1. Hahaha, I’m sure it was Michael who (whom?) came up with that disguise. I CAN’T WAIT!

  2. Wow, Tanster, it’s fun to have you on the East Coast. I never expect to see new things on Officetally at this time of day!

    [from tanster: thanks Tricia. I am completely dedicated to this site. :) ]

  3. Wow.
    I was concerned with the photos of mustached men…now I just can’t WAIT!

    Thanks for updating, tanster.

  4. The thought of Michael, Jim and Dwight working together makes me giddy. And I love that its Stanley they’re fighting for. After all, if Stanley left the Office, they’d only have 2 left!

  5. Tanster you rule.

    But I still say re: mustaches…ridiculous. Facial hair is only for breakups.

  6. Oh my gosh. I can’t wait!

    And I agree with Tricia, we never have reports this early in the morning!

    I hope the convention is amazing, I wish I could have gone!

  7. I am not worried about Karen coming back at all, in relation to Jim and Pam that is. She poses no threat to them at all. Jim is completely over her. But, in the words of Ross Gellar, he was never really “under” her to begin with.

    I am a little worried about Stanley though — he can’t leave Scranton!

  8. Ah yes, I cannot wait for the people worried about the non tension between Pam and Jim in Local Ad to start worrying about the non chemistry between Karen and Jim in Branch Wars.

    But I think Karen trying to steal Stanley will be hilarious and completely filled with uncomfortable Michael Scott jokes about race.

    In the end, I would love for this to be more like Diversity Day and less like The Merger.

  9. The idea of fake mustaches on “The Office” makes me very queasy. I have confidence in them after last week, but I’m still nervous.

  10. I hope this is the return of funny, snarky Karen! can’t wait!!! :D

  11. Cool, Karen. I hope they can figure a way to make her a part of the show on a regular basis once her new series flops. I don’t see her as a threat to Jam anymore.

  12. I think it’s kind of crazy to be concerned about the mustaches- it’s going to be hilarious, I’m sure. A good stupid Michael idea.

    Also, like everyone else here, I really don’t think Karen stands any kind of chance of getting back with Jim. Be reasonable. What you can expect, however, is a jealous/over Jim Karen who is angry and annoying towards him. That’ll be fun to see.

  13. Why are you all freaking out about the mustaches?! If anyone can pull it off, The Office writers can. Have faith! :)

    AND omg Karen. I can’t wait to see what kind of tension it brings.

  14. The little small snippet of JAM we got in the promo doesnt really seem all the lovey dovey to me. Pam’s face kinda falls at the end of the clip…so, it worries me. Hopefully we won’t have something lasting that we have to deal with over the return of Karen. It does make the whole drama side of the show return..but let’s hope it’s fleeting.

  15. Is that the “Get Smart” theme song they are playing in the background of the Office promo clip?? If so, nice promo for Steve’s upcoming movie too. Can’t wait till Thurs as always.

  16. This looks like its going to be one of the greats. I love Stanley and I don’t want to see him go!

  17. Wow. just wow. Mustaches = hiliarity! Can’t wait! And just to let you know, I really love Karen, just not with Jim. Having her back, even though for one episode, which I hope I’m wrong, is simply awesome. Cool Karen is back!

  18. This is the first time I’ve cracked up at one of those promos. The moustaches are just too much for me…lol

  19. Pam-Jim=not gonna happen…..unless karen ruins EVERYTHING!!! mustaches are awesomely funny!! probably mikes idea!! i’m tryin to find vids so sorry if i fail!!

  20. Hmm… I wonder if Jim ever fully explained how he “broke up” with Karen (i.e. leaving her crying by a fountain in new york). If he didn’t, that might be interesting if it was brought up in this episode.

  21. I just saw the promo during SNL and Jim, Dwight, and Michael in warehouse uniforms and mustaches is hysterical!

    Stanley is being recruited!? Karen is just bitter! :)

  22. Let’s see, Michael, Dwight, and Jim are all heading up to Karen’s branch on some sort of mission. Unless I’m mistaken, that would leave Andy temporarily in charge of the office as #4 man. That’s some fine comedic subplot potential.

  23. I think that tiny scene with Jim & Pam shows Jim’s reluctance to either go to Utica or how he’s feeling when he gets back. He seems to be bent over Pam’s desk. I don’t think he’s happy about Michael dragging him into the Utica situation. Pam seems to be trying to reassure him that it’s OK. But her smile does kind of falter, so maybe it’s not working so well.

  24. Pam and Jim fight???? That is a question.

    Whatever happened to Andy and Angela?

    Who said they fight? What do they fight about??????

  25. Re: A looming JAM “fight” in the promo–How on earth can you divine this much from a 4 second snatch of a scene? Let’s not read too much into the promo folks; three days to go.

  26. Michael,Dwight,Jim + fake mustaches = shark jump?

    I don’t know. I will withhold my verdict until watching the episode a couple of times. I have to admit, though, that my first reaction to this promo was revulsion. I sense the writers are going further and further out on a limb to find humor.

  27. Honestly, we really needn’t worry about losing JAM. That’s what we need to remember above all else. I remember when Pam and Roy got back together at Phyllis’ wedding it didn’t faze me at all; I just had to remind myself that Jim and Pam will be together.

    Also, mustaches = instant humor.
    Dwight + mustache = pervert (remember?)

  28. I’d just like to point out that when Michael says “you can not take the hilarious black guy from the office,” his lips are clearly forming a completely different set of words.

  29. I suspect Jim is duped in to going to the Utica branch by Michael and Dwight under the pretense of attending an “important business meeting”. He wouldn’t go unless under duress. There will be no fight between Jim and Pam- maybe some niggling comments, but they will be skimmed over. Karen back is good as Jim is in line for a dressing down for being such a cad! Stanley will remain at DM Scranton , cos he’s too cantankerous and set in his ways to leave. He has an easy ride in Scranton! Michael will probably bumble his way through a pay negotion and end up paying Stan the Man a fortune!

  30. From Baldenlong77 at youtube:

    According to a clip they showed at the Office convention in Scranton, Michael tricks Jim into going to the Utica branch. Jim thinks they’re driving to the corporate office in NYC but then Michael says they’re actually going to the Utica so he can “seduce” Karen and Jim’s face is like “Oh no!”

    Okay, maybe not seduce actually. Just mess with the Utica branch, but Jim still ain’t happy about seeing Karen again! She’s still probably really pissed at him.

    Michael says to Jim in the car “Karen is going to wish that you never dumped her!” which is such a Michael thing to say.

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