1. Aw I love it! I’m really really excited!

    I think Spader is a perfect fit.

    “Well, suddenly I was awake”.

  2. Pause it at the last second. There is a Cornell pennant hanging in the manager’s office. Mystery solved.

  3. No disrespect for the writers but…

    “Robert California, let’s have a conversation!”. Really?

  4. can’t see the cornell pennant, although i think i spotted andy’s navyblue/blackish jacket! yaaay

  5. Haha! If Robert California is going to try to educate Erin, he has definitely met his match!

    I couldn’t make out the pennant, but the red scarf and blue coat definitely look like the ones Andy wears. And the fact that I know that is sad.

    Yay! It’s Thursday!

  6. @ #8 Chris

    you don’t know the context of the quote, she’s probably just trying to sound smart in front of him but you know it’s erin… so it comes off as awkward

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