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SPOILER WARNING! Videos and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

When I went over to Yahoo to watch the extended ‘Phyllis’ Wedding’ preview video for the nth time (addicted? am I addicted?), I noticed there is a new video up — one where Melora Hardin, John Krasinski, Mindy Kaling, and B.J. Novak talk about the Office relationships.

They discuss upcoming storylines, so hence the spoiler tag …

Check it out here.


  1. OH MY GOD

    Okay, after seeing more of the scene, there is NO WAY Jim misinterpreted Pam’s sad look. I no longer care if they don’t get together in the next few episodes. That was a VERY satisfying clip! :D

  2. I have resisted the spoilers for tonight’s episode so far, but I decided to give in to this video. I’m SO glad I did. JKras is so cute!

  3. Lisa and Alison, does it give away a lot for tonight or just general plot development? I’m trying to avoid all the clips for tonight, so let me know if it’s “safe” for me to watch (cause I’m dyin’ to!)

  4. am i the only person trying to decipher the phone number in the background on the sign on the left?

  5. There’s little to no talk about tonight’s episode. It’s more talk about Ryan/Kelly and Jan/Michael as couples. With cute shots of JKras making faces cut in!

  6. I agree Shannon. Any reasons there may have been to think Karen was a viable choice went out the window the moment she became “Clingy Girl: The Office’s Newest Wierd Superhero!”

  7. anyone else having trouble with a mac?
    i can hear it.. but it keeps starting over.
    no picture.
    argh!.. anything about jim and pam?

  8. I’m on a Mac as well, and the first time I tried to watch it, I just had sound. I freaked and tried every other browser on my computer, then came back to Safari and it worked. Weird, I know, but I guess just keep trying!

  9. For mac user’s if your really desperate you can download real player 10 for Mac.

    Use the browser integrated browser with the link and its a little slow but watchable

    This will also work for PC users who are having trouble.

    Hope this helps!

  10. Anyone notice Mindy saying that Ryan will be moving to Kelly’s area of the office? I’m guessing this means there will be a Jim/Andy/Dwight seating combo-could be interesting. :)

  11. ::foreheadsmack::

    I got first comment but on the wrong thread. Going to get more coffee… :P

  12. How is Karen a better choice? Are we suddenly going to like her in Cocktails or Business School?

  13. what you need to do in safari is to play it once for just a second and you get sound…pause it rewind it and then play it again and you’ll have picture…works for me everytiem

  14. Number12: I meant to post that under the “Previews of ‘Phyllis’ Wedding’” thread, regarding the latest preview from dotcomedy.com. I think I had two windows open and chose the wrong one. If you check out that thread my comments should be clearer. I’d explain here, but it’s not really related to this clip and I don’t want to spoil it further for anyone. :)

  15. Hmmm..Ryan moving to Kelly’s part of the office? Does this mean Jim gets his old desk back?

  16. Karen could be a possibility? On what planet? She is nothing like Jim (except she works in sales, but we’ve only seen her talking about getting Dwight’s customers, nothing else sales-related) and doesn’t even like to play along in his schemes. I think John Krasinski (sp?) is clueless or maybe thinking that Rashida could be a possibility. The character of Karen is not right for Jim. Even if it isn’t Pam, it’s not Karen.

    I like Jan and Michael well enough, but don’t care too much if they get together publicly. Now Dwight and Angela, that’s a relationship I’m more interested in.

  17. Mose and Shannon, I’m with you guys on this one…Karen the better “choice”? Yikes, what is he talking about? I think (I hope) John K. was playing devil’s advocate in this interview.
    I ‘ve had it with the Karen character- she’s annoyingly obsessive, narcissistic, cold, and kind of boring.
    Don’t get me wrong, lovely actress and all that….but the character has not developed into anything with feet.

  18. Lisa: Okay, lol, I was confused. I’m like, did I miss something? I can’t wait for tonight!!!

  19. OH YEAH! score a point for Team Karen
    Jim’s going to fall in love with her tonight after he sees her killing it on stage

  20. Crap!!!!
    in the spoiler section it says that Rashida was just cast on a new comedy for Fox. That means she’s going to be gone next season..

    I miss her cute freckles already

  21. Bye Karen… don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya and all that…

  22. Jan and Michael still weirds me out, but I’m glad they enjoying playing those parts. I think they create an interesting dynamic on the show as the odd couple out. I still love Dwangela and impending JAM is nice, too. :)

  23. I wouldn’t be too thrown off by the “Karen being a better choice” thing. Jenna Fischer has also talked about how maybe Jim might not necessarily be The One, but the right one to show her Roy was not The One. I can’t imagine they would end the series at whatever point it ends not having them together when it’s such a classic tv love story.

  24. Thoughts on the different Office romances-

    Jim/Pam/Karen/Roy: Obviously want to see Pam and Jim get together, but I am at the same time sympathetic towards Karen and Roy. Everyone seems ready to villify Karen, but I saw her the way the writers and producers of THE OFFICE saw her. As just another woman that Jim got involved with. She’s more along the lines of an innocent bystander whose probably going to get hurt. I read this one fanfic over at fanfiction.net that had this Karen centered story set after THE RETURN where after Jim says “Yes”, she goes to cry over the stupid mistake she made and the moral conundrum she’s in as she’s sraping the snow and ice off her SUV windshield. This is the Karen I have in mind, not the jealous, manipulative succubus everyone thinks she is. So yeah she maybe around for a while and pose a “threat”, but I’ll bet good money that the last time we see her, she’ll be leaving in tears over the stupid decision she’s made. As per Roy, no way. He maybe a changed man and all that, but once you cancel your engagement with someone, you’re never going to get back to where you were. So yeah, Pam and Jim all the way. But they’ll be taking their sweet time to get there. Look at Niles and Daphne on FRASIER.

    Dwight/Angela- This is the one couple I’m actually interested in. They’re sort of a warped version of the traditional TV romance and can’t wait to see what happens between them. I just have this idea of an epic romance unfolding in secret and that they’d go through all these lovers trials without anyone knowing it.

    Michael/Jan and Ryan/Kelly- So wrong. So wrong in so many ways, but it’s fun to watch them squirm.

  25. I’m excited to see what sort of tornado of chaos results in Dwight and Angela’s relationship being revealed. How awesome is that gonna be…

  26. John was so right. Pam may not be the best woman for Jim, he deserves someone better… God, Pam!

  27. Cara (#16), I never even thought about seating. Dwight took his desk back when Andy left, so now what? Maybe Jim will get his old desk back, but then again, he’d have to look at Pam and it would be harder to look at Karen. If he’s struggling with feelings for Pam, he may not want to watch Roy come and go. Jim/Dwight/Andy together absolutely has to be the combination of seating. Poor Jim will have to put up with them, but I’m sure he’ll have a load of fun with it!

  28. “Rashida was just cast on a new comedy for Fox. That means she’s going to be gone next season.”

    IMDB shows her on a pilot episode only for an “untitled Paul Reiser Project”, so if it doesn’t get picked up, she could be available for work. Of course, if NBC is saying she’s not going to be there, then I guess that’s more reliable. I’ll be glad to see her go. I think her character has just about run its course.

  29. Purple Belt, Dwight’s desk is across from Pam’s, and Ryan’s is beside Karen’s. So if Jim were to move back, he wouldn’t necessarily face Pam. And he would actually be closer to Karen…

  30. Michael and Jan FTW! Love so much where they are going with these two. Loved how Melora said they are together and make it official to everyone but that it will be a bumpy road. That’s so perfect for them. That’s what makes them so funny. I cannot wait to see how they play out Michael and Jan. This is going to be good. Also, loved how she said they joke that instead of a Jim/Pam(and she started to say JAM…cute)wedding when the show wraps up that it’ll be a Michael/Jan wedding. I can totally see that. Like she said once, it’s(Jan/Michael) so imperfect that it’s really kind of perfect. And I know it’s because Melora and Steve have this great chemistry together that makes it just totally work. Count me in as one who has totally fallen for this couple.

  31. I know I’m late on this (I swore off spoilers and I’m catching up on all the stuff I didn’t read), but I wanted to comment on something, and I’m surprised only one other person (Carrie) has mentioned it. I loved how Melora just automatically referred to Jim and Pam as JAM (and then immediately “explained” with “Jim and Pam). Is she in tune with the fans? Does the cast refer to them as JAM? I wonder…

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