1. Haaaa! Rainn looked genuinely shocked. Glad I’ll get to see these folks again soon! Summer has been too long!

  2. haha! looks like fun! i wonder why Rainn is wearing a white shirt and not Dwight’s usual mustard one, last time he wore a white shirt was when Charles was in charge when Michael had his own paper company, hmm….

  3. @ clare

    I don’t think Dwight will be the boss, I think that if he was, he would fire everyone there except Angela and himself, which wouldn’t make sense, this is a tv show after all, we need some funny. However you raise a good point, his clothing has changed, no more mustard shirts. My guess is that he is still assistant (to the) regional manager, and he’s just trying to suck up to Robert California (Spader) just like he did to Charles.

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