for sure (pun intended). :)

  89. Oh my heart aches for poor JAM! The look on Pam’s face when she see’s Karen & Jim dancing says it all. But on a brighter note, LOL @ Michael jumping up and down trying to get a view of the reception!

  90. Cousin Mose,

    I agree. They are becoming dangerously close to prolonging this just to prolong it. Its teetering off the edge of believability and into sitcom land.

  91. Ok, ok, what do you mean that we know Jim is not jaded enough to go after Pam if she showed interest?? Did he have a talking head?

    I’m trying not to watch the JAM clip so I can have something good for tonight but I am reading the comments…sooo I guess I’m still getting spoiled. I swear, I have no will power :o(

  92. Sorry CrazyGringa, My comment was probably more suited to the TWoP forums…sorry to overly spoil!

  93. A lot of the previews are repeats, so I don’t think we’ve seen as much as we feel like we’ve seen. I mean, the “Easy Rider” line is in like, every clip.

    Maybe I’m just saying this to make myself feel not so bad about being such a spoiler wh*re. haha. It’s Thursday!!!

  94. Here’s what needs to happen: Jim and Pam need to be locked in a room and not be let out until they are honest with each other.

    It’s Thunderdome, baby… of LOVE!


    Sorry. That was lame, even for me. Continue with your lives, already in progress.

  95. I’m hoping Michael gives Pam some Booze Cruise-esque pearls of wisdom. If they prolong this into Season 4 I might do something destructive. has some hopefully good news…Rashida is starting another sitcom. I will watch it because a) I don’t hate her and b) it might mean Karen’s gone!

  96. they overdid it with the music i think

    what kind of wedding plays a song like that anyway

    (unless its a “renewal” wedding?)

  97. Oh, that JAM clip wasn’t so bad!!!! It gave me HOPE!!!!! :) I just hope that watching JARIM dancing isn’t Pam’s breaking point and that she is going to go back to Roy now. >:( Even if she does, IT WON’T LAST. It CANNOT!

    For those of you being good and not checking out the spoiler…. it will be worth your while to wait, but even if you broke down, I still think there will be more to look forward to tonight. Nothing momentous has been revealed and nothing has changed with this little clip.

    I really miss all the gratuitous flirting from last season, it hurts that they pretty much avoid each other in front of people. That clip just made it all slightly better. I have been getting sick of the middle school “do you like him? do you like her?” thing the writers were sticking Karen with.

  98. Ah… I hope that wasn’t all of the JAM action tonight because if it is I just ruined the show for myself :( Damn all these previews! They wouldn’t let the whole thing be leaked would they?!

  99. This site is the devil!!!! lol, it’s full of temptation!!! lol, I can’t wait 4 tonight!!! aggghhh!!!! :)

  100. Elisabeth, I sure hope you’re right about Rashida getting her own show! I agree that she’s got some good acting chops, and it’d be fabulous to see Karen gracefully ushered out of the picture. haha

  101. ok, CrazyGringa, since you asked :) , Yes, there is a TH (!)

    I have been worried for a while that Jim would still be all “well she rejected me twice, i’m not going after that, she has to come after me” But I think the TH confirms he would go after it again.

    This gives me a little hope after all.

    Whew. Is is 8:30 yet?

  102. There still might be hope for tonight’s episode though. I remember that during an interview after the SAG awards Jenna was asked what will happen with Jim and Pam in future episodes. Then she said something like there is a wedding coming up and things happen at the wedding that people will enjoy. So who knows what will happen tonight.

  103. Thanks, Laura! So he does have a TH! I can’t wait for tonight! I must say that Thursdays are my favorite day of the week!

  104. I desperately trying not to succomb to the temptation that is OfficeTally! I haven’t seen one clip and intend to hold out until tonight. I don’t mind reading the spoilers though. Reading isn’t the same as watching.

  105. Wow, that dotcomedy one was so good – poor Pam. If only she knew how to tell Jim how she felt! But then again, his girlfriend is always around. It was easier for Jim to flirt with Pam since Roy was rarely around.

  106. Is is bad that I have put off working this afternoon to hit refresh on this thread? Does that mean I have some sort of addiction problem?

  107. Alissa, you are a true optimist.

    I, however, am completely frustrated by both of them after watching that clip.

    That’s it, she just walks out after he flirted with her like that. He was totally giving her an opening.

    He also could’ve made a move by saying something like, “I’ll make it easy for you, I’ll lead.” and then taken her by the hand and pulled her out on the dance floor.

    I mean what were they missing there was candle light, soft music, alcohol (they were at the bar) and they were at a wedding for G-d’s sake – what more do they need?

    Someone needs to brew some strong coffee in that office so that Jim and Pam can wake up and smell it.

  108. Jim!!! She’s interested!!!! SHE’S INTERESTED!!!!!!! GAHHHHH!!!! The frustration is starting to overwhelm me!

    Forget strong coffee, these people need a kick in the head and a bus ticket for Karen.

  109. I know it feels with all of these previews that we’re watching a good majority of the show, but honestly I always feel that way and then when the show airs I’m very pleasantly surprised at just how little I have seen plus keep in mind that two of the clips have one part that is exactly the same in both clips (i.e., Michael’s speech).

  110. Why can’t I shake the feeling that all of this is just building up to a Pam/Roy moment??? Sigh.

    I am going now to take a nap until 8:29. I can’t take this suspense anymore!!!

  111. Ok, Ok, so I don’t know if anyone has posted this yet but think about this:

    Maybe this is like a replay of Booze Cruise…In BC, Michael gets kicked out of the boat. After they set the wedding date, Jim sees Pam and Roy dancing and later on in the eppy walks out and talks to Michael, where Michael tells him to “Never ever give up”. Now in this eppy, Michael gets kicked out. Pam sees Jim dancing with Karen. Pam walks out and maybe…maybe Michael gives her good advice.

    No? Am I stretching too far?

  112. CrazyGringa, it would be a fun twist. I think it’s a great idea.
    I should probably start working now…I’ve been refreshing these pages for about ten solid minutes. Whoops!

  113. ten solid minutes, CH?

    HA I’ve been doing it since I got back from lunch almost 2 hours ago. (My boss is out today, obviously.) Clearly, I have a problem.

  114. Anything’s possible CrazyGringa and someone did mention something about Jenna talking in an interview about a wedding coming up and that things happen at the wedding that people will enjoy. I’d love it for sure if that happened and IMO its quite possible, because this season just seems to a reverse of last season (Pam seems to be where Jim was at last season and vice versa).

  115. “But I think the TH confirms he would go after it again.”

    Oh definetely … the problem is that unfornately he just doesn’t realize yet that Pam does feel the same way!! Would somebody please knock this boy upside the head and knock some sense into him (plus please give Pam the initiative to go after Jim as well).

  116. I have no will power at all either. I have watched/read/re-watched/re-read everything humanly possible about this episode.

    I might have to start up a JAM coping group for all of us tortured and obsessed souls.


  117. I like your theory CrazyGrina, except for one thing. Pam is not the type to open up to Michael, of all people. Remember “I’m rejecting your kiss.” She gets her point accross in a more understated way which, as we know, doesn’t usually work out for her. It would take a lot for her to just come out and tell Michael about her feelings for Jim. I don’t think just seeing him dance with Karen would be enough. Maybe the combination of the similarities btw. her planned wedding to Roy and Phillis’ wedding, coupled with the Kelly comment and the conversation with Jim would be enough, who knows? All in all, it won’t be an easy night for Pam.

  118. Regarding the JAM preview…


    Okay, after seeing more of the scene, there is NO WAY Jim misinterpreted Pam’s sad look. I no longer care if they don’t get together in the next few episodes. That was a VERY satisfying clip! :D

  119. I am a big loser.

    I have watched the dotcomedy clip at least 5 times with no sound… would someone like to give me some clue as to what’s being said?

    Most appreciated! :)

  120. So that was just about the greatest thing I have seen all season. I really really tried to keep myself pure before tonight’s episode but now I’m glad I didn’t. I would be squealing so loud I would have missed everything! Now that I know it’s coming I can sit back, relax, and say “GO TEAM PAM” in my head.

  121. I would just like to say that I’m staying strong and NOT watching the preview!! But I have been keeping up with the comments all day, so I’m staying somewhat informed! :-)

    Man, tonight can’t come soon enough! And I won’t even be able to watch it until after 10! Thank goodness for DVR!

  122. Here you go Kismet

    Jim – “Hey”
    Pam – “Hey”
    Jim – “So when are we going to see some of those famous Beesley dance moves”
    Pam [laughing] – “I’m pacing myself”
    Jim – “Get out there. Give the people what they want.”
    Pam – “I’m such a dorky dancer.”
    Jim – “I know, it’s really cute.”

    Jim TH – “Hypathetically, if I thought Pam was interested…(voice trails off). No, it’s just hypathetical.”

    Cut to Pam watching Jim & Karen dance – no dialogue.

  123. I would think that Jim would have at least some suspision in his mind that Pam’s into him. Hell, she canceled the wedding!!! Get the picture!!! He’s probly scared of getting hurt again. Like he said when he was talking to michael in xmas. “You just had a rebound. Which don’t get me wrong can be a really fun distraction, but when it’s over, you’re left thinking about the girl you really like, the one that broke your heart.”

  124. oh the dramatic irony

    we know both sides of the story but they don’t and its killing me…


    Is the office showing 2day in canada? or is it just montreal that isnt showing it? god, globaltv sucks so much ass.

  126. well, who needs to watch this now? We’ve practically seen the whole episode. I’m gonna go and watch Ugly Betty.

    (which I’ve never seen.)


  127. It’s so hard not to watch any of these clips. Will there be any scenes that weren’t “previewed” before it aired?

    BTW, there was a really brief interview with Phyllis Smith on the Total Axxess Radio Show. The interview talked about her faith on the set and tonight’s episode. It was really short, and I don’t know if anyone got a recording of it. I would have tried if I had known about it before it came on.

  128. My God. I starting to wonder what part of the episode we HAVEN’T seen. This is crazy.

  129. Oh. Oops. Didn’t realize that I was saying the same thing that the person before me said . . .

  130. Hi guys,

    This is my first post, and i love the site. I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song in the jam preview. thanks for your help

  131. What’s the name of the song they played on the JAM preview? I Googled it, Yahooed it, even asked Jeve’s but nothing!

    “I loved you once, I can love you twice
    My heart keeps telling me this is good advice

    We had it all then started to stall
    But we can fall in love again

    Love is a feeling that you can’t explain

    My heart has a mind of its own
    My heart has a mind of its own”

  132. Yeah I’ve been trying to figure out what song that is during the promo but I really can’t find it.
    It starts off “loved you once I can’t love you twice…” Kind of slow, with a female singer?
    Anyone know what it is?

  133. I searched it up and the only thing I can say is that it’s NOT “my heart has a mind of its own” which is an oldie.

    Help anyone?!

  134. I thought this was Phyllis’ wedding!! Why must every board or comment stript be consumed with boring long winded analytic falter about Jim & Pam. There are at least 15 other characters in The Office to talk about. The writers know the JAMmers want J&P together. It’s no secret to them nor to the millions of us who are tired of reading the same stale salivating comments week after week. Can’t we please give J&P a much deserved vacation??

  135. OH!!! I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW INCREDIBLY EXCITED I AM AT THIS MOMENT!!!!! After nearly a week of searching google, wikipedia, yahoo,, NBC, youtube, every Office blog board, and dozens of “look up your lyrics” sites…..I FINALLY FOUND THE COVETED SONG!!!!

    What finally provided an answer?? Googling “Artist NBC promo The Office” and clicking on the first site:

    NBC! Of all places! I feel so silly!

    So…are you ready? If you’re like me you are DYING to finally KNOW this artist!!


    (I KNEW it was someone I haven’t heard of…and I thought it had to be titled that! But alas, I was looking through a bunch of country songs…ah, well! This feeling is worth it!!)

    I still can’t find a place to download this thing, but at least we have a name, face and location for this beautiful song!!

    HOORAY!!! WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!! (My birthday present came one day late… :)

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